The Osbournes Deny Split Rumours

The legendary couple's son Jack reveals the truth.

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are definitely not splitting up, Hennemusic reports.

The Birmingham Mail reports the couple have reportedly not seen each other for three weeks and have been spotted without their wedding rings. It's been alleged they have moved out of their marital home and are now living two miles apart in Beverly Hills, California. Ozzy is supposedly in a rented mansion, whilst Sharon is staying in a plush hotel.

The couple's son Jack Osbourne addressed the report, saying (via Blabbermouth): "It's all bullsh-t. Last time I check a lot of British newspapers weren't amazing sources of accurate information. Moving on..."

In addition, a spokesman for Sharon said Ozzy and his wife "were still together."

He added: "They've both got huge work commitments. She is at the hotel for work and he is starting his Black Sabbath tour."

"Of course they row, but they are still together. Sharon and Ozzy have spent long periods of time apart before when she was working in the U.K. The marriage is not on the rocks."

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    That's what I love about tabloid reporters. They don't let anything as trivial as the truth, or lack of facts, get in the way of a story.
    Sheep Shagger
    From Ozzy's Facebook: "For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs. I was in a very dark place and was an ***** to the people I love most, my family. However, I am happy to say that I am now 44 days sober. Just to set the record straight, Sharon and I are not divorcing. I'm just trying to be a better person. I would like to apologize to Sharon, my family, my friends and my band mates for my insane behavior during this periodand my fans. God Bless, Ozz" I wish I was making this up. To hear that he'd gone off the rails again is so sad.