Three Headliners for Next Year's Glastonbury Already Booked, Says Michael Eavis

artist: Glastonbury date: 07/01/2014 category: general music news

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Three Headliners for Next Year's Glastonbury Already Booked, Says Michael Eavis
Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis says three headliners have already been booked for next year's festival – and they don't include the long-rumoured Prince.

As NME notes, Eavis was speaking at the annual press conference, which is held on the festival site at 11am on Sunday morning. He reported that one band was booked while Metallica were playing their headline set on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night.

Eavis said: "We've got three headliners already – and that's without Prince. We've got some good headliners. We had an agent [for a band] yesterday on the platform by the stage watching Metallica with me, saying, 'My band want to do it next year'. I can't tell you who it was but that was done on the platform watching Metallica. It it a British artist? He's definitely British, but the band are not British any more."

On the subject of Prince, who was strongly rumoured to be appearing at this year's festival, Eavis said that the conversations with the performer were still open.

Eavis said: "We're always having a go at Prince, but it's up to him whether he wants to do it or not. Most of the people in the world want him to play here. I did ask him to hop on the train and come down so I can show him around the farm sometime. It hasn't been taken up yet."

Eavis also revealed that he'll be presenting Dolly Parton with an award for album sales backstage at 2pm. "I'm presenting her with a record company award for the most number of records sold by a country singer. It's a lovely gold-coloured disc – I'm not sure if it's solid gold or not – because she's sold more than anyone else, apparently. I'll say a few words to her about her wonderful life and everything. I'm really looking forward to hearing some of those songs live for the first time in my life."
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