This Is What It Sounds Like When 130 Musicians Play Linkin Park... In an Actual Park!

... in Russia!

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Those massive rock and metal performances seem to be becoming a hot trend these days.

Following the two separate massive endeavors by Italian organization Rockin' 1000, a massive group of musicians from Moscow, Russia has gathered in the Gorky Park to jam some Linkin Park.

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The gang goes by the name of RocknMob, and the tune they opted for is "What I've Done" off the band's third studio album, 2007's "Minutes to Midnight."

Apart from Linkin Park, the boys and girls also jammed Bon Jovi classic "It's My Life."

The folks noted: "We received more than 200 applications, but only around 130 musicians came down and played the songs. Tens of people were shooting photos and videos. Even two Russian TV channels visited the event, one of which organized live broadcasts as well."

You can check out the goods in the embedded players below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    That guy with that massive ass bass though O_O Hes been waiting for this
    it's not a "massive ass bass" it's a balalaika.
    Still a massive ass balalaika, usually they are closer to ukulele in size.
    It's a bass Balalaika. It's not uncommon to play them with a shoe sole instead of a pick (I'm not kidding!)
    hmm, maybe closer to the size of a mandolin (usually). but they come in various sizes anyway
    pretty shitty instrument. yeah, size of mandolin, but shaped in triangle (fuckin' triangle!), only three strings (two of them tuned the same) and short scale
    I had never seen nor heard of one of those, whoops, either way dudes having a blast and the camera should be on him all the time
    Cool. But everytime I see someone cupping the mic, I think about Spectresounds with one of Glenn's his famous quotes: STOP CUPPING THE MIC, DUMBASS!