The Killers To Return In 2011

artist: The Killers date: 09/09/2010 category: general music news

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Brandon Flowers has said that he wants The Killers to get back together next year, and revealed he is "missing" the band while he is on hiatus and exploring a solo career. Speaking to the Metro, Flowers said of his band reconvening, "We don't have a date set but it will be next year. I miss them sometimes. We've shared a lot of experiences together. When the blows come its nice to have people there to share them with." Flowers' debut solo album "Flamingo" was released on Sept. 6 after a first single, "Crossfire," emerged in July. He plays a seven-date solo tour of the UK this October. The singer added that he found it strange to be recording without his normal band, saying, "It was unusual. I tried to find the similarities. It's still making music and doing the best I can. The band can't be replaced; I worked with friends of mine who are great musicians on this. The producers were also all very capable musicians." Flowers also said that the death of his mother earlier this year had little bearing on the contents of the record, and that he didn't make it to act as a catharsis. "It wasn't something I set out to do. I'd have preferred to have spent time with my family, wife and kids but this is my job and I felt I should work." Thanks for the report to
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