Tim Lambesis Actually Paid $160,000 to Make Bail

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 06/05/2013 category: music news
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Tim Lambesis Actually Paid $160,000 to Make Bail
After spending 24 days in custody following the arrest on charges of soliciting the murder of his wife, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was officially released on $2 million bail last Thursday (May 30). However, new details confirm that the singer paid only eight percent of the entire sum. As San Diego Reader reports, Lambesis paid $160,000 as a "premium" to All-Pro Bail Bonds on May 30, just to be released from Vista jail the same day. He was also ordered to hand over his passport, wear a GPS tracking device and stay clear from his estranged wife Meggan and their three adopted children from Ethiopia. The vocalist was arrested on May 7 in Oceanside on charges of trying to "solicit another to commit and join in the commission of the murder of Meggan Lambesis." Once Lambesis pleaded not guilty, his first attorney claimed his client was a victim of a set up made by a police informant, or a "snitch." The frontman then switched lawyers and is not attributing his actions to intensive steroid use, blaming his behavior change on the so-called "roid rage." The prosecutor Claudia Grasso stated that Lambesis "is a huge flight risk" after previously revealing that the singer allegedly gave the undercover police officer $1,000 to carry out the murder, as well as the gate key to the house and additional details on how he wants the crime to be carried out. The singer was allegedly also willing to pay the full sum of $20,000. The next scheduled court date for Lambesis is June 26. If convicted, the 32-year-old frontman will be facing up to nine years in prison.
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