The Strokes to Return From Hiatus in 2014

They went on a break only months ago, but have already announced a return. Why the quick turnaround?

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The Strokes will return from a short hiatus in 2014, it has been revealed. The band revealed the news to fans in a cryptic email update to fans while promoting guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.'s new solo album, which read: "Hey folks, while the Strokes are toiling and writing, looking at 2014 for a return to the scene, Albert Hammond Jr. has been busy on his solo EP." Their last album "Comedown Machine" was released in only March this year, but claimed they had no further plans to record at the time. Later, they admitted there could be as many as 10 new Strokes albums in the future, but felt they had earned the choice to take their time and release music on their own schedule. Hammond Jr.'s new EP "AHJ" appears on Strokes' singer Julian Casablancas' label Cult Records last week. It follows his 2006 debut solo album "Yours to Keep" which was followed by "iCуmo Te Llama?" in 2008. Describing the new album, Hammond Jr. said: "It’s a combination of both previous recordings, which in turn makes it feel like it’s the best material that I’ve made so far."

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    I love The Strokes. I'm thrilled that they are "returning to the scene". That better mean a tour this time around!
    That isn't a hiatus.. That's a holiday. Some bands go a couple of years or longer before releasing a new album and they're not on hiatus.
    Quick! Comment on the double post before reading the article!
    I did. It just says that they're coming back from hiatus next year. I don't think it's anything special. But once again UG fails to do any form of prep work and just hobble something together. I wasn't aware that they were on hiatus because I saw them at PJ20 a couple years ago, so that should tell you how much of a relevant act they are.
    Well, considering that they pretty much revolutionized rock music back in 2001 with their debut album, yeah, I guess they are pretty relevant. Guess it's just you who's not up to date with the news then
    Cause I'm going to follow a band I care nothing about. I don't like Kesha should I care about every piece of news that is related to that definition of dumb blonde?
    Only the genius cryptographers at UG were able to decipher this message!
    Never really understood the hype for The Strokes.The singer just talks/mumbles thro songs in my opinion.
    Feel like their last couple of records have been really hit or miss. Some songs I like, and the rest is pretty forgettable. I've honestly enjoyed Hammond Jr's solos stuff more than full blown Strokes albums over the last several years...
    Does anyone care anymore? Saw them live a few years ago and they were just awful.
    Cool. I like this news, and I like the Strokes. I didn't realise they'd been on hiatus though (considering the last album came out not too long ago)