The Kinks Possibly Reuniting for New Album and Tour

"We don't want to do old stuff or tour with past hits. It's got to be something new," Ray Davies says.

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Rock icons the Kinks might be heading for a full-on reunion featuring a new album and tour, as each of the band members seems ready and willing to leave the turbulent past behind.

The band is broken up since 1996, and is well-known for internal turmoil dating way back to the '60s.

But as the Telegraph reports, the group's mainman Ray Davies recently told the Sunday Times that he's been meeting with his brother/bandmate Dave to discuss the possibility of writing together again.

"I met Dave only last week to talk about getting back together again," he said. "We've also spoken a few times on the phone and emailed. He's been composing his own songs, but I'd really like to write with him again."

Focusing on the nature of the potential reunion, Davies said, "We both agree we don’t want to do old stuff or tour with past hits. It's got to be something new."

Drummer Rick Avory has already noted being open to the reunion, saying, "I think it would be nice to do something all together. The chances are diminishing as we talk. Hopefully me, Dave and Ray can meet before it happens."

Speaking at the Hay Festival last month, Davies said that the Kinks have "always been tempestuous," pointing out that Avory once "tried to kill my brother on stage in Cardiff." In the frontman's words, the confrontation between Dave and Mick left his brother in a hospital with 16 stiches.

"In any case, my brother still has an issue with the drummer. If they resolve their issues, I might be there," Davies concluded.

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