Three Arrested For Brazil Tragedy

Three people have been arrested following the tragedy where at least 233 young people died in a fire at a Brazilian club, sparked by pyro effects.

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Three people have been arrested following the tragic fire in Brazil which killed at least 233 people, many aged between 16-20.

Pyro effects from the stage appear to have sparked a fire in the venue which allegedly only had one working fire exit, where many died in a human crush or by smoke inhalation while desperately trying to find a way out.

Those who did find an exit may have been blocked by security who initially thought they were trying to skip on bar tabs.

Now one of the venue's co-owners and the chief of security has been arrested, along with a member of the band Gurizada Fandangueira whose pyro effects may have started the blaze.

The venue was hosting a student party, which helps explain why so many of the dead were aged under 20. Almost 1,000 people attended the gig, which was reportedly far over its legal capacity. Attempts to fight the blaze were thwarted by faulty fire extinguishers.

In a desperate bid to help people escape, firefighters used sledgehammers to smash a hole in the external walls of the venue.

The tragedy is the world's deadliest venue fire since 300 died in Luoyang, China, in 2000. A similar tragedy in 2003 saw 100 people die in Rhode Island when pyrotechnics at a Great White gig set the venue's soundproofing on fire.

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    Only one working fire exit, a venue filled way beyond its legal capacity, faulty fire extinguishers, pyrotechnics and highly flammable materials? A tragedy waiting to happen. Rest in peace.
    I know when I read that it just seemed like one bad setup after another. Very poor care for safety.
    For real. I had walked past that place dozens of times. Nearly everything in that city (and the entire state for that matter) is a tragedy waiting to happen. Barely any establishments obey any rules or regulations simply because they hate being told what to do. Here's hoping this wakes them up a bit.
    And to top it all off: "Those who did find an exit may have been blocked by security who initially thought they were trying to skip on bar tabs."
    ^ OMFG we must have been reading the same article! Coincidence i guess. R.I.P. They didn't know what was coming.
    Good. Sick and tired of seeing innocent people die because of low maintenance security features in these dinky little indoor venues that are trying to make money without putting safety as a major priority. Rest in peace to all the poor souls who lost their lives as a result of the foolishness of others.
    Unfortunately clubs/bars everywhere, including the US and Canada, are packed far beyond their legal fire capacity. I've seen this stuff time and time again. Inspectors are often paid off by the club/bar owner. If you've ever been to a bar/club and noticed that the capacity is obviously being exceeded but you know the club has been around a long time, it's likely they are paying someone off. Because of the partial liability a security company takes on by servicing these places I had to stop my company from taking bar contracts years ago. Sadly it looks like this type of practice is only going to continue.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've read somewhere that the house had been working illegally for months before all the mess. That includes the place only having one fire exit, etc etc. If only tougher fiscalization was put on stuff like this... Anyway, terrible, terrible tragedy. My condolences to the families.
    Perhaps I'm comparing apples to oranges, but why hasn't there been a mass media frenzy coming after clubs becoming safer? (if I even worded that well enough) For example, ~26 died at Sandy Hook, a tragedy. Now there's massive controversy on gun control. But 233 died there and I've seen no controversy on club safety/occupancy management. Maybe it's just because it was in Brazil but still, 233 people mang. Dude we can edit comments now. My condolences to the families.
    Because sadly, the american media do not care about these poor people that died in brazil.
    As a journalist, i can guarantee most journalists care about money, just as everyone else. We have, amongst other things, theater and psychology classes to give interpretation to the news, so you know, it's almost never personal, excluding some rare professionals. Which by the way, if they go too far and unveil big scandals, they and their family can even receive life threats.
    Shut up Eddie and Skullivan, you have no idea what you're talking about. This has been all over the media here, and after the Great White incident, there was most certainly a media frenzy over club safety in the U.S. At the time, I was living 20 minutes away from where that happened, my mother was an ER nurse who dealt with the terrible aftermath, and I worked full time as a local tech in another venue. There's no controversy here in the media over club safety after this incident in Brazil because we addressed our own issues with club safety here, in our own country, after the Great White tragedy. Now it's up to Brazil to address and re-evaluate their own laws and regulations because the club fire is their own domestic issue to deal with. If the U.S. was somehow trying to become involved in telling Brazil what they can or can't do in clubs I'm sure you're both the first two kinds of people who would be ranting and raving on here about how you hate America and we should stay away and mind our own business.
    There's heaps of things going on here because of that. The federal police is prosecuting the Santa Maria city hall and Fire-Police for having conceded the permition for the club to function. According to brazilian laws of safety, it couldn't have a license, for each establishment has to have at least two emergency exits, IN OPPOSITE sides, like one in the front and one in the back, and this one had only one in the front. Again, before anyone, it's the government of the city and the fire-police that should be prosecuted before anyone, for they have the responsability of, well, governing according to the law.
    But why did they arrest the band member? He was probably assured that they can use the stuff by the owners and sefety guy. Maybe because he isn't a licensed pyrotechnitian?
    They arrested him, first of all, because when big tragedies happen, people need someone to blame. And second, because he knew he couldn't use those type of fireworks, that emanated hot fire sparks, he should have used one that emanated "cold sparks" that aren't flamable, as the store owner who sold the product to him told him he should have used.
    Here's a decent question. In the past ten years, have more people been killed at concerts by indoor pyrotechnic fires? Or by outdoor stage collapses?
    Obviously I haven't looked at data myself, but just from a guess I'd say indoor fires seem more deadly. Usually any structure big enough to kill a lot of people upon collapse has a lot more safety regulations enforced during construction. You never really hear about something like a U2 stage falling on the crowd during a show. Most of the cases are during construction (like Radiohead), or with smaller structures (like that one that fell from winds).
    No idea, probably hard to track that. I don't think it would be huge but that kind of misses the entire point of these events: That they are usually preventable.
    i thought it was Dethklok... KIDDING. very tragic and this hasn't left my mind since yesterday, very sad. RIP and my thoughts go out to everyone affected.
    I am getting negative feedback on this but it is the truth. I understand many 20 yr olds don't live with parents, but how about 16 year old's? What are they doing in a night club?
    They are having fun. It's not their parents' fault that security in the club was like below 0.
    Because, it clearly states above that, they were hosting a "student party". You should try to read and fully comprehend things before you make stupid criticizing comments. Every arena, venue nightclub and bar in the world hosts an all ages gig from time to time. I'm assuming you can comprehend what "all ages" means. Doesn't 16-20 years old sound like high school to early college age to you. I don't know about Brazil, but in America being 16 means you're half way through high school, getting your license, earning a little bit of independence and freedom, and sometimes you drive your high school friends to see your favorite band every once and awhile, sometimes your parents give you permission and other times they don't but you go anyway. It's called being a teenager, and teenagers have been known to both listen to music and go see bands, especially teenagers with cars. Does that make any sense to you.
    Now you are just being general. Rio Grande do Sul is just as any other state, it has it's flaws, but it has it's positive sides either. Go be dumb somewhere else.
    Its sad that people died. we got to have rules to prevent this kind of thing but people got to have fun
    U all are probably just a bunch of Americans who either don't have kids or don't know how to raise them. There are so much laws and crap in your country, hell you can't even beat your kids! And you wonder why there are so much teen pregnancies, kids doing drugs and drinking heavily. Its because of parents like you who do not know how to grow kids. I don't really you, perhaps it is the way you all were grown. Learn some respect.
    Growing Kids - A Guide Step 1: Plant seeds Step 2: Add water Step 3: Beat
    Some kids only understand discipline through pain and a spanking. Sad but true. But u guys don't know about that, the minute you raise your hand on your kids, they call police.LOL
    Why are we talking about raising kids anyways on an article about adults being selfish and cutting corners?
    I'm American. I thankfully have a great job, education, and a great kid who does fantastic in school, loves life, shreds guitar, and is 16 and allowed to be a free living teenager as long as he behaves, which isn't all the time because he's a teenager and teenagers make mistakes. I couldn't imagine losing him in a tragedy like this and it's just sickening to think about it. Don't get me wrong, he's been disciplined plenty as a child, but as a good parents we did it without the back of our hands, or a belt, or ruler or whatever you choose to manhandle your children with, all in the name of discipline to make yourself feel better about being a child abuser. Now he's a great teenage kid, he was born American, and he's smarter, more mature, respectful, and most likely far more musically talented than you. I don't know where you're from, but insulting my nationality and parenting with statements like, "There are so much laws and crap in your country, hell you can't even beat your kids!", is so profoundly ignorant that it makes me even prouder to be an American. You're country apparently isn't very strong in the whole reading, comprehension or literacy thing and it sounds like, if you do have kids, that you're probably an extremely abusive parent as well on top of sounding like an immature, uneducated bigot. If i had to guess you probably don't think women should drive, or work, or show their ankles either, am I right? I think there's a lot of ridiculous things about America, but I was raised here, my son is raised here, and everyone in my family was raised to read and write at a certain level and to respect other people without giving a damn what country they happen to be from. If you don't know me, but hate me, just because I happened to be blessed and thankfully come out of a vagina here on U.S. soil then you're the one with the issues and problems that you should get over.