The Monkees To Tour US

The Monkees are set to kick off an autumn tour beginning November 8 at Escondido, California's Center for the Arts.

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The Monkees are set to kick off an autumn tour beginning November 8 at Escondido, California's Center for the Arts. The 12-city trek wraps up on December 2 at New York's Beacon Theater.

The performances will be the first the band has undertaken since the death of singer Davy Jones, who passed away in February. Plans call for Jones to be saluted in the show's multimedia context. The group will perform as a trio composed of surviving members Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith.

Remarkably, the dates mark the first instance in which Nesmith has participated in a Monkees tour in the US since 1969. "This seems like a good time to do this the right time," says Nesmith. "Who knows when we will get another chance?"

Tour Dates:

11/08 - Escondido, CA - California Center for the Arts 11/09 - Santa Barbara, CA - The Arlington Theatre 11/10 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre 11/11 - Cupertino, CA - Flint Center for the Performing Arts 11/15 - Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre 11/16 - Chicago, IL - The Chicago Theatre 11/17 - Cleveland, OH - Lakewood Civic Auditorium 11/18 - Buffalo, NY - The Center for the Arts 11/29 - Philadelphia, PA - Keswick Theatre 11/30 - New Brunswick, NJ - State Theatre Regional Arts Center 12/01 - Huntington, NY - The Paramount 12/02 - New York, NY - The Beacon Theatre

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    Michael Stewart
    I never saw the Monkees live and I knew when Davy Jones died that I will never get the chance. I am so glad that they are touring again and I am completely surprised that Nesmith is going to tour with them!!!!! Too bad I live in NC with no car. I'm going to try my best and make one of the shows.
    I Love The Monkees & was lucky enough the see all 4 of them in London back in '97, something I never thought would happen. I also got to see them last year minus Nesmith in London. After the passing of Davy Jones I thought that's the end of the band for sure. I'm very pleased the remaining 3 want to play again but I was a little surprised it's happening so soon after Davy's passing. I hope they can make it over to the UK next year as I would very much like to see this version of the band though it would be sad not to see Davy on stage with them.