Tim Lambesis Gets Break From House Arrest for 'Therapy'

The As I Lay Dying frontman who allegedly ordered an undercover cop to kill his wife has been given leave from his house arrest to attend "holistic therapy."

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Tim Lambesis has been allowed out of his home to attend therapy, while awaiting trial for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife.

Superior Court Judge Kimberlee Lagotta has signed an order saying that Lambesis, singer with As I Lay Dying, is allowed to attend physical therapy sessions to help him recover from a neck injury. He's seeing a self-proclaimed "Holistic Health Practitioner" and orthopaedic group for an unspecified length of time, according to the San Diego Reader.

Lambesis was arrested in May after offering $20,000 to an undercover cop to kill his estranged wife during their divorce. They had been married for nine years and have three adopted children.

While the evidence against Lambesis appears strong, the singer insists that there's more to reveal which will explain his actions. "Some day I will be able to tell the story of all that has happened in detail to get the facts straight and representing the many sides to this fairly complex story," he wrote on his blog.

Lambesis' next court date is on September 16 when the prosecutor will present evidence for the judge to order the case to a full trial.

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    The therapist is a hitman. Lambesis is looking to finish the job.
    Why does this matter? Seriously...I respect his music, and I used to respect him as a person, but the only thing that should be posted as news is either an album release date or the final verdict. This isn't news.
    Maybe because it's really actual topic for the last few months? Maybe because musicians do many different important and interesting stuff apart from making music? And maybe news are not just album release date?
    "musicians do many different important and interesting stuff apart from making music" Sorry but I don't find news that someone I know is doing physical therapy interesting.
    It's your problem only, I bet.
    Actually... hes not the only one. This 'story' contain s only one new fact, and the rest is old news
    It reflects the inability for news writers to write something worth hearing. They take one new fact and then just regurgitate everything else that has been said before at the end to look like they wrote an article. Shoddy journalism at best.
    Nope. Not only his problem. I don't see how anybody could find this interesting.
    The stories used to be funny, because he came off as an idiot, but now they're just sad. I miss Dave Mustain making an ass of himself.
    I could write a better article, seriously... LET ME WRITE SOME ARTICLES... I am actually intelligent and know how to write
    Why are they letting Tim out in the public? His ex-wife and her children must be scared shitless. I'm all for innocent until proven guilty, but is it okay to take the chance he's innocent and keep his wife possibly in danger?
    I see your point but seriously, how likely is it that he'd do this when he's trying to avoid time or a higher charge?
    You are using logic when it would seem that thorough, sane contemplation by Lambesis was never on the table.
    they probablh only let him go to the therapy, I doubt he is given full freedom.
    It very much seems - on the face of it - that this guy just happens to be a hypocritical murdering scumbag. I genuinely worry about what will happen when he goes down for this crime. I am sure there will be an obsessive crowd of people who will insist on his innocence even if cold hard evidence is laid out in front of them. The irony in this is not lost on me.
    But you're already painting him as guilty when to be perfectly honest no one really knows anything about the case. And how can he be a murdering scumbag - he hasn't been charged with murder?! Don't get me wrong, the evidence against him appears pretty damning, and I have no love of the band so don't have a motive to defend him, but you really have to wait and see these things unfold in court before armchair judging the whole thing.
    actually, do some research, there's quite a bit of evidence out there, you know, like the undercover cop he tried to hire saying, hey, he tried to hire me to kill his wife....let me guess, you also think aaron hernandez is innocent too?
    I only believe that he is innocent until proven guilty as it is a logical approach to law. If it was the other way round the law could be abused in a medieval witch-hunt way. I also have no idea who that hernandez dude is but after a quick google I see its an NFL player - as im not American I am unfamiliar with that particular case I'm afraid but my feelings would be the exact same - innocent until proven guilty, no matter how damning the evidence.
    People constantly misuse "innocent until proven guilty." It refers to legal status- meaning unless the prosecution proves (in a court of law) guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the person goes free. It in no way means that people can't be of the opinion that someone is guilty until they are found guilty in court. Sometimes you can get a good idea of someone's guilt (like when they pay an undercover cop to kill their wife) before they are actually convicted; "innocent until proven guilty" just means he's not a convicted felon until it is proven in court. Sorry for the long-winded explanation, people just love to abuse that phrase.
    Fair enough, good response cant argue with that. Just to be clear though Im not saying I think he is innocent, having looked at everything the public has been made aware of its obvious to me that he isn't, I just think that to take an aggressive stance and point the guilty finger at him is self detrimental to a system that mostly works.
    I just want to say for the record: I've been supporting Tim in all his personal endeavors as a person before this event. Working as press for the launch of Modern Rebellion back in 2010, to the release of his memoir & side projects. I'm not just some random hater. I have been genuinely involved in this guy's life and all this fluff news to capitalize on the trial makes me feel sick, because I don't know the facts nor do even his close friends.
    He certainly hasn't done himself any favours subsequent to these events. If anything he seems to be further incriminating himself. I just hope that the victim's family can find some closure and solace and that the guilty party sees proper justice.
    There is no victim here. Nobody was hurt, nobody was killed. Tim is accused of attempting to hire someone to kill his wife. That is the charge, and nobody even knows the exact circumstances yet. He may not be guilty.
    Guilty until proven innocent.
    So is this guy sterile? Does he harbor anger from not being able to impregnate his wife? Did the steroids play a factor or were the steroids a consequence of his inability to plant his seed?
    He's been proven guilty that he had hired at hit man, that's attempted murder. If it's okay to play politics just to become innocent because he has cash and is a loved musician then we have a messed up system. Let's just think about this, if your family member was going to be killed by a hit man, how would you feel. It seems easy to sit here behind a computer screen and say clique bullshit, but have some empathy!
    hah, as someone who hasn't been following this that closely, i assumed the therapy was going to be psychological in nature.