The Killers Guitarist: 'I Am Sick of This'

artist: The Killers date: 10/14/2013 category: music news
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The Killers Guitarist: 'I Am Sick of This'
The Killers could be close to the edge, after being worn down by a relentless touring schedule. Speaking to NME backstage at a show where fellow bassist Mark Stoermer did not appear (citing "personal reasons"), Dave Keuning said: "I am sick of this. I'm done. The end is in sight. Some people might go, 'Why are you complaining?' But you haven't done what I have done, so you can't relate. We just toured a sh-tload." Drummer Ronnie Vanucci is feeling the strain too. "I don't want to blow the top on it. Being part of this machine is physical and mentally exhausting," he said, adding that if bassist Stoermer quit, "I'd hope we'd keep trucking on. But at the same time, it isn't the same band." Could this be the end of the Killers? Meanwhile, frontman Brandon Flowers is planning to write a new solo album in 2014, to release in 2015 when the Killers finally finish touring - that is, if they make it that far. What do you make of the Killers' potential collapse? We'll be looking out for the best comments below, so let us know what you think.
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