The Strokes: Angles Guitar Tab Songbook Released

artist: Alfred Music Publishing date: 07/05/2012 category: music news
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The Strokes: Angles Guitar Tab Songbook Released
Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, songwriters, and composers, releases The Strokes: Angles, the album-matching guitar TAB songbook to the chart-topping, indie rock band's fourth studio release. The publication, available in the US for the first time, is officially licensed and band-approved. As a long-awaited songbook, The Strokes: Angles is perfect for both rock guitarists and fans alike. The songbook contains sure classics from the band's highly anticipated album, including "Taken For A Fool," "Call Me Back," "Games," "Gratisfaction," "Life Is Simple In The Moonlight," and more. The book also contains several full-length pages of band photos. As part of Alfred's ongoing commitment to improving the environment, this songbook is printed on 100% recycled paper. Originating in New York, The Strokes is regarded as one of the most prominent indie-rock bands from the states. Angles is the band's first new album since 2006. "Julian Casablancas and his bros slouch back to life with a fourth album that reminds you why they were so irresistible in the first place" said Mikael Wood from Spin Magazine's 2011 review of the album. As a multi-award-winning band, The Strokes have won a Brit Award for "Best International Newcomer" (2002), NME Awards for "Band of the Year" (2002) and "Best International Band" (2006), and many more. The Strokes: Angles (12-0571536433) is now available for $21.95 at music retail stores and at Titles:
  • Machu Picchu
  • Under Cover Of Darkness
  • Two Kinds Of Happiness
  • You're So Right
  • Taken For A Fool
  • Games
  • Call Me Back
  • Gratisfaction
  • Metabolism
  • Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
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