Thom Yorke on Radiohead Future: 'God, I Wish I Had a Plan'

"The only plan that we've had recently was to take a year off," says the singer.

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The future Radiohead plans seemed as vague as ever while frontman Thom Yorke recently discussed what the UK five-piece is up to these days.

During a chat with the Interview magazine, Yorke admitted that the group's activity isn't exactly reaching an all-time high right now, saying that his bandmates are "all doing bits and bobs" at the moment.

"God, I so wish I had a plan [laughs]," the singer kicked off. "The only plan that we've had recently was to take a year off, which was something that Ed [O'Brien] wanted to do. Ed wanted to go live somewhere else and switch off."

Yorke then focused on the rest of the Radiohead lineup, saying, "They're all doing bits and bobs. Jonny has his film stuff as usual, which he really enjoys. Phil [Selway] is doing a record. I just can't ever stop. Even if I stop, I'm very excited about the idea of someone saying to me, 'How about you go do something for a few weeks?' Even if it's only for a couple of days, it's like, 'Yeah, great,' because there's always this mountain of unfinished chords and ideas and words."

He concluded, saying, "It's always exciting because if everything else is going to sh-t, I've always got that."

The frontman also reached the subject of his current music influences, naming "world music and dance music and rhythmic stuff and stuff that's not just G-to-A-to-B-to-E minor" as what he prefers the most.

The previous Radiohead reports saw Yorke admitting frequently thinking about ending the band, which was somewhat of a contradiction to bassist Colin Greenwood's statements saying that Radiohead will start working on a new album during September.

The group's latest studio effort, "The King of Limbs," dropped back in February 2011. With 69,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    "'I so wish I had a plan [laughs],' the singer kicked off." [laughs]
    You know it was a Jimmy Carr parody, don't you? Jimmy laughs like this (it's from the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year).
    Unfinished chords... when you don't know whether to add a ninth, suspend the third, or diminish the fifth... but you sure as hell know you can't leave it as is...
    The part of this little excerpt that makes me happiest is that Phil Selway is making more music off on his own. I really enjoyed his solo album, he's got a great voice.
    Is it just me or does Thom sound and read as if he's permanently high on weed?