The Killers Guitarist: 'I Am Sick of This'

The band could split under the pressure of touring, and with bassist Mark Stoermer rumored to have quit already. Is this the end of the Killers?

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The Killers could be close to the edge, after being worn down by a relentless touring schedule. Speaking to NME backstage at a show where fellow bassist Mark Stoermer did not appear (citing "personal reasons"), Dave Keuning said: "I am sick of this. I'm done. The end is in sight. Some people might go, 'Why are you complaining?' But you haven't done what I have done, so you can't relate. We just toured a sh-tload." Drummer Ronnie Vanucci is feeling the strain too. "I don't want to blow the top on it. Being part of this machine is physical and mentally exhausting," he said, adding that if bassist Stoermer quit, "I'd hope we'd keep trucking on. But at the same time, it isn't the same band." Could this be the end of the Killers? Meanwhile, frontman Brandon Flowers is planning to write a new solo album in 2014, to release in 2015 when the Killers finally finish touring - that is, if they make it that far. What do you make of the Killers' potential collapse? We'll be looking out for the best comments below, so let us know what you think.

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    i guess some bands can handle the pressure of touring and some bands just can't....
    Hopefully they don't break up, but rather take a long break and focus on other stuff they want to do, I hope they don't break up because they're tired of touring. take a break, don't break up
    "Too much touring? B*tch please...." -Metallica. Seriously though I've seen them live at Rock im Park last year and they were great, I'd hate to see them split, but if thats what they all want, there's no stopping them.
    I think he should take a break; in a year he'll miss it. Let flowers go off and do a his solo thing for a year and then after that do more killers stuff. They're probably at the stage in their career that they don't need to be absolutely smashing it in a different city every night. That is my completely uninformed opinion.
    People just think of "Mr. Brightside" and write them off as a pop band, but let's not forget that when "Hot Fuss" came out, they were a rare example of an original and talented rock band reaching the top of the charts. Their best album is their least commercial (Sam's Town). It would be sad to see them go.
    I saw them back in 2008, and they were killer (pun slightly-intended). I'll be sad to see them go if they split. They were the band that got me into alternative rock. Before them, I wasn't the type of guy who even really listened to any music at all! It was there, sure, but I wasn't as enamoured as I am with music today until I heard them. Coincidentally, I am wearing the Killers band T-shirt from the aforementioned-concert right now as I write this comment. I had no prior-knowledge of any tension within the band.
    Shame, they're pretty good live. Why dont they just take a break and come back in 3 - 4 years or whatever it takes. Or do a couple of albums and dont tour off them.
    How long have they been touring? It didn't cite
    They started in July 2012, and the article makes it sound like they're going through 2015. Jeebus. 10 legs, 145 shows according to wikipedia.
    I saw them at SuperBock in Portugal and they were quite nice... But yea, some can handle it and others can't.
    "Mark Stoermer did not appear (citing "personal reasons")" ,, yeah, thats because he has a bad back injury.. also, even if Mark and Dave wanted to leave, i wouldn't think Ronnie and Brandon would finish The Killers anytime soon, they seem the most passionate
    This is just another offhand comment taken way too seriously. They're exhausted after touring for over a year, that's to be expected. Mark has a back injury so sat out the final leg of the tour. They've been together for over 10 years and played Wembley in June this year, the highlight of their career. This band still makes amazing music and has a huge, loyal fanbase. I can't see them calling it quits anytime soon. After a good rest, they'll be back stronger than ever.
    If the killers disband that would suck worse than Crocodile Dundee 2...even if the best album they had was nine years ago...
    Good Bye.. Don't let the door hit yea. A bunch of whinny little pressies can't handle touring. People will forget them as quick as they first heard of them.
    Both lost prophets and the killers within the space of a few months...I gotta admit this makes me moist
    Yeah, I've heard Ian Watkins has that effect on young people. (its never too soon)
    And not a f*ck was given by people who don't eat up major label/radio tripe! They aren't a band. They are a group of musicians with a pop singer fronting them!