The Worst Artists In Music History

Here is the list of the worst artists in music history.

Ultimate Guitar
0 recently made a list of the worst 50 artists in music history. An excerpts follows below. We would like to know your thoughts on the Blender's list, so feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.

  • Goo Goo Dolls

    Buffalo, New York's Goo Goo Dolls are former garage-rockers who, since their 1995 acoustic hit "Name," have successfully flogged a pallid brand of Bon Jovilite "rock." "Iris," their smash 1998 weepie, gives power ballads a bad name. Worst CD: Gutterflower (Warner Bros., 2002)

  • Manowar

    An American answer to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Rochester, New York's Manowar embody every conceivable heavy-metal cliche: Bodybuilders all, the four wear leather and animal pelts onstage; singer Eric Adams shrieks only of death, warfare and the glory of metal; Joey DeMaio performs solo bass renditions of "The Flight of the Bumblebee." They're quite possibly the most ludicrous people in rock & roll history. Appalling fact - in 1993, Russian youth voted Manowar above the Beatles and Michael Jackson as the act they would most like to see perform live. Worst CD: Sign Of The Hammer (EMI, 1985)

  • Whitesnake

    Led by exDeep Purple frontman David Coverdale, Whitesnake's '80s success with their karaoke Led Zeppelin routine can be explained only by the public's enduring love for the double entendre, as exemplified on such songs as "Slide It In," "Slow Poke Music" and "Spit It Out." Worst CD: Slip Of The Tongue (Geffen, 1989)

  • Blind Melon

    Led by Axl Rose's mewling, drug-plagued pal Shannon Hoon, Blind Melon's lightweight rock would have been forgotten completely were it not for the boundless charm of "Bee Girl" Heather DeLoach, whose hoofing in the video for No Rain made the tune the band's lone hit. Worst CD: Soup (Capitol, 1995)

  • The Doors

    While in college, many young men still choose to immerse themselves in such ill-advised subjects as Nietzsche, black magic and Native American folklore. Most get over it; Jim Morrison, unfortunately, inflicted his terminally adolescent views on the wider world. The consequences included overblown screeds of nonsense such as "The End" and "The Crystal Ship," plus, effectively, the invention of goth. Worst CD: The Soft Parade (Elektra, 1969)

  • Creed

    It's doubtful there's a more irritating sight in videodom than Creed's Scott Stapp pulling one of his crucifixion poses while a wind machine blows his hair in the appropriate direction. But the Florida group's real crime is its music, an overblown distillation of grunge's most obviously commercial elements every inch as vapid as the music Nirvana and company were rebelling against. Worst CD: Weathered (Wind-Up, 2001)

  • Primus

    Perhaps the most tune-free act ever to chart an album in the Top 10 (Pork Soda hit number 7 in 1993), Oakland, California's Primus were led by Les Claypool, a bass virtuoso and startlingly nasal vocalist. Musicians and the terminally nerdy gaped in wide wonder at the trio's prodigious instrumental "chops"; everyone else was repulsed by the band's combination of the worst aspects of Frank Zappa and Rush. Worst CD: Pork Soda (Interscope, 1993)

  • The Alan Parsons Project

    Having conquered the Dark Side of the Moon, EMI Records' beardy staff engineer Alan Parsons decided that what the universe really needed was a prog-rock concept album based on the work of nineteenth-century horror novelist Edgar Allan Poe, narrated by Orson Welles. It didn't, of course, but an undeterred Parsons soldiered on, swapping prog-rock for vapid AOR in the '80s. Finally bundled off to play guitar in Ringo Starr's backing band, he was never seen again. Worst CD: Pyramid (Arista, 1978)

  • Yngwie Malmsteen

    With his passion for the music of Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore, Swedish guitar show-off Yngwie Malmsteen co-opted his hero's deadpan demeanor, neoclassical solos and frilly cuffs. Yet Malmsteen never employed a proper songwriter, and his noodling hard rock sometimes augmented by a full orchestra has scored increasingly minuscule returns. Appalling fact Malmsteen's 1983 show at London's Marquee club sold out in minutes because of unsuspecting Bruce Springsteen fans who thought they were attending a secret gig by the Boss. Worst CD: Concerto For Electric Guitar And Orchestra (Ranch Life, 1999)

  • Mick Jagger

    Given the roll call of A-list rockers who have appeared on the Stones frontman's four solo ventures, even a tone-deaf 6-year-old could have produced something you'd want to hear twice, or at least once. Alas, it seems, there's never a tone-deaf 6-year-old around when you need one. Even on 1993's not-entirely-grim Wandering Spirit, produced by Rick Rubin, Jagger does his damnedest to ruin things by inexplicably singing a sea shanty. That's right a sea shanty! Worst CD: Goddess in the Doorway (Virgin, 2001)

  • Tin Machine

    In 1989, having presumably become bored with excelling at pop, glam-rock and funk, chameleon David Bowie decided to demonstrate that he too could be really, really bad. The vehicle for this unlikely ambition was the plodding rock four-piece Tin Machine, whose two critically mauled studio albums and one "hilariously" titled live document (Oy Vey, Baby) found Bowie voluntarily subsuming his genius beneath chorus-free tunes and guitarist Reeves Gabrels's habit of playing his instrument with a vibrator. Worst CD: Oy Vey, Baby (Victory, 1991)

  • Asia

    Asia's music turned out to be exactly the sum of its parts: former technicians from King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Yes who got together with an erstwhile Buggle at the start of the '80s. It promised the most self-important prog-rock melded with the limp-wristed worst of AOR, and it delivered. The band's self-titled debut sold more than 4 million copies, which only encouraged them. Worst CD: Astra (Geffen, 1985)

  • Kansas

    Their folksy 1977 hit "Dust In The Wind," a tractor-size fiddle player and a guitarist in bib overalls suggested pioneer-spirited rural rockers. The truth was far more sinister. Bereft of sex and emotion, Kansas's music was a noxious fusion of Jethro Tull and Yes, appealing only to male sci-fi bores and guaranteed to drive any self-respecting frontiersman headlong into the nearest bear trap. Worst CD: Point of Know Return (Columbia, 1977)

  • Starship

    In 1985, Starship rose like a phoenix from the ashes of once-mighty psychedelic overlords Jefferson Airplane/Starship but only if, by phoenix, you mean "ultra-lame, MTV-pandering purveyors of MOR schlock." Best remembered for "We Built This City," they were also responsible for unleashing the Diane Warrenpenned "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," a song bad enough to appear on the soundtrack of the diabolical Andrew McCarthy "comedy" Mannequin. And its sequel! Worst CD: Love Among The Cannibals (RCA, 1989)

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer

    "Boasting" former members of the Nice, King Crimson and yes! Atomic Rooster, the less-than-super '70s supergroup ELP shunned blues-based rock in favor of bombastically reinterpreted classical works with bewilderingly successful results. A nightmarish enough proposition on record, the Brit trio's live shows were peppered by interminable solo spots, including a 20-minute drum workout by Carl Palmer that ended with him ringing a cowbell held between his teeth. Worst CD: Love Beach (Rhino, 1978)

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      Typical UG. LOL OPINIONS AS FACTS. If there was ever a news article to cement the absolutely lack of quality of your website, its this one.
      99% of the bands that UG does 12 page articles on should be on this list WAY before ELP, The Doors, and Primus.
      Wow.. this has to be the worst news article I've ever read. UG have trolls writing for them or 18 year olds who know nothing about the bands in the article or what? Question for the author. Did you ever see or even listen to any of these bands? BTW the Doors were a very influential part of rock music, and freedom of speech for that matter. Jim Morrison was one of the 1st to say F*CK on stage ya know.
      Black Star
      I don't know if you guys have been living under a rock for the last decade, but this list definitely did NOT come out on June 1st, 2010. If I recall, the original list came out in 2006. Blender is just desperate to repost the same crap and hope nobody notices.
      alexsaber89 wrote: 99% of the bands that UG does 12 page articles on should be on this list WAY before ELP, The Doors, and Primus.
      This. They include Manowar because Russian youth voted them OVER those mop tops with annoying accents and that boy toucher? Kansas because they don't sing about sex. (which as EVERYONE knows is the defining line between good and bad bands) And the doors? ... Might as well have called 50 Cent a metal band.
      dude this guy sounds like one of the most ignorant misinformed people out there. He or she has to be a complete idiot, because none of this makes sense.
      The Doors and Primus should be on the greatest bands of all time list. This is one screwy list.
      WTF is this? Kansas rocks, Whitesnake is the pinacle of the 80's rock ballad scene and UG forgot Justin Beiber. WTF UG?! WTF!
      leprecon90 wrote: pffft. bollox
      although.. creed would probably be in my worst bands of all time list too..
      Fuck this jerk off, ad hominem. Attacking the people themselves instead of looking at the music... Some bands made me turn my head, but The Doors? Really? Someone doesn't know about music, and this shit isn't news..
      WTF!> Muse Shouldn't be on that list...just because of should listen to The Resistance album
      Haven't read the whole article but I hope that bands such as Metallica, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Fall out Boy, The Jonas Brothers, Kid Rock, Hinder, HIM, Green Day, CKY, Bullet For my Valentine, The Offspring, ALEXISONFIRE and what AFI have become, thank you.
      Had a look at the link, turns out the Gipsy Kings are also on the list. The website even adds a terrible insult to Jim Morrison, that UG wisely left out. After myself and others campaigning on this site for people to get respect for other people's musical tastes, and for UG to get sick of flame wars, they post something like this!?
      its sad that this article was written years ago... one of the things says to avoid celine dion until 2006...FAIL UG
      Seriously? Primus? How do you admit that Les Claypool is a "virtuoso" but still call them one of the top 50 worst bands? Since I didn't see Brokencyde on that list, I refuse to believe the validity of this list or the person who wrote it. Trust me, if you've even heard of tis "band", I sincerely apologize.
      No one is standing up for Creed!!! I love Creed and I know so many other people that do... And The Doors definitely shouldn't be up there.
      I have never seen such a thing... It's like saying Niccolo Paganini was the worst violinist in history.. Why don't you just say Dream Theater is the most technically sloppy band in the world?
      i agree about nickelback because there a national embarassment in canada, but rush is a great band. Most of their later work is a little bit pedestrian, but they have wrote some legendary music in their time
      Galvatron wrote: The Doors? Eat a dick on that one. The Doors are great. This list can not be complete without Rush and Nickelback. Pretty terrible article though.Its more of an opinion blog.
      flemflames wrote: Muse are such a wannabe progressive-rock band. They just take some prog-rock elements, make them available to a wider audience (poppy), and bam! you get a supposedly "so original" band. Although they could be a good transition for people to get into true skillful progressive-rock.
      You obviously have never heard Muse's albums then. They are very original, of course the singles aren't going to be as original, because they are singles, they are not meant to be. And I can understand why people are hating on Creed, but they are awesome. Tremonti, Marshall and Phillips are all amazing musicians, Stapp however, damaged their image.
      Obviously Blender wouldn't know a good band if it killed them ! Manowar, Creed, The Doors, and Yngwie are all great bands. The real list has Hanna Montana, Kesha, and Nirvana! At least manowar has talent.
      People are mentioning Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, etc...etc... Worst bands ever? No you just have a problem with them. Hate them or not you could at least be mature enough to get over the bias and realize they aren't even close to the worst band ever and no, I don't listen to any of those three except a couple Nirvana songs and Waiting by Green Day.
      Skarson wrote: musical taste is completely subjective and whatever, but i hope the primus part was a "primus sucks" joke.
      +1 lol
      Rabid Chipmunk
      the creator of this list probably is either a huge pop music fan, or some tightwad music scholar who thinks he knows everything and has a higher level of music appreciation because he went to classes on theory.
      I laughed at the part about Creed, but they obviously know nothing about any of those bands, all of them have their amazing moments, i just don't understand why they mentioned The Doors seeing as they were one of the most brilliant bands in history, and Primus? Do they understand they sound alot more like 80s King Crimson, then those two artists they mentioned, and I'm pretty sure, Fripp, and Eno are to of the most genius song writers ever, so a band having an extremely similar sound can't be one of the worst bands in history.
      Rabid Chipmunk wrote: the creator of this list probably is either a huge pop music fan, or some tightwad music scholar who thinks he knows everything and has a higher level of music appreciation because he went to classes on theory.
      Probably the first. Who do you think knows more music theory, Malmsteen or him?
      Chemicalknight wrote: No one is standing up for Creed!!! I love Creed and I know so many other people that do... And The Doors definitely shouldn't be up there.
      Yep, i don't get it. They took the catchiest elements of grunge and made it extremely popular. Isn't that why we listen to music, for it to be cathy? ANyways most creed haters are just bandwagoning and the either didn't hear one creed song, or they heard with arms wide open and higher on the radio on the way to school/work. I suggest listening to my own prison, one of the greatest post grunge songs. But i do agree, aren't the doors critically acclaimed and succesful? In fact most bands up there are or were immensely popular.
      Wow I thought this site had good taste! The Doors? Kansas? WOW!!!!! The writers of this magazine must listen to bulls*it like eminem and usher! These bands were incredible musicians, this article isnt even legit considering the source!!!
      Personally, I would label any metalcore band, and Panic at the Disco, as the top worst bands ever.
      well if this is an opinion blog, then lets share ours, ill start 1:the Jonas brothers- while taking disney to a whole new level of stupidity and wanna be boys who think they know how to act, the Jonas brothers come and show that not only acting can be destroyed, but so can music due to there rly annoying voices and style, not to mention there in there early 20's about now, and still play songs for 8 year old girls worst song/album- everything they made 2:the Jonas brothers AGAIN
      Haha id be pissed if this wasn't such a bad joke. I poop on your list.. What nobody's sticking up for Asia? lol (great musicians separately.)
      Cyco_Mike wrote: The Doors and Primus should be on the greatest bands of all time list. This is one screwy list.
      I can understand someone hating Primus, but that doesn't make them bad, just another reason to be on a BS list.
      I'm not going to read ALL the comments but I'm guessing someone said something along the lines of "Where is Green Day on that list!!!????" Anyone want to confirm that for me?
      Fuck this list and whoever wrote it. The Doors? Primus? Mick FUCKING Jagger? The other names belong, but the inclusion of these three makes me imagine the writer of this article is a tasteless ape.
      FernandO_o wrote: WTF!> Muse Shouldn't be on that list...just because of should listen to The Resistance album
      um. Resistance? Definitely Origin of Symmetry. That's most definitely what you meant to say. In my opinion. But yeah. Muse is perty friggin good. and considering their diversity, they shouldn't be on "the worst" anything list, unless it's "worst at sucking"
      2 problems with this: 1) The "worst" bands lists that these magazines and whatnot come up with are always famous bands with millions of records sold and a ton of fans. Wouldn't the worst band technically be some shitty high school wannabe rockers who got booed off a stage at a school for the deaf? 2)I am fairly convinced that the lists that blender comes up with are written by a bunch of drunken frat boys who wake up in the morning and realize they have a deadline that day, so they list 50 bands (or songs, albums, etc...) that they can think of. Unfortunately, they only listen to top 40 radio as a guide to what's good, so they wouldn't even know good music if it slapped its balls in their faces. Seriously, f*** Blender. Let me be the next to add: The Doors??? Seriously. And anybody who includes Blind Melon on this list never even bothered to listen to that album. No Rain isn't even the best song on it.
      Paszer_Ratiug wrote: Fuck this list and whoever wrote it. The Doors? Primus? Mick FUCKING Jagger? The other names belong, but the inclusion of these three makes me imagine the writer of this article is a tasteless ape.
      I think they're referring to just his solo stuff, which was never really that good without Keith. I don't think its fair to list someone's solo work when their day job is so ridiculously good.