The Killers Announce Return From Hiatus

The Killers will return from their hiatus with a headline festival slot this summer.

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The Killers have announced their return from a year-long hiatus, with plans to revive their live show as headliners at Lollapalooza, alongside artists including Jane's Addiction, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Flaming Lips.

The group announced their short break in early 2010, in which the singer Brandon Flowers released a solo album, Flamingo. Despite the hiatus, the group also released their fifth Christmas single, Boots, in support of the AIDs charity Product Red.

Following the festival, Flowers has confirmed they will begin their forth studio album, the first full-length release since Day & Age. The last whisper of a new recording was in December, when Flowers told a Canadian newspaper Everybody's keeping pretty busy, but we're going to reconvene in May to get together and start writing.

Lollapalooza makes it's foreign debut this year in Santiago, Chile, on April 2nd. The annual festival, founded by Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell, was previously held in Chicago's Grant Park.

Thanks to NME and The Globe and Mail for the report.

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    guitar77432 wrote: I bet it's reading and leeds
    But it says in the article that it's Lollapalooza
    stoltobot wrote: is this type of music still getting about? I thought it died already.
    How do you figure? They're alternative rock? I hear it all the time and everywhere. Really fun band to listen too, can't wait for more. Hopefully it'll be a little better than Day & Age.
    Brandon Flowers is a f**king genius lyricist! Flamingo blew my mind and I cant wait for the whole band to get back together