This Is What You Can Expect When a Famous Musician Presents Your Music to His 695,000 Followers

Detailed numbers and earnings, everyone loves those.

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Des Moines musician known as Christopher the Conquered recently got some massive praises from Ryan Adams, who said via his social channels that Christopher's new album "I'm Giving Up on Rock N' Roll" is "the real deal," noting via Twitter: "This record is blowing my mind!"

Adams also added via Instagram: "This is a crazy and incredible record. Holy sh-t. Congrats Christopher the Conquered."

Once he got the "Ryan Adams bump," the musician jotted down the changes that occurred on his social channels, as well as the boost he got in music sales. He did the right thing by sharing his findings on Reddit a week later, and these are his results.

  • Website Page Views - 2489 views
  • YouTube Videos: 1653 new views
  • SoundCloud: Single from album - 572 Plays
  • Facebook: 82 new likes
  • Instagram: 40 new followers
  • Twitter: 31 new followers
  • Spotify: 28 new followers
  • Email Newsletter: 12 signups
  • Internet Sales (Not including iTunes, Spotify, etc. - that takes a while to get those numbers): $86
Christopher added: "I took a look at the analytics for what I could above (website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and for the rest I can basically speak anecdotally.
  • My website was averaging about 30 page views a day before the posts. The day of the post, I got 999 page views. It's been dropping exponentially since then, about to be back to it's 'normal' state. We'll see if the overall average ups a little.
  • YouTube videos saw a 701% growth over the previous week! Whoa.
  • The single off the album on SoundCloud had pretty much tapered off after its release in April around 900 plays, get a couple a day since the mid-June. It had 950 plays right when Ryan posted, that jumped up to 1572 within one week.
  • Facebook was a 179% growth in likes from the previous week. Not bad.
  • Instagram is hard to tell, definitely a jump in follows, though!
  • Twitter analytics, interestingly, say that my increase was in line with growth since the beginning of July... I did play a big festival then... I would've expected a noticeable bump here.
  • Spotify followers had definitely tapered off, so that was a noticeable boost! Now that I have over 250 followers though, I can verify my artist profile and get analytics on that...not sure if I'll be able to look back at this time period though.
  • I had zero email signups and zero internet sales the week before this, and honestly, my weekly averages had been close to zero for a while. So definitely a bump there. It'll be interesting to see how revenues from digital music outlets are affected."
You can check out the "What's the Name of the Town" single below, album pre-orders are available here.

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    bad bad boy
    1653 new youtube views in one week?? is that extremely low considering the amount of followers Ryan Adams has? or is that the point of the article? i'm kinda confused ..
    For a struggling musician,(or anyone really) a 701% growth in YouTube views is a massive jump. Props to this guy, its a pretty good single, even if he does sound like a male Joss Stone.
    That was one of the main points of his post. While he was grateful for the extra attention, he was kind of baffled at just how little it actually brought in. He made an extra $86. And to be fair, he also pondered the fact that the material Ryan Adams was touting isn't available yet.
    Successful musicians really should give a helping hand to new artists. A mention on twitter or Facebook takes no effort and does wonders. Great story.
    Good song, but sounds exactly like John Mayer's Waiting on the World to Change. Good on Ryan Adams!
    Well that song is just a reworked version of People Get Ready in the first place.
    As cynical as it sounds, this is kinda what I expected to be honest, something, but not all that much. That said, I think all of the news that's come out of this will definitely give him a big boost (Reddit especially will do a lot for him), I've not heard of this guy before, but I dig the song, it reminds me of 'The Ballad of El Goodo' by Big Star.
    friday.the.13th.jasonx · Aug 11, 2015 06:41 PM
    That's great for this guy, just proves how people are sheep though.