There Would Be No Van Halen Tour Without Wolfgang

Mother of the Van Halen bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, says that the current band's tour would not be taking place if her son hadn't joined the group.

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According to, Valerie Bertinelli, the ex-wife of Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen and the mother of the band's bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, says that the current Van Halen tour would not be taking place if her son hadn't joined the group as the replacement for original VH bassist Michael Anthony.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the "Hot In Cleveland" actress told Drew Lane and Mike Clark of Detroit, Michigan's WRIF 101.1 FM radio station, "Wolfie can definitely back up everything with his playing. You can't deny that he is an excellent bass player and an excellent musician; his voice is amazing."

Bertinelli also spoke about the criticism leveled at Van Halen over the fact that the Anthony is no longer involved with the group. "I loved Mike, too. I thought he was a really nice guy, still do," she said. "But the only way this tour is happening is because Eddie gets to play with his son Wolfie. Otherwise, this tour wouldn't be going on, it really wouldn't... This brings joy to Ed, and that's what he wants to do now - just have fun playing. As great as Mike is, this wouldn't be happening if Mike was still in the band." She added, "For any of the fans that are truly angry that Mike's not in the band... at least they get to see a version of the band. You're getting to see Dave [Lee Roth] and Ed and Al [Van Halen] play together. I know I'm a little prejudiced but... my son kicks a-s! And Ed's playing better than ever, you've gotta give him that."

When asked about how her 21-year-old son is doing on the road, Bertinelli said, "He's having the time of his life. I try to tell him not to read the Internet, but he reads some of the horrible things that people say. No matter what, they're not going to be pleased. I try to tell him, 'You're not going to please everybody, it's impossible.' Especially people who are so passionate about this band. But he's having such a great time. I think those naysayer voices are fading quickly in the back."

Bertinelli and Van Halen's divorce was finalized in December 2007 after 26 years of marriage.

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    Tigershark2112 wrote: Why is his son a giant?
    Tigershark2112 wrote: Seriously, where'd those genes come from? Eddie and Valerie aren't NEARLY that big of people.
    Dude, Eddie stands beside him. He's maybe a bit shorter, if at all. As a point of reference, my mother's a midget and my dad is on 5'9". I'm 6'3 1/2"
    It's nothing against Wolfie. It's that Eddie throws an ego-free guy like Mike out of the band for being friendly with Sammy, then tries to erase his image from the album covers on their website? After all those years and history, that's the way he treats him? That is what the fans are angry about.
    Wolfie has proved himself worthy of being the bassist for van halen! absolutely sick at his instrument and is perfection on the high harmonies. i was at the philly show i couldn't believe how tight the harmonies were! Thought they must've been faking it but they weren't!
    I was at the first MSG show a couple weeks back, and I must say I was really impressed with the whole band, especially surprised at how well Wolf was at backup vocals and his top notch playing. Dave was on game too, Eddie and Alex go without saying--incredible.
    I think his size might be from having to carry the entire tour, well at least according to his mother.
    Seriously, where'd those genes come from? Eddie and Valerie aren't NEARLY that big of people.
    It must be sweet to rock arenas with your son. If this is what it takes to get Dave back in the band, I'm all in. I haven't bought a Halen album since 1984 and I just bought the new double red vinyl to play on my Magnavox Astro-Sonic, double sweet. That should tell you how I feel about Wolfie. Any negativity has just got to be laughed about. Some people forgot what beautiful, original rock music with smart lyrics sounds like, or they never knew to begin with, too much American Idol and gloom rock.
    Tigershark2112 wrote: Seriously, where'd those genes come from? Eddie and Valerie aren't NEARLY that big of people.
    Muscle and fat can be somewhat predetermined genetically, but the way someone treats their body ultimately determines the amount of fat and muscle their body contains, as long as everything is functioning properly. That's the only real difference in their body sizes. Wolfgang is thicker. He clearly has more fat and muscle on him, but his bones may be a little bit thicker, as well.
    I'm a fan, since 1978 and I'm not angry. Michael Anthony is in another band, touring their third record, right? Sammy says they're better than VH anyway, so why would he want to be in Halen? Maybe Eddie didn't want to steal Sammy's bass player and hurt his wittle feelings. Who cares? Dave's back and Halen is cool again, I love this Universe.
    It s fucckin van halen.. In my opinion.. They still ****in rock even without mike. Wolfie is filling in just fine.. He may not have the vox but he can play.
    Wolf kicks ass indeed. MA was/is a great musician but he just loves Sammy too damn much. I liked the new album but I wonder how much 'studio magic' was used on Dave's voice. Anyway, Wolf is a worthy replacement and I just hope that Eddie and Dave won't try to kill each other again, at least not before they've been to Europe.
    My brother and I are going to see them in less than 2 weeks and we agreed that we are going to chant "wolfgang, wolfgang, wolfgang" and try to get him to notice us.
    Valerie and Ed get divorced and the next day VH is back together. Sounds like Valerie is pissing on the band here by saying the band is a result of pure nepotism, smacks of bitterness. Ed got sober as soon as Valerie split too. Why didn't Ed want to be sober around you Valerie? Yoko Ono was present during Lennon's darkest days too. Glad she's gone now shut up Valerie you sound like Sammy Hagar..
    wow, that's not a crappy still they have for the video. The only one that looks ok is wolfgang. David Lee Roth looks like he's begging for change and eddie looks like he just got back from working as a construction worker.
    I think Valerie and Sammy Hagar both feel a little uncomfortable about how happy and healthy Eddie VH is. EVH is happier with DLR than he ever was with either of them. This is why Valerie feels the need to explain that all of Vh success is due to her contribution. NOT, DLR was the missing link not Wolfie, let's just get that straight. Valerie maybe try writing a book 'Very manipulative ramblings of an ex wife' and for once and all leave my VH alone.
    Don't hate on Wolfgang. He can play, he can sing, he looks great since he lost so much weight, and what guy our age wouldn't want to tour with Van Halen. You can't really blame EVH for firing Anthony. What dad wouldn't want to play music with his son. People need to be less selfish about who is in the band and understand that the guy who gave us so much great music is happy, and that is worth a lot to any real fan.