The Killers' Brandon Flowers Criticises 'Retarded' US Pop Music

Frontman says the songs played in America are "not even music."

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Brandon Flowers of the Killers has hit out at the state of pop music in America, saying the majority of what he hears is "retarded," NME reports. In a new interview with the Sun, the Killers discussed the fact they made a name for themselves in the UK before they were a success in their native US. Drummer Ronnie Vanucci said he was was not surprised at being successful away from America because he feels great music is ignored in the country. "Breaking in the UK first was great because America is retarded musically," says Vanucci. "It's upside down. There's so much great music that doesn't get the attention. There's a lot of bullshit on US radio." Picking up where his bandmate led, Brandon Flowers added: "I start to wonder, what do adults listen to? Do they listen to what's being played on the radio? You should listen to something that's for you - not about giving your virginity to your boyfriend on Saturday night. It is retarded. Every song is that song. And if 40-year-olds are listening to that rubbish, they're going to raise kids on it. It's not even music." The Killers will headline a one-off London date later this month to coincide with the release of their best-of album "Direct Hits." The band will perform live at the at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith (formerly the Hammersmith Apollo) on Wednesday, November 6. "Direct Hits" is a 15-song compilation which will feature two brand new songs - "Just Another Girl," which sees the band reunite with longtime collaborator Stuart Price, and "Shot at the Night," which will be released as a single on November 4, and is produced by M83's Anthony Gonzalez. Deluxe versions of the album will include a demo version of "Mr. Brightside' and a Calvin Harris remix of "When You Were Young."

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    How the hell has the word retarded come to refer exclusively to disabled people? The word means underdeveloped, delayed growth or lacking maturity (relatively). Which is how I'd describe much of the music on the radio.
    "Breaking in the UK first was great because America is retarded musically," says Vanucci Flowers doesn't say anything about it being retarted, Ronnie does. Also retarted isn't just a word for disabled people. Get a dictionary and read please before you comment
    As much as I agree with your comment (and I do), I'd make use of that dictionary first if I were you. TLDR: Oh the irony!
    so damn true, i don't get how you are criticising him for telling the truth, at least it is like this where i live. true i am not american, although i have relatives there and visit often, but what most americans pass as music nowadays leaves much to be desired.
    Hear Hear, this man speaks what I have been thinking for about 10 years!
    Speaking of retarded, he's a mormon...
    A Mormon who loves and respects his wife and kids and respects his fans. And a Mormon who disagrees with kids being robbed of their innocence via music. He's not that retarted me think!
    i have always wondered that too. but i bet 40 year olds dont listen to the radio they got their playlists all figured out.
    At age 33 now, I really miss turning on the radio in my car in the hopes that my local station's program manager was smart and capable enough to pick a playlist of new things I might enjoy. Seriously, who is into these effing banjo folk rock bands? I'm sick of nostalgia radio, cause it's a bunch of top 40 rock b.s. Exactly how many more times in your life do you need to hear Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell. They're not bad songs by any means, but just so friggin' played out on 'classic rock' radio.
    Apparently, he's too ignorant to find a word other than the 'R' word to describe his frustration. People don't speak that way anymore.
    I see no problem with using it. Nobody calls mentally ill people retarded anymore so why not use it? Everybody knows what he meant and wasn't insulting the mentally challenged. also, the word retard is French meaning slow, so if you wanna get really technical, it is meaningless in either usage.
    He's using it correctly though, not as a meaningless epithet.
    re·tard·ed riˈtärdid adjective 1. Less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age. If the music is about teens losing their virginity, as he implied, then yeah, that music is mentally and socially underdeveloped for adults.
    You really think he put the thought into using the word according to its dictionary definition? Such strong opinions about being able to call people retarded here. Calm down kids. You don't need to get so defensive.
    mikko 9119
    The drummer kind of contradicted himself there. He says great bands never are appreciated (im going to assume hes talking about his band), and then he goes on to only crappy artists get radio play. I hear the killers on my drive to work, on the radio at work, and on the drive home almost daily.
    Brandon Flowers: a fantastic musician/singer, cool guy, and so right with this critique...
    Why the hell people thinks that the word "retarded" is a valid insult??? CAN'T YOU SEE THAT YOU ARE BEING OFFENSIVE, YOU F***ING A***OLE??? PS: I love The Killers, and I agree with the point they tried to make. It's just that the 'R' word really pisses me off
    It's only offensive to you because of what YOU associate the word with. Take that out of the equation and you just have another curse word such as oh say, "F***ING" & "A***OLE".
    Yea, using those with learning disabilities as a punchline is always acceptable. Yea, he needs to grow up. Okay.
    Lol Natures
    But he never said anything about people with learning disabilities. He said retarded. You know what he meant. Stop trying to police language, it's helping no one.
    It still in general refers to disabled. It's not really offensive to me but it just comes off as childish and generalized to use that as an insult.
    Baby Joel
    If anything, I would say it makes him sound more educated, Look at the word actually means, and disassociate and modern stigmas with the word.
    Baby Joel
    If anything, I would say it makes him sound more educated, Look at the word actually means, and disassociate and modern stigmas with the word.
    there really shouldn't be much fuss about it. Don't like it, don't look at it. Its that simple... and he is right.. A lot of the newer music is RETARDED!
    I don't think he has any right to say what is good music and what isn't.
    Why, he's been in one of the biggest bands of the 00s? The only album which hasn't been an 8/10 has been Day and Age. Brilliant band and he is a brilliant vocalist
    I have never heard of the killers, but its the truth. shouldn't have said retarded but the shit the radios play is all about getting listeners and whats hot. he didn't criticize any genre, any band but everybody for not being who you are and conforming to what society wants
    I am glad Brandon Flowers spoke those words, it had to finally be said all clear and blunt! Merci!
    I really cringe whenever someone criticizes music they don't like by saying it's somehow "not music". He also used retarded as a serious insult. Nice one Flowers.
    well when this "music" is created by a computer, (no talent involved)its kinda pointless.. besides half that shit sounds like an alarm clock on acid
    He complains of music on American radio yet someone allowed Calvin Harris to remix "When You Were Young."