Tim Lambesis' Arrest Witness: 'It Seemed Like They Were Planning It For a Long Time'

Barnes & Noble employee recalls witnessing the arrest of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis.

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New details regarding the May 7 arrest of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis have surfaced online, as the Oceanside Barnes & Noble employee who wanted to remain anonymous recalled witnessing the entire event.

"It was about 2 p.m. My buddy was outside the store doing face-painting and the cops told him that he needed to stop immediately and go inside," the witness told San Diego Reader. "Tim [Lambesis] was there with a friend just browsing. I saw one special task-force cop, two regular officers, and two undercover officers.

"They just pushed everyone aside and handcuffed him. It all happened so fast. It seemed like they were planning it out for a long time."

The initial report from the sheriff's office stated that the arrest was carried out "without incident," and the witness story now seems to be confirming it.

As previously reported, Lambesis was arrested on charges of soliciting the murder of his estranged wife Meggan by hiring an undercover police officer. After the singer pleaded not guilty in the court, his attorney claimed that he was set up by a police informant. Lambesis then hired a new lawyer, who is now attributing his actions to steroid use, or the so-called "roid rage."

Prosecutor Claudia Grasso told the court that the fronman allegedly gave a man referred to as "Red" an envelope containing $1,000, along with the gate code to his house and additional instructions regarding the murder. Grasso also noted that the singer allegedly had absolutely no problem with paying the hitman a total of $20,000.

If convicted, 32-year-old vocalist will be facing up to nine years in prison. The next court appearance is scheduled for next Wednesday (May 29).

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    "Seemed like they were planning it a long time" OR more likely, they are highly trained and used routine procedure for this operation...
    Right. Usually, when the police decide to arrest someone who's not actively committing a crime, there's some prep work goes into it....
    I was really trying to hold out that this was a set-up but that's looking less likely with every update. I used to see them play tiny halls and bars on Long Island back in the Frail Words Collapse days and Tim was always a gracious and soft spoken dude. Never in a million years would I think the dude would pull this. If he's innocent I hope that this is cleared quickly. If he's guilty then Tim ****ed up and his career is done.
    This is looking worse and worse for Tim... I'm just going to throw this out here: If he actually did plan to hire someone to kill his wife, it's absolutely terrible and appalling, and I can in no way condone his actions. But I can only see it like this: If he's guilty after all, I believe that he can change back to the way he was before he started using steroids and his alleged obsession with bodybuilding, which is obviously what caused his recent change in behaviour that led up to this tragedy. As we all know, steroids can do some nasty shit to you. It's not an excuse, but an explanation at the very least, and facing the possibility of his (adopted) children, who I believe he loves despite him forsaking the time with them, being taken out of his custody it's highly conceivable that he was driven to this under the influence of steroids. But until hard evidence is presented that confirms his guilt, I'm going to view him as innocent. Prejudice and the blaming of the other side between his supporters and condemners is not going to help anyone. I'm just going to hope that if he's convicted, he'll realize his errors and work his way back to being the sympathetic, admirable guy he was and that I believe he still can be.
    I wonder why Tim made the decision to go with the Steroid defence over the conspiracy defence... at least the latter decision would comply with his 'not guilty' stance, and even if he did solicitate the hit it would have given him a slim chance, which is better than none.