The Smiths Slammed For Xmas Ad

The Smiths have sold rights for a song to a Christmas campaign, stirring an immediate reaction from twitter users both positive and negative.

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The Smiths have allowed their song "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" to be behind a Christmas campaign for a leading UK shopping outlet, which you can see below.

But Twitter users immediately struck out after the advertisement hit YouTube.

The shopping chain John Lewis, which represents middle-class shopping ideals, said it didn't have a problem getting hold of the rights to the song.

"It wasn't a long and difficult road actually. It was relatively straightforward getting the rights," said marketing director Craig Inglis.

He added: "We approached the record company and Morrissey back in July, and they gave their approval. It is an iconic track from an iconic British band. We know our audience holds The Smiths and bands from that era in high esteem."

The advert does not use the original Smiths song, but instead follows the trend of pop being sung softly by lesser known artists. It shows a boy apparently impatient for Christmas, but on the big day walks past his presents and shows he couldn't wait to give his parents a large present instead.

The reaction to the advert has promted a twitter trend, showing that it quickly became one of the most talked about subjects on the social network.

While some have admitted shedding a tear at the spot, others say that it made them "sick a bit in [their] mouth," and branded the Smiths "sell outs."

Comedy columnist Charlie Brooker saw a typically amusing angle to the commercial. "Quick, tell everyone who hasn't seen it yet that it's a dog's head in the box at the end," he tweeted. "Quick. Plant that thought NOW."

You can hear the Smiths in the advert here:

YouTube preview picture

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    I'm not even really sure what to say here. Everything about the "outrage" is just completely dumb. Then again, it also seems underwhelming. Probably another case of UG needing to learn a word other than "SLAMMED" to use in their headlines.
    This isn't selling out. Selling out is when you make the record you're told to make instead of the one you want to make.
    That advert was absolutely heartwarming! I, being a huge fan of the Smiths, found this to be quite fitting. Sure, Morrissey's original is about craving love in the bleekest manner, but presented like this, I thought the song was a good fit!
    What an awful advert. My brother was on about this earlier, he said it's shit, I agree.
    That was awesome! I love the Smiths - I saw them twice in '86 but its time to come out of your mother's basement. Go eat a cheesebuger
    oliwilton wrote: my girlfriend's uncle wrote this advert.
    My best friend's cousin's uncle's stepson directed it.
    InfernalFender wrote: oliwilton wrote: my girlfriend's uncle wrote this advert. My best friend's cousin's uncle's stepson directed it.
    My parent's first son couldn't give a shit. (that'd be me) In all seriousness, this article is silly. Only on twitter would you find people who become nauseous when their favourite song is used in a commercial. Like... That sort of sick attachment is so silly to me.
    oh so people just gonna start hating their music just because it played on a commercial?