Tiamat Signs With Nuclear Blast Records

Sweden's Tiamat has inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

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Sweden's Tiamat has inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band's last studio album, "Prey", was released in 2003 through Century Media.

Tiamat's "The Church of Tiamat" DVD entered the Swedish Music DVD chart at position No. 5 in May 2006. An e-card for the DVD is available at this location. The e-card contains several features, such as a streamable sample video of the DVD, photos as well as detailed information on Tiamat itself and the band's first official DVD release. The video teaser gives you the opportunity to check out the following songs: "Vote For Love", "Children Of The Underworld" and "Gaia".

Lucyfire, the side project of Tiamat mastermind Johan Edlund, earlier in the year completed work on a new demo with producer and Tiamat drummer Lars Skld. According to Edlund,"we have plenty of songs," but the CD that wassent out to prospective labels contained the following four cuts:

01. Thunder & Lightning 02. All the Children Sing 03. Codeine 04. Black Gold

A demo version of "All the Children Sing" has been posted online at www.myspace.com/crucifyher.

Lucyfire's debut CD, "This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse", was released in 2001. Edlund previously stated about the album, "I felt like recording an album that's more representative of the fun side of rock music. No deep messages, no special meaning, no sharp-witted analyses, only straightforward rock songs that entertain and serve all the usual rock clichs."

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