The Sound of $19.99: This Is What the Cheapest Overdrive Pedal on Amazon Sounds Like

"I was pretty shocked by how good the Behringer does sound."

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The Sound of $19.99: This Is What the Cheapest Overdrive Pedal on Amazon Sounds Like

Mr. Fluff from YouTube continued his video series of testing cheapest guitar stuff from the web by taking the cheapest overdrive pedal he could find on Amazon for a test run.

The specific pedal was the Behringer TO800, which Fluff got for $19.99.

Apart from demonstrating the Behringer tone, the musician also compared the cheap pedal to a more expensive Maxon OD808, ultimately saying he was "pretty shocked by how good the Behringer does sound."

You can check out the whole thing below.

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    I'll say it since no one else has, yet. Who is actually going to buy this pedal?   Play this thing with a Yamaha Pacifica through a small crate amp - and not part of some deep mix.  Let's hear what it actually sounds like. Or maybe just into a fairly normal rig.  a Les Paul copy of some sort into a small Marshall.   Nothing crazy, but something most people would be able to afford - and see how it compares to other OD pedals.   A guy like this could force anything into sounding good - in a full mix through a great amp and a great guitar.  
    That being said - I am not doubting that it's probably a decent OD pedal. Behringer has done a great job over the past few years of basically copying bigger names... for a much much more affordable price.   Sure, it lacks in build quality in some ways (which the video does show) but it's still seems to be a damn solid pedal. 
    I mean it is compared to the more expensive pedal with the same guitar/amp and you can hear it's not all that different (at least through the speakers I'm using currently).  I believe these are intended for those who don't have a ton of cash to say like "Hey just because it's cheap doesn't mean it isn't functional".  Ultimately one of my favorite distortion pedals is a cheap piece of junk but because it's not on my pedal board always and being used constantly it's done wonderfully for me on recordings (Joyo US Dream)
    That is probably the difference, he is maybe trying to show you that expensive pedals don't make that much of a difference if you have high end gear...
    No they certainly would because high end gear is going to give you a clearer sound.  With a clearer sound you can see the pedal is the same.  Running it through trash will always sound like trash because the amp will have its own limits of clarity
    Exactly. If your weakest link is the point of comparison, the difference will be the weakest as well.
    They sound decent but Id be more worried about the long term. At least when I was younger most of those pedals used cheap components and had plastic casings so they would break if you didnt take care of them. That being said, its a 20 dollar OD so its so cheap you could just buy another but I think Id rather spend an extra 10 and get a Joyo or something.
    I have a couple of these pedals, and yes. They are plastic. It's not cheap toy plastic, though. It's heavy ABS. I also have had several Joyo pedals. Yes, they are metal, but they don't feel any more solid than these.  If you're gigging 6 nights a week with them, they may wear out, but I think they're good enough for jamming at home or something.  I think I had one or two of those cheap plastic pedals back in the 90s. Yeah, they wore out pretty quick.
    Thats fair. Personally Ive had a Behringer GEQ break on me after half a year so thats why I mentioned it. My Joyo Sweet Baby still works great though and thats been through the ringer so I generally err to metal casings even if its cheaper metal.
    Didn't dig the Sweet Baby too much when I tried it, may have been my rig at the time, though. It's been a while.
    I mostly used it as a clean boost. As a standalone OD I feel like it didnt have enough gain but it sounded great when you stack another OD in front.
    I have had a Behringer tuner on my board for over 6 years, tons of stepping on it and it still works fine. Heck, if it weren't for all the adhesive from putting velcro on it or using Gaffers tape to hold it to my board it would even look fairly new.   The Noise suppressor I got for $20 works better than the EHX one I bought for $60. I am a big fan of value for your money, and I bet most of the people here who talk about expensive gear giving better sound couldn't actually tell the difference in a truly scientific setting (double-blind A/B sort of thing.)  If you like the way it sounds, go get it. If you don't, it's not for you. Or you could be one of the sheeple who simply have to have what the world has told them is good enough...
    what a shit video. 5 minutes of time wasted for twenty seconds of actual demoing. he didn't even try different sounds, or run it into a clean amp etc etc. yes, a lot of people, me included, use tubescreamers as clean boosts, but that's not really the point of an OVERDRIVE pedal...
    These over produced and compressed videos do nothing in showing what the pedal would sound like for everday joe guitar.
    Ah Behringer. I bought all my first pedals from that brand. The price was a good argument for a broke teenager
    I'm kind of half interested in the cheaper Behringer reverb pedal, just because my Hughes and Kettner doesn't have a built-in reverb, and my playing feels a little flat ant lifeless without it, and at this point, literally any reverb will do. But then I should just save up my pennies and get something better, since even the next step up, an EHX Holy Grail, is not too much more expensive and is probably going to sort me out better.