The Worst Rock Albums Of The 2000s Revealed

Albums by Oasis, Darkness and the Kaiser Chiefs have all made Gigwise's round-up of the worst albums of the 2000s.

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Albums by Oasis, Darkness and the Kaiser Chiefs have all made Gigwise's round-up of the worst albums of the 2000s.

The countdown, compiled by Gigwise staff, also includes releases by The Jonas Brothers, Nickelback and Razorlight.

You can see the list of the worst rock albums below:

18. Oasis: "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" (2000)

It may contain fan favourite "Fuckin' In The Bushes", but even the most ardent of Oasis followers would struggle to argue that this is a good album. Painfully exposing Liam Gallagher's waning vocals, this record was the start of a rut for the Manchester band that many say continued until their split. This album also saw Liam Gallagher's first ever song released to the public and quite frankly, that's a big enough crime in itself.

17. Hard Fi: "Once Upon a Time in the West" (2007)

From the ill-judged "no cover art" to the awful one-dimensional songs, Hard-Fi's second album is a complete lesson in how to destroy your career in one swoop.

The type of shallow, characterless indie that gives guitar music a bad name, this record is nothing short of a musical travesty.

16. Razorlight: "Razorlight" (2006)

For "America" alone, Johnny Borrell should be cast off into obscurity. Borrell is an egotist with the dress sense of a blind ballerina; he produced a mangled and insipid second album whilst testing the patience of every member of the band.

"Up all Night" had a gritty edgy feel to it, but this self-titled follow-up gladly put the preening singer back in his place; in the MOR. The slow descent into Shawadawaddy awaits them.

15. The Darkness: "One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back" (2005)

Proof that a funny joke can wear very thin very quickly. Everybody loved The Darkness for a short period in 2003, but by 2005 the humble public's patience with the band was retreating faster than Justin Hawkins hairline. Tight catsuits, falsetto vocals and 80's metal riffs suddenly seemed even more ridiculous than they had and this album became the catalyst for the Lowestoft band's demise. The album features typical Darkness humour with tracks such as "Dinner Lady Arms" and the fortuitous "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time". Apparently the working title for this album was "The Painstaking", presumably this was changed in fear of stating the blindingly obvious.

14. The Rasmus: "Dead Letters" (2003)

Up until the release of "Dead Letters" in 2003, Finland's The Rasmus had failed in their bid to cross over. That all changed, however, when they emerged from the studio armed with the gross sounds of lead single "In The Shadows", which, remarkably, was lapped up by millions of people around the world. Presumably, those millions all shared the unfortunate problem of bad music taste.

13. Queen & Paul Rodgers: "The Cosmos Rocks" (2008)

There comes a point in a millionaire's life where surely they must admit that they are rich enough. Obviously Brian May needs money for his weekly perm, but by stomping on the legacy of Freddie Mercury with this awful "meeting of minds" he risked alienating the existing and loyal fans of Queen and to top it off the new band line-up avec Paul Rodgers released this atrocious record.

To add insult to injury the band performed album track "C-Lebrity" on ITV1 cackfest Al Murray's Happy Hour in 2008. A moment of cringe-worthy television.

12. Guns N Roses: "Chinese Democracy" (2008)

Nobody expected a masterpiece but to spend so long producing such a steaming pile of shit is almost hilarious. It is bereft of anything even resembling listenable music and is as charming as Axl Rose himself.

Despite some relatively positive reviews from critics upon its initial release, "Chinese Democracy" has aged as nicely as full fat milk left in direct sunlight for 12 months. An absolute stinker!

11. Kaiser Chiefs: "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" (2007)

Employment was an album brimming with fun and energy that actually contained some reasonably likeable tunes. This was the social commentary album - in the words of Homer Simpson, "D'oh!". A truly uninspired album that highlighted they lack of imagination, depth and ability to develop.

10. Puddle Of Mudd: "Life On Display" (2003)

Puddle of Mudd? Puddle of shit more like. As 2003's "Life On Display" showed, there was an unfortunate problem in the music industry at the turn of the century that meant dire rock bands somehow managed to grace the mainstream. Thankfully, however, hindsight exposes this terrible flaw and allows us to add the US band's terrible album into our worst of the decade countdown.

09. Staind: "Break The Cycle" (2001)

Take the angst of nu metal and mix it with acoustic strumming and introspection and you come out with Aaron Lewis of Staind. The sight of his bald head peering over a guitar on stage with Fred Durst was a permanent fixture on the music TV channels in the early part of this decade with the hit "Outside" sound tracking a thousand middle class tantrums. "Break The Cycle" houses that song alongside the likes of "Suffer", "Take It" and "Waste" - with such cheery song titles it's little wonder they didn't make it bigger.

08. Avril Lavigne: "Let Go" (2002)

This debut album from the Canadian starlet sold 18 million copies worldwide so chances are someone you know has this in their collection however, few could claim anything other than hormones for wanting to buy such a faux-angry album. The audio equivalent of a baby throwing its toys out of the pram, Avril caterwauls about boys and how unfair life is over a sub-Alanis Morrissette backing track for an agonising thirteen tracks. Luckily Avril's career has died a death in recent years to pave the way for fresh talent like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and... Oh what's the point?

07. Nickelback: "All The Right Reasons" (2005)

Aka the album which spawned "Rockstar", one of the worst songs in the world. Normally that would be enough for inclusion on any worst albums list, but worse, "All The Right Reasons" also features a whole succession of turgid sub-Grunge rubbish featuring the strained vocals of Sarah Jessica Parker, sorry- Chad Kroeger. In a career of awful music, Nickelback reached their nadir with this album.

06. The Twang: "Jewellery Quarter" (2009)

Unless it was a genius plot to make their debut look good by comparison, there are no positives to be taken from this Birmingham band's woeful second album. With tracks like "Barney Rubble" and "Twit Twoo" it's hardly an intellectual head-scratcher either. You can't help but think "Jewellery Quarter" will be the last we ever hear from The Twang.

05. Towers Of London: "Blood Sweat and Towers" (2006)

Amazingly, Towers Of London's debut album is worse than their shocking haircuts. An abysmal band and a shallow mock-rock album of epic proportions, Towers of London were so desperate for much-needed publicity in the wake of the record seismically failing that frontman Donny Tourette appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. He came across like a right dick, naturally.

04. Limp Bizkit: "Results May Vary" (2003)

Even when they were good, Limp Bizkit were awful, but in 2003 Fred Durst and co. exceeded themselves. "Results May Vary" is a tragically optimistic title as the results on this album rarely vary, they start of turgid and fail to rise above average. This album was the band's first following the departure of guitarist Wes Borland. Open auditions were held for a replacement however the search proved fruitless and ex-Snot member Mike Smith was drafted into the group helping to craft this dud of an album. If you have doubts over the merits of "Results May Vary" have a listen to the cover of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" and tell us this isn't one of the worst moments of the decade.

03. Tokio Hotel: "Scream" (2007)

More famous for their god-awful haircuts than their music, Tokio Hotel are a classic case of ill-conceived style over substance. Riding on an unfathomable wave of teenage hype, the emo-pop German foursome have achieved astonishing success, mainly thanks to "Scream" their debut album in English.

Throughout the record Bill Kaulitz' purportedly emotional voice sounds lacks an iota of sincerity while the music is so clichd it's enough to make you cringe in embarrassment.

02. Chris Cornell: "Scream" (2009)

So you were the lead singer in Soundgarden then went on to front a band consisting of ex-members of Rage Against The Machine - a pretty solid CV most people would agree. So why of why did Chris Cornell feel the need to record this dreadful album with Timbaland? The sound of two men who have fallen so far from their respective perches that they can only work together, "Scream" is an auto-tuned painful mid-life crisis of an album that Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor hilariously mocked online.

01. The Jonas Brothers: "A Little Bit Longer" (2008)

The world's citizens - well, those under the age of 13 - stopped in their tracks when The Jonas Brothers released "A Little Bit Longer" in 2008 such was the anticipation for its release.

Well, it's just a shame that the world didn't blow up as well, because that would have eradicated the possibility of further releases from these three self-confessed virgins, whose voices are so high-pitched they manage to make James Blunt sound like Barry White.

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    honestly..... this is a guitar site... and you are hating some of the best work of bucketheads career? chinese democracy owns
    ^uh it was released in 2003...and yes it should be on the list with many many more
    .Joker. wrote: Villearreal92 wrote: I wouldn't Put Chinese Democracy up there...but i agree with everything else...just one question ...Where's St. Anger? I assume it's not there because it's a metal album, not rock.
    ITS FOR THE 2000s man
    I actually enjoyed Life on Display... and oddly enough, a few songs from that Nickelback album lol...
    Covin wrote: Some of these artists are extremely talented song-writers. They may not have the most creativity on guitar, but that doesn't make them bad. I ****ing HATE Nickelback, but no one can deny that they write really good tunes. Same with Staind's Break the Cycle, though that was definitely their peak. I have to say, I am glad Results May Vary made the list. lol
    you sooooo can its not that hard....
    I would make a few changes. Although this list is suprisingly acurate, its way too bias for me to take it seriously.
    St. Anger doesn't belong on here. I would listen to St. Anger over Jonas Brothers anyday. I can think of lots of albums worse than St. Anger. Start with a few Blue October and Fall Out Boy albums and go from there.
    I didn't know the jonas brothers were considered to be in the Rock Genre?
    Blahblahblah, I have nothing to do but whine about other than mediocre bands. None of these albums are very good but they are far from the worst, most are pop albums that did what they set out to do, sell records.
    ok article...staind doesnt belong there as a lot have said...but if your going to make a worst of the decade list it should be a lot longer as most of the music from this decade has been shit
    Blah blah quality is subjective opinions taste etc. etc. Although I must say, I don't own any of these albums or listen to any of these bands. I guess I have good taste in music, according to Gigwise.
    mlukeroberts222 wrote: Good list minus the Staind....'Break The Cycle' should not be here....great album, maybe Staind's best. And no, St. Anger should not be on this list...I must have been the only person who liked that album
    You're not the only one who likes it. Sure, the snare is off, sure, the sound is nothing like what Metallica had ever made, sure, James' voice wasn't up to scratch, but it was a good release. Listen to them play some of the songs live now, with better sounding instruments... the songs sound quite decent.
    best article i have in a while. tell me something i don't know but is very good to see others recognize this crap as crap. especially nickelback and limp bizkit and those fairies that are not even rock so i don't know why they made this list but they should be at the top of any worst music list. nicely done UG. but u forgot blink182 and fall out boy.
    Chinese Democracy is an AMAZING album, I've no idea who the fu cktard who wrote this was thinking. All the Right Reasons wasn't a terrible album, it had a few okay songs on it ("If Everyone Cared," "Savin' Me"). Break the Cycle was a pretty good album, too. But the biggest piss-off is Chinese Democracy. I love that album.
    Lion_Slicer wrote: such a good article! this made my day completely. Thank you so much for giving Oasis what they deserve, and its not like the Jonas Brothers, Nickelback, etc. haven't been the target of ungodly amounts of ridicule, but... honestly they could always use a bit more. Also, I love the argument that high record sales imply an album is good. It MAY be, but usually it's just a product of marketing. People see signs and ads for an album that says "Listen to/buy this! Everyone is!" and the average (i.e., stupid) person will go, "OK" rather that "Hmm, but could there be something better?" Most albums on this list are music for people who can't handle thinking for themselves. Those that aren't are just plain shitty.
    I love how you think you are elitist enough to define good. See my other posts that relate to this article. 'Nuff said.
    Jonas Brothers arent rock, their pop. like good charlotte and simple plan
    .Joker. wrote: Villearreal92 wrote: I wouldn't Put Chinese Democracy up there...but i agree with everything else...just one question ...Where's St. Anger? I assume it's not there because it's a metal album, not rock.
    St Anger was a metal album????? lol i just thought it was..... well no words can describe what i thought of it. shit album with a collection of bad songs too much snare drum but did have a couple of half good songs I.E Invisible Kid and Sweet Amber. but on to GnR, chinese democracy was/is a really good album, buckethead has some amazing parts on it, and it was good to see axl actually gave him the credit for it. but i practically agree with the rest of the artical
    i really dont think Chinese Democracy and Scream should be on here...the other albums were much worse, those particular two were just bad considering how good their artist's preceding stuff was. and i totally agree with the "jumping on the bandwagon" thing...
    why isn't CHinese Demcracy No.1 on the list?...oh right Jonas Brothers lol at Chris Cornell...i mean he is one of my favourite singers ever. But that album was worse than a pile of monkey balls. "You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus." - Reznor
    Get off of Nickel'sback! (lame yes, but hey! you read it!) elitist guitar bastards Really though...compared to ALL of the other popular sh*t that passes for music nowadays Nickelback is pretty good. That really doesnt say much...lemme rephrase: MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT OPINION I listen to the blackest METAL the twangiest COUNTRY and yes, NICKELBACK and I love it. Its all opinion. If they made it this far in the business then that goes to show they're a far step ahead of everyone commenting anyway.
    Man, one of my best friends is a HUGE Metallica fan, and he won't even buy St. Anger! He hates it!
    joshro wrote: And come on, The Jonas Brothers? Their a Disney band, you're not supposed to like them unless your a pre-teen girl. Stop ripping on the Jonas Brothers, let the kids enjoy their simple poppy music, when they grow up then they can listen to better music.
    You don't seem to understand... Every generation had its bands that defined it. Our parents had The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Who, The Stones, and on...And what band are we going to be associated with?? Screw the damn Jonas Brothers and keep Disney OUT of music, is what I say.
    i love how they bash nickelback like its their job but staind is good. i mean yeah, old staind is definitely better but break the cycle is still good.
    Diamond Dave
    I thought One Way Ticket was decent, apart from that the rest of the list was spot on though
    Just add St. Anger and I love it. I'm glad it mentioned Chinese Democracy as well. I couldn't stand that album, and not because it wasn't GNR, it just sounded awful, Axl has really fallen appart.
    .Joker. wrote: Villearreal92 wrote: I wouldn't Put Chinese Democracy up there...but i agree with everything else...just one question ...Where's St. Anger? I assume it's not there because it's a metal album, not rock.
    you seemed to miss the fact that the jonas brothers are on the list you call them rock? also i think angry mob is a rather good album
    DanielN wrote: DavidsonTFP wrote: Scream was alright... Which Scream? Gay-german-pop-rock-wanna-be-band scream? or Midlife-crisis-grunge-used-to-a-star scream? Hated them both... particularly Cornell's Scream because i did had some high expectations of it
    Cornell's album, Scream. sure, it was different. he didn't "sell-out," either, he was just trying something else and wanted to see the reaction. there were people who enjoyed it nonetheless and his lyrics and song meanings are really what are important. any Cornell fan knows this.
    chinese democracy was average at best and when you consider how much money he wasted making it i can see why it's on the list
    Staind's "Break the Cycle" was a good album. Out of all the garbage made this decade, I can't believe you chose that.
    I agree with most of these, but I do have to disagree with Cosmos Rocks and Yours Truly, Angry Mob. The prior wasn't excellent, but didn't deserve to be placed here. The latter I truly liked, I don't understand it's placement here at all.
    .Joker. wrote: Villearreal92 wrote: I wouldn't Put Chinese Democracy up there...but i agree with everything else...just one question ...Where's St. Anger? I assume it's not there because it's a metal album, not rock.
    also because it is a good album
    uk.mace wrote: Is it just me, or does it feel like this article just jumps on all the band-hate-bandwagons? I mean, Jonas Bros., Tokio Hotel, Limp Bizkit, Nickelback etc. :/
    I have to agree. I did agree with many of the choices, but I think ragging on the Jonas Brothers has become totally old hat. Not that great an album, I agree, but calling it the worst of almost 10 years is a bit much
    lol, this just turned into a St. Anger thread. In general I agree with his article, but the guy who wrote it sounds like a tool. I'm not being like "Uhh, I don't like him because I really like x album", he just sounds like a dick.
    k this is dumb, im a huge metal head, and puddle of mudd is 1 of the coolest cds i own, tokio hotel is ok, and wat ive herd from chinease democracy is alright, but queen deserve 2 be up there, along with st anger
    Villearreal92 wrote: I wouldn't Put Chinese Democracy up there...but i agree with everything else...just one question ...Where's St. Anger?
    Agreed! Chinese Democracy was great!
    :O WHAT HOW? HOW COULD THE JONAS BROTHERS BE THE WORST? They are sooooo good. This list is rigged.
    This has to be one of the stupidest articles I've read on UG. EVER. The Jonas Brothers don't even have high voices, just whiny. If you want to complain about guys with high voices, why didn't you start with Robert Plant YEARS ago? And I'm not complaining about Mr. Plant, I'm just saying you should watch what you're complaining about.
    Alright, i got to ask! Has any of you who say "Nickelback suck" ever heard any of thier songs that AREN'T "radio friendly"?. "Follow You Home","Next Contestant", "Side of a bullet"? All of them are from all the right reasons and i bet none of you "haters" have heard any of them. Just because the "masses" as you call us enjoy and love Nickelback's music, doesn't mean they suck. All thier songs sound the same? Side of a bullet>Far Away. Listen and tell me they sound the same. What about Shakin Hands and Gotta Be Somebody? I suppose you think they are the same as well. Maybe people on UG should start thinking for themselves instead of jumping on the shall be hard for you i know.
    "side of a bullet" happens to be about dimebag. and for that nickelback is awesome xD
    .Joker. : Villearreal92 wrote: I wouldn't Put Chinese Democracy up there...but i agree with everything else...just one question ...Where's St. Anger? I assume it's not there because it's a metal album, not rock.
    i assume it's not there b/c it's a kick-ass album