Tiamat, Pain Photos Available

artist: Tiamat date: 07/13/2007 category: music news
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Russia's Darkside e-zine has uploaded high-resolution photos and video footage (with backstage material) of Tiamat and Pain from the Pushkin Drive Open Air 2007 festival, which took place July 7, 2007 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Check it out at this location. Pain setlist: 01. Same Old Song 02. Zombie Slam 03. End Of The Line 04. It's Only Them 05. Nailed To The Ground 06. Dancing With The Dead 07. Eleanor Rigby 08. Walking On Glass 09. Supersonic Bitch 10. Just Hate Me 11. On & On 12. Bitch 13. Shut Your Mouth Tiamat setlist: 01. Vote For Love 02. Children Of The Underworld 03. Cain 04. Brighter Than The sun 05. To Have And Have Not 06. Whatever That Hurts 07. I Am In Love With Myself 08. In A Dream 09. Wings Of Heaven 10. Cold Seed 11. Clovenhoof 12. As Long As You Are Mine 13. The Sleeping Beauty (with Pain) 14. Gaia (with Pain) Thanks for the info to Blabbermouth.net.
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