The Transplants Break Up

artist: Transplants date: 01/20/2006 category: music news
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The Transplants Break Up
The Transplants have apparently split up. In a recent interview, frontman Skinhead Rob confirmed the rumours which began shortly after the group cancelled their fall tour, reports The band, originally formed in 2002 and released two albums, The Transplants and most recently Haunted Cities. Each of the three members has ongoing projects however, with Travis Barker working on Plus 44. Skinhead Rob has formed Expensive Tastes with Paul Wall and Tim Armstrong still has Rancid. Also, rapper Paul Wall has linked up with former Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker to form a new hip-hop group called Expensive Taste. The trio may seem like an oddly paired mix of artists, but to them, it was a natural progression that grew from a mutual respect for each other's music and a bond they formed upon meeting early last year. As Expensive Taste begin to record new music for a still untitled album, 2/3 of the group (Paul Wall and Skinhead Rob) took time out to talk about how the idea was born, what people should expect and everything in between. Read more at BallerStatus.
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