Tim Alexander Has Successful Open Heart Surgery

artist: Primus date: 07/22/2014 category: general music news

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Tim Alexander Has Successful Open Heart Surgery
After suffering a heart attack last week, Tim Alexander, the drummer for Primus and Puscifer, has successfully undergone open heart surgery.

"Tim Alexander Is Out of Surgery," Primus wrote on their Facebook page this afternoon (July 21) (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "The Mighty Tim 'Herb' Alexander has pulled through surgery, the blockage from his heart has been removed with no complications and all signs point to a glorious and speedy recovery."

Alexander is currently in his third stint with Primus, returning to them last year after the departure of Jay Lane. He was also in the band from 1988-96 - during which time they had two Top 10 albums, "Pork Soda" and "Tales From the Punchbowl" - and from 2003-09.

In 2010, Alexander joined up with Puscifer, a side project of Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, with whom he has recorded two full-length albums and an EP. The two had previously worked together in A Perfect Circle, scoring a hit in 2001 with 'The Hollow.'
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