The Libertines to Reunite for London Hyde Park Show?

The band post an image of Hyde Park on official Facebook page, fuelling speculation of reformation.

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The Libertines have sparked rumours that they may play a show at London's Hyde Park this year, NME reports.

The band posted an image of Hyde Park on their official Facebook page this afternoon (April 20), fuelling speculation among fans that they could be about to reform.

NME was directed towards the image when the Libertines' management were asked for a comment.

This follows unverified quotes from Pete Doherty in Israeli newspaper Ynet (via the Music Charger) in which he reveals that he has been approached to reform the Libertines for a show at the iconic venue this summer.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to even tell you this, but we were offered to reform the Libertines for a show this July in Hyde Park. I got the call just yesterday," he is quoted as saying.

Asked about his response to the proposal, he continued: "Well, I said yes. The thing is when I think about it now it was kind of a strange answer because I think in most days if you asked me the same question I would say no, but recently I tried to call Carl (Barat) and couldn't reach him."

Explaining why he is keen to reform the Libertines, Doherty is quoted describing the severity of his financial problems, adding that the money offered is too lucrative to turn down.

He said: "Not long ago I listened to the Libertines songs on YouTube and had a burst of nostalgia so I said what the heck, and then they told me how much they will pay us and I cannot lie to you I couldn't say no, at least not in my state right now.

"I was recently called to family law court after a young girl I knew had told me I was the father of her baby. I have a year and a half old girl and I need to pay a lot of alimony, I'm in debt. It's very complicated for me to say no right now, I have financial problems."

The Libertines last played live together in 2010 at the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Last year, Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles released their third studio album, "Sequel to the Prequel." Meanwhile, Carl Barat's new band, the Jackals, are expected to release their debut album in September, and are scheduled to play their first gig at London's XOYO on May 15.

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    I don't really know the band, or the guys in it, but it's rather refreshing to hear an honest response to a question about reforming a band. Sad, and rather pathetic, yet refreshing.
    The response is classic Pete Doherty. To be fair, if you look at his life it really isn't that surprising, the guy has been through an awful lot of shit over the years.
    I've always thought a good definition of an optimist is someone who buys a ticket to a live show involved Pete.
    they broke up AGAIN?! jesus i saw them a few years ago at leeds festival on a "reuinon" didn't realise they'd broke up again
    Nah, The Leeds show was just a one off reunion I think. They didn't actually get back together.
    oh right. haha i don't ****ing know with doherty he's so high he probably changes his mind every day
    They're like Razorlight if Razorlight weren't as good. Some fun songs though, even if that Pete Docherty is a bit of a mess.