Tickle Me Pink Bass Player Found Dead

artist: Tickle Me Pink date: 07/02/2008 category: music news
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Johnny Schou, bass player for Colorado band Tickle Me Pink, was found dead on Monday at his home. The 22-year old bass player was due for an in-store appearance on that day for the release of the band's debut album this week. The four-piece band formed in the Denver suburb of Fort Collins in 2005. The band's bio says of Schou, "Guitarist and bassist Johnny Schou has an ear for songwriting that far exceeds his age. The co-writer of Tickle Me Pink cut his teeth as an assistant engineer at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins where he worked with the legendary Bill Stevenson (The Descendents, Black Flag, Lemonheads)."I began working under Bill when I was 17. He was the first "father figure" in my life, and I quickly picked up on his ideas and approach to not only music and producing but also life. Bill is the most humble and modest person I know; the hours spent with him are really what make me the person I am today. I have a no bullshit approach to life," says Schou". Tickle Me Pink are signed to Wind-up Records. A cause of death is yet to be determined. Thanks for the info to Undercover.com.
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