The Libertines Plan New Material for Hyde Park Show

Carl Barat says: "Hopefully we’ll come up with some new songs."

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The Libertines co-frontman Carl Barat has said that the band hope to write new material ahead of their headline show at Hyde Park on Saturday, July 5.

Speaking to the Independent (via NME), the singer said of his relationship with bandmate Pete Doherty: "We're brothers, we still finish each other's sentences. I'm seeing Pete next week and we'll get the guitars out. Hopefully we'll come up with some new songs for Hyde Park."

The band are set to play Hyde Park part of Barclaycard's British Summer Time gigs on July 5, it was announced this week. The show will be their biggest ever and their first since headlining Reading & Leeds festivals in 2010.

On the financial incentive for the reunion, Barat added: "It's a tough time for bands to make a living. It's messed up for musicians. City bankers and footballers earn hundreds of thousands a week but a show like this is a one-off. And we pay tax on it."

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    If Pete and Carl write at least one new song this show will be fecking awesome.
    I know this is very doubtful but it'd be nice if this show encouraged the guys to permanently reunite and make new records. However, it may ruin what made The Libertines so special. They had two masterpiece albums and any new records may spoil that.