The Who Frontman Praises Muse: 'They're Doing Exactly What We Did'

"They're great musicians and they perform brilliantly," says Roger Daltrey.

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The Who vocalist Roger Daltrey recently sang praises of the popular UK rock trio Muse, drawing clear comparisons to his own band.

During a chat with NME, Daltrey commented that Muse are doing the very same thing The Who did back in the day, except by using more modern technologies.

"I can certainly see us in a band like Muse, for instance - they're doing exactly what we did in the '70s but with new technologies," the singer said. "They're great musicians and they perform brilliantly."

The singer also discussed the timeless charm of the 1973 the Who record "Quadrophenia," saying, "Yes, we're looking back, but 'Quadrophenia' has also moved forward, and in that sense it's timeless. It's classic. It's classical music in a rock manner, but it's classical music in every sense of the world."

The Who have embarked on their "Quadrophenia and More European Tour" on Saturday (June 8) in Dublin, Ireland. The concerts include a full performance of the classic record mentioned beforehand.

When it comes to group's future plans once the concert trek is complete, Daltrey commented: "I don't think you should ever say, 'This is the last time.' Music isn't like that. You'll be sitting there not wishing to get onto a stage again for maybe two, three, four, five months, or maybe a year, then suddenly you'll wake up and feel like you've got to do it again. It's in the blood and I never say never."

The band's latest studio effort, "Endless Wire," dropped in October 2006 via Polydor/Universal Republic as the eleventh The Who record, peaking at No. 7 in the US and on No. 9 chart position in the UK.

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    Muse is really one of the best live bands out there. Plus, they have a huge talent in songwriting. And, of course, Bellamy's vocal, guitar and piano skills - they are real high. The band might be hatred, but all three of them have talent - fact.
    Don't forget about awesome visual effects at their gigs. That stuff is just brilliant. Damn, now I want to see them live again (it would be third time). Sadly no stadium gigs in my country this year.
    Watching H.A.A.R.P for the first time is one of my best memories.
    Love how everyone disses Muse until a respected member of the music business says good stuff about them. They deserve all the recognition they have atm and more, all three of them are amazing at their instruments.
    I think a lot of it has to do with the fact all the dumb metalhead Americans weren't awake when this was posted. NO OFFENCE DUMB AMERICANS.
    I've been a Muse fan since Absolution came out, and having just now seen them play live, they're the best live act I've ever seen, taking Radiohead to second place. if only I could see Led Zeppelin.
    I remember in 2009 just before the resistance came out, all the comments on any muse article were about how under rated they are and deserve more respect. Of course, as soon as they get it, it becomes cool to hate on them. Sure, many artists don't deserve the mainstream success that they get, but that isn't always the case
    Their popularity is pretty weird. In Europe they've had a steady increase since the start but in North America due to the label issues they tried to accelerate their mainstream success in just a few years by pushing the singles everywhere. Result is a lot of people that know the singles but barely know the band. The North American gigs have had shockingly low attendance rates for such a large band.
    Muse are one of the few artists today whose music will be timeless, and they deserve it 100%.
    Muse are great, although I haven't been fussed about the last two albums and Matt's voice lately. Maybe it's Katie's fault, she made Chris Robinson go all soppy and sing love songs too
    I honestly don't care much about muse lately. They have some good songs out there, and I do think some of the songs on the new album are pretty good, but i'm just having a real hard time actually liking the band. There's just something about them. Aside from that, I'll admit that they are all really talented musicians, and great songwriters, their sound just isn't for me
    The second law was dogshit but I still agree they are timeless.
    i respectfully disagree with ur opinion...i think it was better than The Resistance
    the resistance was remarkable because of Exogenesis and the title track.
    Resistance was such a great track let down by it's boring chorus. Love MK Ultra though
    Unnatural Selection is one of my all time favorite songs. So, there's that track to consider when looking back on The Resistance (though I love all the songs)
    Exo was a highlight although I hated that they called it a symphony for just a few strings (bar Part 1). Overall I think the problem with The Resistance was that it had a lot of potential but just ended up feeling safe and boring which was disappointing. The 2nd Law has it flaws but it seems the band have lost that restraint they had in 2009 and it's shown in both their music and live shows for the better.
    Shit? What about Supremacy, Animals, Panic Station, Survival? All of them are great songs. Follow me live is so emotional. Explorers vocal is so sick .
    I agree. I thought "The 2nd Law" was the weakest thing they've ever put out. Misguided, over-ambitious without delivering, too many obvious influence rip offs, no flow to the album... "The Resistance" was meh, and "The 2nd Law" was even worse.
    The 2nd Law is fantastic, I think that the song 2nd Law:Unsusatianable might have put some people off because it was pretty much a dubstep track (its the only dubstep-like song i actually have ever liked) but the rest of the album was unbelievable, and they are amazing live, saw them at the emirates and it was absolutely breathtaking
    Love both of these bands, having seen Muse twice and The Who once, and will again on this tour. Quadrophenia is an incredible album, and Muse are in general my favourite band. Good to see it wasn't just me but also Mr Daltrey seeing the parallels.