The Orwells Compare Arctic Monkeys to Backstreet Boys

The band have elaborated on comments about the 'AM' group's live show being 'synchronised.'

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The Orwells have compared Arctic Monkeys to boyband Backstreet Boys.

As NME notes, in a new interview, the up-and-coming Chicago band elaborated on comments they made earlier this year, when they called their former touring buddies Arctic Monkeys' performances "synchronised."

Speaking to DIY, Matt O'Keefe of the band said: "They try and mash together genres. [They're] kind of like the hip Backstreet Boys or something ... the set list was always the same. If you saw the show once, you saw every show that they played. I mean, we learned lessons from good things that they did, but then also – let's not f--king do that."

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner previously responded to their criticism of the band's live shows. "They should have been out trying to get laid instead of watching us every night," he said. "I don't think that's fair [to call it synchronised]. There comes a time on a tour when something works and you tend to leave it alone. We have been changing it around a little bit."

He added: "You can't mess around with it too much. It's almost like the show isn't designed to be watched by the same person every night. Nowadays people share the setlists, but I'm by no means f--king phoning it in. It's not like we have [pre-recorded] tracks, we're up there f--king doing it."

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    AC/DC have gotten stick over the years for playing practically the same set every gig. Just saying. (not sticking up for the Arctic Monkey's - not a fan of them. Just don't understand this guys issue)
    I've never understood bands who rarely change the setlist, you'd get bored to f*ck playing the same one every night and eventually it would start to show in the performance.
    You have to understand they're playing different cities, to different fans every night. When you have an extensive catalogue with a lot of hits it's hard to keep changing the setlist around since fans will start complaining that their city didn't get to hear their favorite tune and so on.
    This. The setlist isn't designed to be watched by the same people every night, it's better to keep it consistent for the sake of the fans. They probably don't get bored by it either if they enjoy their songs.
    who gives a shit? if they can play the same set every night and not get bored, more power to them.
    From what I've seen from AM's recent concerts it looks like even their jokes and banter are the same each concert.
    First time i see an article about someone responding to a bashing coming first and THEN the arcticle with the actual bashing coming later.
    They do change the setlist a little bit each night. But they are damn near awesome live so its totally cool. I think the Orwells are a good band but are ****ing terrible live.
    "They should have been out trying to get laid instead of watching us every night," anal pain detected