The Killers Cut Set After 4 Songs

Brandon Flowers lost his voice during the fourth song of their set in Manchester on Tuesday, and cancelled a second date.

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The Killers cut their set short after only four songs in Manchester, England on Tuesday.

After their third song, singer Brandon Flowers mentioned that his voice was gone. During the next song, Flowers signalled to the band that he couldn't sing, prompting the band to leave the stage.

According to Rolling Stone, the audience took it well when an announcement was made that the show was over. They also cancelled a gig on the following night.

"Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry", the band wrote on their Facebook page, referencing the Smiths' song "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish". "Working on rescheduling tonight and tomorrow's shows. Will let you know new dates ASAP."

If you have tickets to their London shows at the O2 arena this Friday and Saturday, don't fret: the performances are set to go ahead as planned.

Have you ever been struck by an illness that affected your live performance? Did you stick it out, or give up? Let us know in the comments.

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    They should of got fans on stage to sing instead, would of been a great experience for them.
    Yeah, I've stepped in for vocals on two occasions for Fire To Reason (metal band from Arkansas, look 'em up): Once when their singer had to step away from the mic to adjust his amp, and once when they asked me to, for fun. It was a great experience.
    My old lead-guitarist from my first band saw Green Day in Seattle during the 21st Century Breakdown tour back in '09. He was the one who got called up to play Jesus of Suburbia on guitar. Not my own experience, but it was badass to see my friend playing with Green Day in the video!
    I was at download this year. the person next to me on the front row got to get up onstage and play the intro to seek and destroy. looked absolutely amazing. BTW saw RHCP at the MEN and its an amazing venue.
    as much as i hate when artisits and musicians puss out on some shit, i can respect that. id be pissed as hell too but if he kept singing he could permanently ****ed up his voice. especially with the singer or vocalist its the most fragile instrument
    Last article: "The Killers To Play Wembley Stadium" Hmm...better get his act together.
    I was just going to mention this, If he can't hold his own after 4 songs to 5,000 people what is it going to look like when/if he stops in front of possibly 85,000
    Darth Wader
    Um, his voice was gone. It's not he had a panic attack or something. As long as his voice is fine by then, they will rock Wembley!
    Sorry just to confirm. The M.E.N Arena is the largest indoor arena in Europe holding over 20,000 people. Unless they undersold the gig by 15,000 I think there were a few more than 5000 people there.
    Was thinking about going to see them next month, this is not helping to convince me. I guess it proves he isn't lip syncing...
    It happens, not really his fault. At least they're rescheduling the shows, it's the right thing to do.
    Good move. Better to have the fans wait for a solid new show than give them a subpar performance.
    HAHAHAHA Brandon Flowers, what a hardcore name. what a pansey!
    try and sing with even the slightest resemblance to his voice, and then you might just have the privilege to insult someone of his standing
    looks like kartikc11 has a little crush on brandon flowers, just think you guys could be Mr and Mr Flowers one day!
    1.Spent the entire day in bed with the flu and still rocked a show in the evening. 2. Removed the top of my index finger, leaned to play with three fingers in a day - the show goes on. 3. violently seasick- just about get away with it, Last show on a boat tho.
    link no1
    I once got my arm ripped off by a Giraffe and learned to play guitar with me face in a day.
    Im lead guitar and lead vocals in my band and I played a show with mono before. Just alot of vocal spray and whiskey lol
    "the audience took it well when an announcement was made that the show was over" I couldn't help but think of the Guns/Metallica show where they rioted. If only more people could friggin' control themselves, right?
    At least they're working on rescheduling the shows, instead of just cancelling them outright - which is what a lot of bands would do. Hope he gets better.
    I sung a 2 hour set with pharyngitis(inflamed throat) before. It made me sound kinda like the Ramones singer. Our bassist had to drag me back onstage after our break but begorrah, we finished the set!