The Winery Dogs Stream 'Unleashed in Japan 2013'

The Winery Dogs are giving their fans a special edition double-disc package based around their self-titled debut disc.

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The Winery Dogs are giving their fans a treat - a special edition double-disc package based around their self-titled debut disc. The bonus comes in the form of an added live concert. Stream "Unleashed in Japan 2013" below (via Loudwire).

The live disc consists of 10 live songs, including the track "Criminal," which had previously been unavailable in the United States. Other highlights of the new "The Winery Dogs" special edition package include a 16-page booklet of live photos and lyrics.

While the Winery Dogs include some of the finest players in hard rock music, their union wasn't necessarily guaranteed to work. However, bassist Billy Sheehan told Loudwire last fall: "It was a breeze. It was fun and effortless and we just did our thing with no producer and that's what we got. Looking back at it, at the time I didn't realize how wrong it could have gone but how right it did go. I'm really pleased with it."

Sheehan went on to add that he's completely locked in with drummer Mike Portnoy explaining, "We've got an ESP thing going on. It's one of those things where we just look at each other and will be like, 'How did you know I was going to do that?' So we have this locked together thing that is just really magical. It can't be planned out. It can't be scripted. It's just gotta happen and nine out of ten nights it does and on that tenth night it's still pretty good."

Those who like what they hear can pick up "The Winery Dogs" special edition release at the band's online merch store or at iTunes. The "Unleashed in Japan 2013" release is also available as a stand-alone digital album via iTunes.

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    Sounds even more punchy than the album, proof Kids, that learning to play really well is a good thing.
    I love the album, and never realised how amazing Richie Kotzen is, not only as a guitar player but as a singer as well. Whenever I heard his name before, for some reason I could only think of him being in Poison... This album has definitely turned me into a huge Kotzen fan.
    Then do yourself a favour and check out his solo albums (take your time, because he's done a lot of work!). Most of them are just as good as this one, if not better! Richie can play pretty much any genre he wants, so you'll surely find something you like.
    You Can't Save Me is a KILLER song. I only found his solo stuff after Winery Dogs. What a treasure trove of good music!
    Man, I always knew Kotzen was an excellent guitar player, but I had no idea he could sing like that! He sounds just like Chris Cornell to boot.