The Killers Members To Play A Solo Song Each At Hard Rock Calling

artist: The Killers date: 05/19/2011 category: music news
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The Killers' band members are set to perform one song each from their solo projects when they headline this year's Hard Rock Calling festival in London. According to the Daily Star the four band members will each play one track from their solo projects among their band material. A source told the paper: "The boys will probably have a song each. Ronnie's [Vannucci drummer] got his new album coming out soon and he's got a really great voice. But whatever Dave [Keuning guitarist] does I'm sure it will be something a little weirder though." Singer Brandon Flowers and drummer Vannucci have both gone public with their solo material, but bassist Mark Stoermer and guitarist Dave Keuning have yet to release anything under their own names. Flowers released his debut solo album "Flamingo" in 2010 and Vannucci is set to put out his album "Big Talk" on July 18. Stoermer has spent the last few months producing the new Howling Bells album and has indicated that he has been working on solo material, but Keuning has not given any details of what he has produced during the band's hiatus. The Killers will headline Hard Rock Calling on June 24, with the Kaiser Chiefs set to play before them. Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart are the festival's other headliners. Thanks for the report to
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