Three Days Grace Unveil New Song ‘Painkiller’

The track features Matt Walst as the singer.

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Three Days Grace have just unveiled a new song! The fresh cut, 'Painkiller,' sounds like classic Three Days Grace, although the track is the band's first to feature new vocalist Matt WalstLoudwire reports.

Original Three Days Grace vocalist Adam Gontier left the band in late 2012, with the group announcing Walst as Gontier's replacement in early 2013. Gontier wrote a detailed "Address of Resignation" soon after news_backup of the singer switch had been made public. The singer alluded to drug addiction in the letter, but claimed to be sober.

Three Days Grace quickly followed up Gontier's statement with one of their own, claiming that the singer had abruptly quit and only made the band aware of this through his lawyer. Gontier would later criticize Three Days Grace's musical direction on the band's fourth full-length "Transit of Venus." "The music really wasn't coming from the heart," wrote Gontier. "I can say that on the record 'Transit of Venus,' there's maybe one or two songs that actually do come from my heart, but a lot of songs have been written just for radio and for fans, you know, to relate to."

Regardless of where Three Days Grace has been, the band is moving forward with Matt Walst:

"We are happy to announce that Matt will be a part of Three Days Grace. Matt has been on the road with us, and has been writing with us since 2003. Bringing Matt into the 3DG family is a no-brainer ... he's always been in it."

Check out Three Days Grace's brand new song "Painkiller" below! It is available to buy since April 1 via iTunes.

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    The only thing that was even remotely unique about this band was the singer. Now they don't even have that.
    Gontier WAS Three Days Grace. With him gone, this band isn't even remotely interesting.
    I like this way more than the direction they we going with the old singer. it's got more of the edge they had when they first came out
    I don't get the hate to be honest, it sounds like the old 3DG songs. The music is the same, obviously the singer's voice isn't exactly the same (though there are similarities). But honestly, those who don't like Matt's voice, just go. Adam isn't going to come back to the band any time soon. Matt's done a good job considering how he got signed up to the band qutie quickly after Adam's departure. This may not be 3DG normal stuff, but to me, it sounds quite similar and it's good (personal preferences). Don't get me wrong though, Adam is a great singer, but he's doing other stuff now.
    Three Days Grace are the most boring, cookie-cutter band in all of rock. The new single does nothing to change my mind about that.
    It's just radio rock, man. Sadly, there aren't a lot of Rock stations anymore that actually play anything good.
    It literally sounds like My Darkest Days...which Matt already sings in. I don't mind the song but it's not the same without Adam.
    To be honest, I really don't mind the song. Adam to me was always 3DG. Yeah, it sucks he left, yeah, it sucks the way it happened, but this song still sounds like a 3DG song...its not bad by any stretch...I can like this for what it is. Post Adam. So, who knows...they might be able to write some good stuff.
    I hope the best for them and wish them all the success with the new singer but for me this doesn't do it. This isn't Three Days Grace I loved.
    The instruments sound like the original TDG, the new singer ruins the sound.....
    I was listening to "One-X" the other day, and this doesn't hold a candle. Gontier's vocal style made them unique, now it is recycled garbage.
    I was hoping hearing new music from these guys would give me a blast back to middle school days, but it just sounds like average modern rock. I'm not even talking about the vocals, the music itself sounds totally different.
    Man I loved TDG! When Adam left I was pretty pissed, but I had hoped they would end TDG on that note. But no, they continued under the same name, which is pretty dumb in my opinion. Adam had such a unique voice, and that's what drew me to them in the first place. I met the drummer at one of their last shows with Adam, and they were great. To me, this song just sounds too generic, nothing "Like the old stuff" like they say in the behind the scenes videos. 3/5 at best. Nothing special...
    To me, this sounds just like the 3DG I got bored with years ago. Have these guys made any progress? I mean, at all? It's not that bad, but it's just still the same old dropped powerchord riffs... I just can't comprehend being an artist and making exactly the same music over and over. But hey, I wish them the best of luck.
    Not a bad song, but sounds really generic because of the vocals, doesnt have the differentiation that three days grace used to have. disappointed.
    I thought it was the singer from Entwine lol Sounds like him at first
    sounds like the new guy is trying to sound like the the original singer. bad move, and besides just csall it quits, 3 days had a couple decent hits but there not a solid band. barely solos and too much electronic boul shit
    I only hated how they revamped the LIVE music played because Matt don't play Rhythm Guitar especially for Home.