The Melvins to Release 'Hold It in' in October

"I can't believe this actually happened. I'm thrilled," says King Buzzo.

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The Melvins return with "Hold It in," their first studio album as a quartet since 2010's "The Bride Screams Murder," on October 14. The new CD was recorded in both Los Angeles and Austin earlier this year.

Joining Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover for the 12-song outing are Butthole Surfers' guitar player Paul Leary and bass player JD Pinkus.

"'Hold It in' is a refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullsh-t," said Osborne (via Blabbermouth).

"Paul is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard and Pinkus has an outside the box type of approach to both guitar and bass that you just have to let it ride.

"I can't believe this actually happened. I'm thrilled."

"It's very rare you get a chance to work with three folks from the 'Break a Wish' foundation, all at the same time," said Pinkus. "I believe they'll remember their experience with me forever (or until they finally all lose their fight with S.I.D.S)."

The Melvins kick off a round of US tour dates on October 15 in Sacramento at Assembly, which also includes a performance at this year's Voodoo Experience in New Orleans. Osborne, Crover and Pinkus will be the touring lineup for this run of dates.

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    So long as we can avoid months of daily "What is Buzzo complaining about today?" articles, I hold no specific ill will against this release.
    ... About time UG wrote something about The Melvins music as opposed to exploiting Buzz's opinion.
    " ... their first studio album as a quartet since 2010's "The Bride Screams Murder," s/b The Bride Screamed Murder
    Unfortunately they kind of lost themselves after the '90s.
    This is a ridiculous statement. The Crybaby, Electroretard, Hostile Ambient Takeover, Pigs of the Roman Empire, (A) Senile Animal and Freak Puke. All post 2000, all sick albums. Ridiculous statement.
    ... I disagree, there's plenty great releases by them after the 90's. I'd recommend the Bulls and the Bees EP or A Senile Animal for instance, but your opinion is your own choice.
    I don't know, I listened to Senile Animal but found it really underwhelming. Their experimental tendencies were almost completely absent. I also heard Tres Cabrones, which is just ****ing awful.
    Can I ask what you didn't like about it? Other than the joke-y tracks there were a lot of heavy, groovy songs IMO. Just curious.
    Bullshit, I'd put up A Senile Animal with anything they've ever done. Whether or not it's as experimental as anything else they've done is irrelevant, and frankly a little moot, considering how much they've actually experimented over the the past decade. At the rate they put out material, the fact that one album out of an entire year 'only' has some solid rock songs says nothing about anything. They've been doing that since the 90s. I mean, if you've been keeping up with them post-Ozma, that's what they do. They put out the noisy experimental stuff, and they also acknowledge their conventional side. It's one thing if you don't like anything they've done in the past 14 years, in which case, more power to you. But that's a poor argument for why the band has fallen off. I don't like Melvins because they experiment, or do any one thing that needs to adhere to my perception of valid music; they write awesome songs. I think Hostile Ambient Takeover, Nude With Boots, and (a) Senile Animal especially are great albums.