The Libertines: 'Our New Material Will Be a Labour of Love'

artist: The Libertines date: 07/15/2014 category: music news

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The Libertines: 'Our New Material Will Be a Labour of Love'
The Libertines have spoken out about what to expect from their upcoming new album - saying that anything they record will be a "labour of love."

AsĀ Gigwise notes, last week Carl Barat revealed that the band would be looking to record and release their long-awaited third album in 2015. Now, drummer Gary Powell has told Louder Than War of the band's ambitions for new material.

When asked what he could say about new material, Powell said: "We would all love to do some new material, but we have to make sure that everything is right in the world with everybody involved. It ends up being a labour of love, everybody has to be comfortable and in the right space in order to do so, that way you get the best work out of everybody."

Powell also mentioned how the band have hesitations when it comes to starting work on new material.

He added: "We're pretty much using this whole period of time as a lightness test for how we can move forward. It would be very easy to say 'yeah we'll do some new material', but, for instance, if we went and played Hyde Park and it wasn't well received and everybody hated it then it would be very difficult for the band to actually move forward."

The Libertines recently performed at Hyde Park that left 38 fans injured and eight hospitalised during a crowd crush. The band are due to perform a three night residency at London Alexandra Palace on Friday 26 September to Sunday 28 September.
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