The Smiths Deny Reunion Rumors

A flurry of rumors this morning suggested the Smiths would reform, but guitarist Johnny Marr has stepped up to deny them.

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UPDATE: Guitarist Jonny Marr has denied that The Smiths would reform, after a report from claimed they would formally announce a reunion.

"The rumour of the Smiths reunion is untrue. It's not happening," he wrote on his official Facebook page.

The unconfirmed report from says the band came to a decision after talks with a "well-known promoter". Presumably, it was not Melvin Benn from Festival Republic, who organises the Reading and Leeds festivals and is openly against their reformation:

"I think if The Smiths reformed it would destroy their legacy personally," Benn said in March. "I'm sure grown men would cry if it happened but I wouldn't want to see them reforming."

In March, guitarist Johnny Marr said he would only reform the band if the current government steps down, and in 2006 they turned down 76 million ($123 million) for a 50-date tour of the US.

Frontman Morrissey was previously understood to be against the idea, and in 2006 said: "I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that's saying something for a vegetarian."

In recent years, Morrissey has regularly made headlines while sharing his controversial views. In August last year, he sparked outrage when he claimed that KFC committed worse crimes than the Norway killer.

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    Rob E
    Ok, so now the GnR thing has finally reached some kind of conclusion lets look forward to news about The Smiths reforming/not reforming everyday...
    BigSpence wrote: Maiden95 wrote: From Johnny Marr's Facebook: The rumor is untrue. Thank you. The article already pointed that out.
    It didn't before UG updated the article. This article was up before Johnny posted that on Facebook.
    Yeah... Are they planning on touring with Gary Glitter? I will reserve judgement until they announce it officially thank you.
    Probably for the best. I love The Smiths, but I think a reunion would result in disappointment. Still, it'd be good for those of us who weren't around when they were to see them live.
    Maiden95 wrote: From Johnny Marr's Facebook: The rumor is untrue.
    Thank you. The article already pointed that out.
    Im a bit gutted, as someone else said, i wasnt around to see them live the first time. That said, im a bit aprehensive about the Stone Roses new album, i have a feeling its not gonna be great compared to their old albums, and i have a feeling this would be the same.
    Personally, I think a Smiths reunion wouldn't be a huge disappointment. Marr is still as on top of his game as he was in the late '80s, and Morrissey still is an outstanding singer. Ofcourse, his highest notes are out of his reach, but for a 52 year old he is in tremendous shape! The Smiths broke up before I was even born, I would sell a kidney for a concert, even if I'd only be Morrissey and Marr!
    News just in: their comeback show would take place in a steak house and when Morrissey heard about it, he fainted.