Three Days Grace Frontman Adam Gontier Quits The Band

Adam Gontier has left Three Days Grace and will be replaced by My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst for the upcoming tour.

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Frontman Adam Gontier has resigned from Three Days Grace just weeks prior to their upcoming co-headlining tour with Shinedown. The band has replaced Gontier with My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst for the trek.

A brief posting at the band's website reveals that Gontier has left the group effective immediately citing a "non life-treatening health issue" for his exit. The band's bassist, Brad Walst, stated in a press release:

"We were surprised and distressed by Adam's sudden departure. We are however very excited for this upcoming tour and to have my brother Matt stepping in as lead singer."

Three Days Grace, with Matt Walst on vocals, are still on schedule to kick off their co-headlining tour with Shinedown on February 1 in Moline, IL. At present, the tour runs through March 30 in Fargo, N.D. No further info was given as to the health issue that led to Gontier's exit.

The news comes as a major surprise, as Three Days Grace are one of Canada's most successful rock bands over the past decade, and recently scored a chart-topping single with "Chalk Outline" off their latest album "Transit Of Venus." They're currently heating up radio again with their new single "The High Road".

The move also puts My Darkest Days' future in a different perspective. The band revealed just last week that guitarist Sal Costa had left the group, but that they were beginning work on their next studio album. With Matt Walst jumping over to Three Days Grace in Gontier's absence, it is not known how that will affect My Darkest Days.

Three Days Grace have also posted an audio of Matt Walst performing "Chalk Outline" with the group to give an idea of what the singer switch will sound like. Listen to it below.

Matt Walst:

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    I kind of outgrew this band...Still, it sucks to see something that used to be quite prevalent in my musical life start to fall apart. Best of luck to Adam in his future endeavors.
    No friggin' way! Hope he gets better and here's hoping he'll return. Just hope it isn't drug-related again :/
    We'll surely miss Adam, hope they don't end up like Breaking Benjamin
    Actuallly, Adam and Ben are currently working on songs together. Breaking Benjamin will be back.
    DUDE WHAT?!?! THAT WOULD BE SICK!!!! Thats sh** what happened to BB, I think Ben does have the right to be mad, but it's kinda unfair he owns like everything for the band
    Why what happened to BB?
    Aaron Fink and Mark Klepski (think that's his name) posted a remix of "Blow Me Away" without Ben Burnley's consent. He heard it, got pissed, fired both of them from the band and sued them over "artistis license" or some dumb shit like that... it's quite sad really. I lost a lot of respect for Ben after that
    Have you heared the remix? It's horrible! I have heared that Aaron and Mark were given $100,000 to release the song, and I'd be pissed too if my band did something like that behind my back.
    I actually liked the remix myself. It wasn't as good as the original but still pretty catchy. The female vocal gave it an interesting lift in my opinion
    They were interesting indeed, but when Ben's vocals are lowered in volume it sounds really unnatural to me. In my opinion the chorus is also ruined, and the female vocals were a too overkill here and there resulting making them not fit well. I think it could have been way better if they let Velora and Ben work together with the song rather than doing what they did .
    The label went behind his back and asked for a remix BUT only asked Mark and Aaron and they went and did it without Ben's knowledge. Ben has every right to be upset. They will return though, their court case is likely settled as we speak since the last I heard Ben said he would be looking to get recording in 2013. Shame about TDG, I liked them.
    Sad to hear about Adam leaving, but more pissed off at the fact they got one of the most generic vocalists out there to replace him. Hopefully it's only for the tour, but 3DG's music isn't exactly the most exciting and the only reason I listen to them was because Adam's voice is unique and it separated them from the rest by a bit. Now that's gone and there's nothing unique about them anymore. Hard to keep going when the most talented and main songwriter of your band is gone.
    I listened. It now sounds like a boy band. Good thing I didn't buy the tickets yet.
    My friend already did. Huge bummer. It's just not Three Days Grace without Adam Gontier.
    The comments on that soundcloud, haha. They range from "This shit sucks!" to "Fire the new guy!". Hahaha!
    people hate change. so people will hate this. but the fact is Matt is a great singer, and fits in the band. If you turn it around: Matt left three days grace with health issues and Adam replaced him, all the fans would be hating just as they are now.
    Yes, I do agree. People like me hate change, and it would be the same if reversed. Matt is a great singer. It just sounds so weird with a different singer.
    rmack4341 Really? Make some valid points then throw Corey Taylor in there? Listen to Stone Sour's latest album and tell me he can't write.
    what does corey have to do with three days grace? corey slipknot and stone sour are all wayyy better than three days grace and adam gontier
    While I'm no fan of Three Days Grace, your statement is a matter of opinion and can't actually be backed up by anything factual.
    Meh. Cory can write I suppose but I don't think he meshes well with his band. I definitely think Stone Sour's music falls into the category of bland. Lyrically it's fine but sometimes way to wordy for what the rest of the band is doing. And his voice is kind of take it or leave it as well. I guess I would say in my opinion, his talents would be better served writing for another band and singer.
    How does it not mesh well? That's my question. He's the only singer/songwriter that could even do the Stone Sour stuff. How is it bland? Their latest release has some of the most intricate and well thought out arrangements I've seen in a long time. And the writing blows most of todays hard rock acts out of the water. Corey has some the best writing skill in metal and hard rock right now. It's not too wordy at all. When Corey Taylor wants to do a "wordy" piece as you call it, he does it as a totally separate track. Omega and the Frozen specifically. He does write for another band, Slipknot. Don't just arbitrarily throw his name in there simply because you don't like him. The man has real talent.
    I can't agree on the arrangements. They border on boring and monotonous. Judging from what I have read, Corey does have some of the best written material in hard rock now, but do you honestly think that is saying much for him? When one of his big competitors last year was this: "She wraps those hands around that pole, She licks those lips and off we go, She takes it off nice and slow, 'Cause that's PORNSTAR DANCIN'!" I don't think it would take another John Lennon to write better than this slop. But I can admit when I am wrong. I read more songs written by Taylor and I was surprised at the quality. But I can't agree on the instrumental end, to me it doesn't stand out.
    Why did you just post lyrics from My Darkest Days and not something Corey Taylor-related to back up your point?
    I don't really wish health issues on anyone, and hopefully anyone who has them recovers. I do really dislike this band though and would be okay with them going away because of this.
    Matt doesn't sound too bad during the verses, but I really don't like how he sounds during the chorus.
    I give the new singer 4/10. WTF i want to know more about adam.
    Matt isn't going to replace Adam forever at this point. He's actually a pretty good singer, I agree it doesn't really fit Three Days Grace but who knows maybe live he can pull it off.
    IF i didnt meet them backstage and find out they were douches id feel bad but i dont because theyre douches. Thinking theyre gods gift to rock music. please, their only good music came from adam on the drugs, once he got sober they became generic and boring.
    most bands are more interesting with the singer on drugs blink 182 was funny and awesome when tom delonge was on drugs same with green day
    Dafuq did I just read? This is awful! Transit to Venus was an excellent album, considering this was new material! I can't believe my eyes. First Ian Watkins is a child abuser, now this... fk...