The Libertines Headline London's Hyde Park

The gig was previously halted over concerns for the audience's safety.

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The Libertines paid tribute to the armed forces as they brought their London comeback gig on July 5th, NME reports.

The band, who played two intimate warm-up shows at Glasgow's Barrowlands venue last weekend (June 28, 29), finished their set with dual frontmen Carl Barat and Pete Doherty reciting Siegfried Sassoon's 1918 poem, "Suicide in the Trenches."

After the pair recounted the poem word for word, which they also recited at the NME Awards in 2004, Doherty addressed the audience, saying: "We remember and honour those who gave their lives for liberty. We thought it was nerve-wracking coming out here tonight but leaving Kings Cross station with a rifle across your back in 1914 must have been really hard."

Earlier, the band's set had to be halted over concerns for the crowd's safety. The four piece had opened with "Vertigo" and were midway through second song "Boys in the Band' when security came on stage and stopped the performance. Doherty motioned to the crowd to move back before telling them: "We can't carry on if you don't calm down a bit."

The Libertines then restarted where they left off only to be halted again seconds later. Drummer Gary Powell came down to the front of the stage to tell the crowd to calm down before leading them in a chant of the riff to the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." Doherty then joined in with a run through of the Foundations' "Build Me Up Buttercup."

Things eventually got moving again with "The Delaney" and "Campaign of Hate." Doherty then dedicated "Time for Heroes" to the Guildford Four's Gerry Conlon, saying: "Gerry Conlon, if you're looking down this afternoon" before tearing into the song.

A rendition of "Music When the Lights Go Out" was preceded by Doherty chanting "Albion-ey, Albion-ey, ole, ole, ole." After the song Barat playfully leapfrogged over the guitarist. The duo later shared an embrace before debut album track "Death on the Stairs."

Towards the end of the set things had to be halted once more as fans climbed the sound towers to get a better view of the show. Powell and bassist John Hassall had left the stage for Doherty and Barat to play a version of stripped-down song "France." Barat scolded fans as the gig was further delayed, telling them: "If you don't stop climbing the towers, Pigman [Doherty] can't do his solo." The song was never played completely because of the stoppage.

"I wanted to drive my camper van into the backstage area," Doherty revealed shortly after. "The security guards said 'you don't want to do that because of the traffic.' I wanted to drive it in and put union jacks on top. They said: 'You've got nothing to fly the flag for' and I said: 'What about William Blake? What about Jock Scott? What about Johnny Marr? What about Carl Barat?" The band then played "Albion," which saw Doherty shouting out Barat's hometown of Basingstoke.

As the show came to a close, Doherty chanted once again over the microphone, this time singing "Libertine til I die/Libertine til I die/I know I am, I'm sure I am, Queen's Park Rangers til I die." They then brought the set to a riotous end with "I Get Along" which concluded with Barat and Doherty jumping around hugging until they brought each other down to the floor.

As the four band members gathered in a line to salute their fans, Doherty initiated a burst of the hokey cokey while Powell told them: "You are all amazing and you are all Libertines."

The Libertines played:

01. Vertigo
02. Boys in the Band
03. The Delaney
04. Campaign of Hate
05. Time For Heroes
06. Horrorshow
07. Begging
08. The Ha Ha Wall
09. Music When the Lights Go Out
10. What Katy Did
11. The Boy Looked at Johnny
12. Can't Stand Me Now
13. Last Post on the Bugle
14. Love on the Dole
15. Death on the Stairs
16. Radio America
17. Don't Look Back Into the Sun
18. Tell the King
19. Up the Bracket
20. What a Waster
21. France22. Albion23. I Get Along

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    Crowd was full of dickbags who just shoved everyone around and bunch of people got hurt. However, it was the best damn live experience i've ever had. Pete & Carl looked amazing together. And despite those few brainless examples the crowd was insane, singing along to everything and dancing like it was the last day on the planet