The Worst Artists In Music History

Here is the list of the worst artists in music history.

Ultimate Guitar
0 recently made a list of the worst 50 artists in music history. An excerpts follows below. We would like to know your thoughts on the Blender's list, so feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.

  • Goo Goo Dolls

    Buffalo, New York's Goo Goo Dolls are former garage-rockers who, since their 1995 acoustic hit "Name," have successfully flogged a pallid brand of Bon Jovilite "rock." "Iris," their smash 1998 weepie, gives power ballads a bad name. Worst CD: Gutterflower (Warner Bros., 2002)

  • Manowar

    An American answer to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Rochester, New York's Manowar embody every conceivable heavy-metal cliche: Bodybuilders all, the four wear leather and animal pelts onstage; singer Eric Adams shrieks only of death, warfare and the glory of metal; Joey DeMaio performs solo bass renditions of "The Flight of the Bumblebee." They're quite possibly the most ludicrous people in rock & roll history. Appalling fact - in 1993, Russian youth voted Manowar above the Beatles and Michael Jackson as the act they would most like to see perform live. Worst CD: Sign Of The Hammer (EMI, 1985)

  • Whitesnake

    Led by exDeep Purple frontman David Coverdale, Whitesnake's '80s success with their karaoke Led Zeppelin routine can be explained only by the public's enduring love for the double entendre, as exemplified on such songs as "Slide It In," "Slow Poke Music" and "Spit It Out." Worst CD: Slip Of The Tongue (Geffen, 1989)

  • Blind Melon

    Led by Axl Rose's mewling, drug-plagued pal Shannon Hoon, Blind Melon's lightweight rock would have been forgotten completely were it not for the boundless charm of "Bee Girl" Heather DeLoach, whose hoofing in the video for No Rain made the tune the band's lone hit. Worst CD: Soup (Capitol, 1995)

  • The Doors

    While in college, many young men still choose to immerse themselves in such ill-advised subjects as Nietzsche, black magic and Native American folklore. Most get over it; Jim Morrison, unfortunately, inflicted his terminally adolescent views on the wider world. The consequences included overblown screeds of nonsense such as "The End" and "The Crystal Ship," plus, effectively, the invention of goth. Worst CD: The Soft Parade (Elektra, 1969)

  • Creed

    It's doubtful there's a more irritating sight in videodom than Creed's Scott Stapp pulling one of his crucifixion poses while a wind machine blows his hair in the appropriate direction. But the Florida group's real crime is its music, an overblown distillation of grunge's most obviously commercial elements every inch as vapid as the music Nirvana and company were rebelling against. Worst CD: Weathered (Wind-Up, 2001)

  • Primus

    Perhaps the most tune-free act ever to chart an album in the Top 10 (Pork Soda hit number 7 in 1993), Oakland, California's Primus were led by Les Claypool, a bass virtuoso and startlingly nasal vocalist. Musicians and the terminally nerdy gaped in wide wonder at the trio's prodigious instrumental "chops"; everyone else was repulsed by the band's combination of the worst aspects of Frank Zappa and Rush. Worst CD: Pork Soda (Interscope, 1993)

  • The Alan Parsons Project

    Having conquered the Dark Side of the Moon, EMI Records' beardy staff engineer Alan Parsons decided that what the universe really needed was a prog-rock concept album based on the work of nineteenth-century horror novelist Edgar Allan Poe, narrated by Orson Welles. It didn't, of course, but an undeterred Parsons soldiered on, swapping prog-rock for vapid AOR in the '80s. Finally bundled off to play guitar in Ringo Starr's backing band, he was never seen again. Worst CD: Pyramid (Arista, 1978)

  • Yngwie Malmsteen

    With his passion for the music of Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore, Swedish guitar show-off Yngwie Malmsteen co-opted his hero's deadpan demeanor, neoclassical solos and frilly cuffs. Yet Malmsteen never employed a proper songwriter, and his noodling hard rock sometimes augmented by a full orchestra has scored increasingly minuscule returns. Appalling fact Malmsteen's 1983 show at London's Marquee club sold out in minutes because of unsuspecting Bruce Springsteen fans who thought they were attending a secret gig by the Boss. Worst CD: Concerto For Electric Guitar And Orchestra (Ranch Life, 1999)

  • Mick Jagger

    Given the roll call of A-list rockers who have appeared on the Stones frontman's four solo ventures, even a tone-deaf 6-year-old could have produced something you'd want to hear twice, or at least once. Alas, it seems, there's never a tone-deaf 6-year-old around when you need one. Even on 1993's not-entirely-grim Wandering Spirit, produced by Rick Rubin, Jagger does his damnedest to ruin things by inexplicably singing a sea shanty. That's right a sea shanty! Worst CD: Goddess in the Doorway (Virgin, 2001)

  • Tin Machine

    In 1989, having presumably become bored with excelling at pop, glam-rock and funk, chameleon David Bowie decided to demonstrate that he too could be really, really bad. The vehicle for this unlikely ambition was the plodding rock four-piece Tin Machine, whose two critically mauled studio albums and one "hilariously" titled live document (Oy Vey, Baby) found Bowie voluntarily subsuming his genius beneath chorus-free tunes and guitarist Reeves Gabrels's habit of playing his instrument with a vibrator. Worst CD: Oy Vey, Baby (Victory, 1991)

  • Asia

    Asia's music turned out to be exactly the sum of its parts: former technicians from King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Yes who got together with an erstwhile Buggle at the start of the '80s. It promised the most self-important prog-rock melded with the limp-wristed worst of AOR, and it delivered. The band's self-titled debut sold more than 4 million copies, which only encouraged them. Worst CD: Astra (Geffen, 1985)

  • Kansas

    Their folksy 1977 hit "Dust In The Wind," a tractor-size fiddle player and a guitarist in bib overalls suggested pioneer-spirited rural rockers. The truth was far more sinister. Bereft of sex and emotion, Kansas's music was a noxious fusion of Jethro Tull and Yes, appealing only to male sci-fi bores and guaranteed to drive any self-respecting frontiersman headlong into the nearest bear trap. Worst CD: Point of Know Return (Columbia, 1977)

  • Starship

    In 1985, Starship rose like a phoenix from the ashes of once-mighty psychedelic overlords Jefferson Airplane/Starship but only if, by phoenix, you mean "ultra-lame, MTV-pandering purveyors of MOR schlock." Best remembered for "We Built This City," they were also responsible for unleashing the Diane Warrenpenned "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," a song bad enough to appear on the soundtrack of the diabolical Andrew McCarthy "comedy" Mannequin. And its sequel! Worst CD: Love Among The Cannibals (RCA, 1989)

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer

    "Boasting" former members of the Nice, King Crimson and yes! Atomic Rooster, the less-than-super '70s supergroup ELP shunned blues-based rock in favor of bombastically reinterpreted classical works with bewilderingly successful results. A nightmarish enough proposition on record, the Brit trio's live shows were peppered by interminable solo spots, including a 20-minute drum workout by Carl Palmer that ended with him ringing a cowbell held between his teeth. Worst CD: Love Beach (Rhino, 1978)

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      Anyone who takes Blender's opinion seriously enough to be offended by this is wrong.
      Eirien wrote: Blender clearly don't know what they're talking about. I agree with some of it but most of it is just cheap shots aimed at artists the writer just doesn't get. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it crap. Stop judging other peoples' tastes in music, you nobs!
      +1 to that +3000 to the Doors
      Lol this entire article is as biased as the people commenting on it. True, most bands on that list don't belong there, but the way you guys are bringing it just proves the fact that you can't make a list without someone complaining.
      Interest in Nietzsche is "terminally adolescent"? The invention of goth was a bad thing? I think philosophy is a little bit over your head, Blender. Stick with your Lady Gaga.
      What kind of egotistical douchebag would make make an article what he thinks are the worst artists (and i highly doubt whoever wrote this can come close to any of them in musical skill or popularity)and expect everyone to not think he's an egotistical douchebag?
      Eifler121 wrote: Wakisazhi wrote: PRSfanatic wrote: Worst list ever. and where's MUSE on the list!? and where's radiohead and coldplay!? and then whitesnake makes it and a million other great artists. this magazine is as bad as rolling stone. Really? So how exactly are Muse, Radiohead, and Coldplay worse than Whitesnake? Seriously you sir are the master of sarcasm. Good show old boy. They are whiney, annoying bands who play music that makes my ears feel bad.
      i don't think you have an understanding of what music is. please go back to your justin bieber forums.
      The K-Man
      This is ridiculous.... heres all the bands tht should DEFINETLY not be on here.... the doors, live, oingo boingo, the spin doctors,Japan, Kansas, and Emerson lake and Palmer.... and a few more.... THIS GUY IS A NUT!!!
      that list just sounds so pretentious and stupid...and written by narrow minded idiots, who have absoultely no idea what they're talking about. i don't agree with any of those bands being on that list, at least they had talent, and made what they wanted to make, instead of relying on computors and a pretty face to sell records to mindless sheep.
      This is the worst article I've ever read on this site. There is no such thing as good music, or bad music. And there's like 5 awesome bands on there.
      Enix165 wrote: "Appalling fact - in 1993, Russian youth voted Manowar above the Beatles and Michael Jackson as the act they would most like to see perform live." I would too, and I don't really like Manowar. o_o And I like The Doors and Yngwie. D= I'm surprised John Frusciante isn't there, that "solo album" he released in the late 90s was the biggest assault my ears have ever taken.
      Atleast every album he released after were brilliant. And he was obviously tripping on heroin when he recorded the first album, so no wonder it sucked :p
      WTF!!?? The Doors??? Primus????? They are 2 of my favourite bands of all time. I can't explain how angry reading this has made me.
      Thomo333 wrote: Haven't read the whole article but I hope that bands such as Metallica, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Fall out Boy, The Jonas Brothers, Kid Rock, Hinder, HIM, Green Day, CKY, Bullet For my Valentine, The Offspring, ALEXISONFIRE and what AFI have become, thank you.
      NEW Metallica that is...
      I hate these lists, it's just a certain group of people p***ing people off.... pathetic.
      Wakisazhi wrote: PRSfanatic wrote: Worst list ever. and where's MUSE on the list!? and where's radiohead and coldplay!? and then whitesnake makes it and a million other great artists. this magazine is as bad as rolling stone. Really? So how exactly are Muse, Radiohead, and Coldplay worse than Whitesnake? Seriously you sir are the master of sarcasm. Good show old boy.
      They are whiney, annoying bands who play music that makes my ears feel bad.
      What? This list is terrible. Whitesnake, The Doors, Malmsteen, Asia, Kansas, EMP? There are MUCH worse bands than these around atm, at least all these have some talent. Come on UG, get a grip, you've let me down
      Oingo Boingo was pretty cool imo. They made Pedobear's theme song! (Little Girls) /sigh ..and where the **** is Green Jell?! Why are they not on this list!? This is an insult to them!
      Fausch wrote: b_flo wrote: Fausch wrote: b_flo wrote: 1. Creed (even the rest of the band hates Scott Stapp) Not true. At least, not anymore. That was true in 2002. I see. When did you work with them last? We just worked with them a couple months ago...and it's still true. The rest of the band hangs out with each other. Scott is only seen with them when they're on stage, performing....and that's it. Well, I can't imagine why they'd even get back together then. The music industry confuses me. It's all about ****ing money anymore. People don't give Alter Bridge any credit because they're biased against Creed, but Creed was Scott's brainchild, and mostly about money. With Alter Bridge, the boys didn't want people messing with their creative vision, so they actually financed their last two albums themselves, as well as buying out a record contract that gave them too much pressure.
      It is for the money! All that money they had in their hey day is gone. My friends, on that tour, said that the stenciling on their road cases would eventually read from 'Creed' to 'Greed'. Most of it was Scott Stapp. He'd stay in a luxury resort, the rest of the band would stay at a Holiday Inn, and the crew...a Motel 6.
      Dawgs4Vick wrote: Galvatron wrote: Since I have been quoted on my Rush statement a few times I will explain for anyone wondering. I was born and raised in Canada,I have been hearing about the "great" Rush for as long as I can remember. At work I am in an environment that plays Classic Rock stations all day long- I have figured it out that at an average of 4 songs a day-five days a week-I have heard over 15000 Rush songs in the last 15 years. I see a band that has been together for over 30 years that has zero songs that appeal to me in any way. seriously,30 years and not one good song? The guitar solos and riffs they use cause irritation while the voice and lyrics are the definition of ridiculous. I know this is not eveyones opinion but it is mine. Dude, Finding my Way ****ing rocks I don't care what anyone says, you can't honestly say it doesn't.
      But you should understand that Rush has incredible skill and progressive talent.
      Bubonic Chronic
      Ah, get over yourself. These "worst ever" articles only serve to piss people off, and really only amount to a lame attempt at comedy. Primus has storytelling elements of Johnny Cash with wry, hillbilly humor and a twisted twinge of murder metal. Each of the three musicians is a virtuoso in his own right, and the band as a whole succeeds at one thing: remaining successful for well over twenty years with only a handful of hits and a collection of albums that each has its own unique quality. Further, I can listen to whole albums as opposed to skipping through for the one or two tracks I actually like.
      I'm not a huge doors fan but I have to say they don't belong there. Whitesnake is a great band and their last album was awesome IDK why they're up there. Yngwie is also great but he does get a little boring after a while. Primus and Kansas are also pretty awesome. The only other thing I'm on the fence about is Creed.
      qrEE wrote: "We are besmirching Florida, the Sunshine State, unholy font of the Backstreet Boys, N Sync, O-Town, limpbizkit, 2 Live Crew, dangling chads and an army of drum-pummeling, grizzly-bear-mimicking death-metal bands with names too evil (i.e., moronic) to mention. A curse upon the balmy Southern realm!" This is a quote from their "worst things to happen to music", with Florida in the top 15. Ouch. This is obviously an idiot list, from an idiot site. Just listen to some Death and it's pretty obvious that "drum-pummeling, grizzly-bear-mimicking death-metal band with name too evil (i.e., moronic) to mention." is an idiotic statement. Plus Rush is supposed to be number one. What kind of crap is it when it's long, boring, and happy all the time? Seriously, Rush is the most appallingly upbeat band ever. Give me some Opeth for real progressive music. Give me "Heir Apparent", not "Limelight". Awful stuff, Rush is.
      Just beacause you prefer heavier styles of music, dosen't mean that bands like Rush are awful. Rush puts incredible amounts of talent and progression into their music. It's your opinion that you think that Rush is boring. And as for the "long" songs, why is that such a bad thing to you? I'm surprised to hear from an Opeth fan that you don't neccesarily enjoy long songs, considering the fact that each Opeth song is between 6 and 10 minutes...
      THE DOORS??? SERIOUSLY...?!?!...anyone who lists The Doors..who were amazing, just amazing, and blind melon, who were als good, as the WORST ARTISTS IN HISTORY doesn't have a clue as to what they were talking about. that's why i'm convinced that this is just to annoy people.
      D-Wades wrote: die, just keel over. how do you bash the doors, kansas, primus, and yngwie malmsteen? he must be gay or something.
      i just about pissed my pants laughing at this
      Patrick L wrote: Wtf? Blind Melon was an awesome band. I hate how everyone judges them on that one song. That's actually my least favorite song by them.Shannon Hoon was an amazing song writer and they made some pretty kick ass stuff. I also agree with the Goo Goo Dolls one.
      True that thier albums were awesome.
      Galvatron wrote: The Doors? Eat a dick on that one. The Doors are great. This list can not be complete without Rush and Nickelback. Pretty terrible article though.Its more of an opinion blog.
      screw you dude, i can agree with you on the nickleback thing, but rush, seriously, rush are some of the greatest musicians ever, and geddy lee (though his voice is kinda whiny) can sing, and the siongs and lyrics are amazing
      i know its been said many times but, the doors? really??? im appalled that they could ever be on any list alongside the goo goo dolls... wtf man,
      Wakisazhi wrote: PRSfanatic wrote: Worst list ever. and where's MUSE on the list!? and where's radiohead and coldplay!? and then whitesnake makes it and a million other great artists. this magazine is as bad as rolling stone. Really? So how exactly are Muse, Radiohead, and Coldplay worse than Whitesnake? Seriously you sir are the master of sarcasm. Good show old boy.
      Really though, Muse should be on the list if The Doors is on it. Then again, thousands of bands should be on this list if The Doors is to be on it...
      The brilliant moron that wrote this is obviously the most single minded human being on the face of the planet! I bet he also thinks Issac Newton was "over rated" and Einstein was "a flake."
      Goodness, lists are overrated. And the end of the day, it's all just opinion really (unless it's a shopping list). But this list just reeks of traffic-driving, publicity-stunting desperation. Especially when you add The Doors and Primus to such a list, lol.
      KnotParkDay wrote: If this was decent, it would feature bands like Limp Bizkit, Fall Out Boy and the musical abomination that is Brokencyde
      As much as music is subjective, Brokencyde should NEVER, EVER be mentioned, for fear of the world imploding and disappearing into a black hole. Makes as much sense as calling that crap music.