Thin Lizzy's 'Still Dangerous' To Be Featured On Rockline

artist: Thin Lizzy date: 02/19/2009 category: music news
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"Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977", the newly discovered Thin Lizzy live album featuring the band's quintessential lineup Phil Lynott, lead vocals/bass; Scott Gorham, guitar; Brian Robertson, guitar; Brian Downey, drums will be featured on the Wednesday, March 4 episode of the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" with host Bob Coburn. For more information, visit "Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977" is scheduled for release on March 3 via VH1 Classic Records. Thin Lizzy roared out of the 1969 Dublin, Ireland pub scene. Their sound was crystallized in the 1976 anthem "The Boys Are Back In Town". With Lynott's intricate wordplay and those two lead guitarists, a template for '70s hard rock was cast in stone. In 1978, they released "Live And Dangerous", thought to be one of the all-time great live rock albums. Seen as a companion volume, the new live album contains two songs not found on "Live And Dangerous" "Soldier Of Fortune" and "Opium Trail" alongside such Lynott-authored classics as "Dancing In The Moonlight", "Jailbreak" and "Don't Believe A Word". This long-lost concert CD pulled legendary producer Glyn Johns (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones) out of retirement to remix and remaster. Guitarist Gorham remembers the discovery of these tapes: "We pulled all these boxes down, and I didn't even realize how many we had! There were a hell of a lot. One of the engineers was cataloging each reel, and one box came up marked 'Philadelphia 2.' That kinda stuck because I remembered Philadelphia but didn't know what the '2' meant. Then it hit me. What had happened, on that particular leg of the King Biscuit tour, before we actually started the tour proper, we were asked to come out and do the radio show. We were uncomfortable because we wanted to do a few warm-up shows before we went [on the air live] so we struck a deal. We said we'll go in and do this show for you if you only simulcast four songs, and let us come back in a few weeks time and do the whole show. They agreed. This tape is that second show coming back through Philadelphia where we were ready to go out and conquer America. "We were gambling," continues Gorham. "Phil liked to do that. Listening to this record really takes me back to that time. Phil would say, 'Let's start with this and then do that.' He was very cool and loved to get out there and shake it up a bit and see the audience reaction. It got kind of scary at points, but it was a fun thing to do." Road-testing these songs prior to the release of the "Bad Reputation" album, Thin Lizzy sounds confident on "Still Dangerous", bursting at the seams with innovations and ideas that would harness its spectacular powers-powers that would ultimately be emulated by generations of bands since. "Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977" track listing: 01. Soldier Of Fortune 02. Jailbreak 03. Cowboy Song 04. The Boys Are Back In Town 05. Dancing In The Moonlight 06. Massacre 07. Opium Trail 08. Don't Believe A Word 09. Baby Makes Me Cry 10. Me And The Boys Thanks for the report to
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