The Kooks: 'People Are Bored of Guitar Bands. We Were Bored of Ourselves'

Frontman Luke Pritchard discusses his band's change in musical direction.

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The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard has said that the band grew "bored" of the music they were making prior to new album "Listen."

As NME notes, the band will release their new LP on September 1. Produced by frontman Luke Pritchard and hip-hop producer Inflo, it features the recent singles "Down" and "Around Town." Go check them out below.

Speaking about the hip-hop and soul influences on the record, Pritchard told Gigwise: "We were bored of ourselves. People are a bit bored of guitar bands, but at the end of the day, it's only the feeling behind it, and music needs that to work. Any genre works, as long as there is feeling behind it. I am inspired by the songs, and that's why it feels good."

These comments follow a similar statement from Pritchard recently in which he said that "Listen" is so different to their old material that they could have renamed the band.

The band has recently revealed the new single "Forgive and Forget" off "Listen." Check it out here.

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    No, people aren't getting bored of guitar music just because people don't give a toss about your music anymore, guys. It's a bit early in the morning for me to go through your value judgements. That said, at least they aren't afraid of trying new things.
    Velcro Man
    Idk, it seems less of a personal statement and more of an objective statement about guitar stuff in popular music. People ARE growing tired of typical guitar wankery, guitarists may like it, but it offers little for non-musicians. Most people want something with a nice melody, catchy lyrics or a beat they can dance to, and there's really nothing wrong with that. I get bored of guitar stuff after awhile, myself. I can't listen to metal or rock for very long before I have to switch to jazz, bluegrass, classical or something else, it just gets repetitive, ESPECIALLY popular style guitar stuff. Sometimes I feel if I hear another blues pentatonics solo I'll ****ing vomit.
    I don't think bored is the right word for it bc guitar-driven music hasn't had nearly as much exposure over the past 10 years as most synth-based pop. And I'm not sure it's the soloing that's turning people off, I think people aren't looking for music that has too serious a tone. Instead they want mostly just some catchy shut-your-brain-off escapism. That being said, I think guitar is going to make a comeback soon given the guitar's presence in folksy stuff that has been growing in popularity. I think people are being reacquainted with it again in pop, but just a slower process than most of us on this site would like.
    Clearly people aren't bored of guitar bands, hence There's no What he means is the mainstream is bored of guitar bands and therefore so are they because they're not bored of money.
    New? Feels like a Jack White rip off with a terrible drum machine and claps and no guitar.
    People are getting tired of guitar music because guys like this from the younger generation cant play the instrument worth a crap. The younger generation can sing live (lyp sync) cant hit notes (auto tune) cant play their instruments beyond the basics....that is the real problem here.....
    Pretty sure it's the dance thing people are getting tired of. I'm hearing more and more guitar-based music on the radio every month.
    I love The Kooks old stuff but I also love the fact that they're not afraid to (r)evolve. It shows me there's still inspiration and passion behind the recordings!
    If you think the Kooks constitute a guitar band, of course you'll get bored of it, they are terrible. So terrible they've gone in a completely different direction. Not because they're inventive, because they're terrible.
    I've seen The Kooks a couple of times and they're pretty good live. This smacks of attention seeking. Hey Ho.
    Fleur de Lys
    Nothing wrong with opting for a more percussive route and leaving guitar out for a while. It's about the songs. These songs though.
    If it wasn't for the distinct vocals, I would have sworn it was a different band. Nothing bad bout changing up a sound for the better. But as someone who strictly listens to instrumentation, I am never bored of "guitar bands".
    Many people aren't bored of guitar music... perhaps the reason why you're bored of guitar music is because you don't make good guitar music. Ever thought about that, huh...?
    Exactly!! They cant. Name one really good guitar player out there that is under 30 years old...? And don't tell me about some unknown youtube video. Im talking someone who can play, perform & write....there aren't any....
    There are plenty out there doing amazing stuff that are under 30. The thing is that guitar playing is not as popular as it was in the past, the masses got bored of guitarists. Alongcamefred mentioned Tosin, very good example, but most people would say, "nah, it's boring!". If you mention Slash or Jimi or even Kurt Cobain, people will start saying things like "Ooh, now that was proper guitar playing". And it was/is, but guitar acrobatics died throughout the nineties, the masses don't want guys making love to their guitars anymore, it's cheesy, so they think, I still like it. So I don't think it's the lack of great guitarists, the majority of people just don't care about it anymore, sad but true. I went to a wedding the other day, and to send people home in the end, they started playing 90's rock, how depressing is that, lol.
    when your guitar and content is limited it's boring but this lame boy band rap that they are attempting is flat out bad.
    Down = rubbish rest of the new songs/ bsides (from Down EP) = actually pretty good