Tim Lambesis Gets the Next Court Date, New Courtroom Photos Surface Online

As I Lay Dying frontman to appear in court this fall for his next murder solicitation trial date.

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As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis' murder solicitation trial has officially continued, as the singer appeared in court yesterday (June 26) for a new hearing.

The court has now set September 16 as the next trial date, while several photos from the latest hearing surfaced online, San Diego Reader reports.

The frontman was arrested on May 7 in Oceanside for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer to carry out the murder of his estranged wife Meggan. As the same source indicates, the divorce process between the two may be finalized by the singer's next court date, seeing that the wife had filed for marriage dissolution back in September 2012.

Prosecutor Claudia Grasso claimed that Lambesis gave a man referred to as "Red" an envelope containing $1,000, along with the specific details on how to carry out the hit. The frontman was allegedly also willing to pay Red the full sum of $20,000.

Lambesis' first lawyer based the initial defense around the fact that his client was allegedly set up by a police informant, while the singer's new attorney is now claiming that Lambesis' behavior has changed due to the so-called "roid rage," making him act in such a manner.

The prosecutor also stressed that the frontman "is a huge flight risk," while his wife also noticed her husband's drastic behavior changes, saying that "he has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children."

Lambesis was previously released on $2 million bail. If convicted, he is facing up to nine years in prison.

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    " Lambesis' behavior has changed due to the so-called "roid rage " damn, I totaly agree, hemmoroids are such a pain
    Sewage Rat
    pain in the ass even
    I know it's the internet but do we have to obviously be captain obvious each and every time??? pun was intended, anyway ...
    Roid Rage sounds like the name of a bad video game.
    lifting weights, and taking steroids?! Sounds like someone has been listening to too much AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE!!!
    Which is ironic if he would look into what steroids did to Arnold why would he use them ?
    I used to respect this man, so this news was of some importance to me when it occurred...but months later I honestly don't give a shit unless it's the conclusion. We know he's guilty now, so there's no point in these constant updates unless there's some development.
    He needs to cut his hair wear some nerd glasses and a soft looking sweater. How you look can influence the jury's decisions. Yes its a real thing that's how stupid the American court system is.
    'Lambesis was previously released on $2 million bail.' 'More As I Lay Dying news: + Tim Lambesis Actually Paid $160,000 to Make Bail' Gotta love UG. Anyway, I don't have any insight whatsoever on his case since I stopped following it, so I'll just abstain from commenting. May the right thing be done, in the end.
    Bondsman dude. I had it pointed out to me in this case too. ;p
    Got that, I looked it up and apparently, you can pay a little percentage of the bail at first, just to be released, if you go through a bondsman. Thanks for the heads up!
    If he had paid it all himself it would be totally refunded when he showed up to court. Going through a bondsman means he loses that shit forever xD
    I saw a couple "As I Lay Dying" albums in a christian book store today and had a quiet chuckle.
    They did claim to be Christians... that's why I was really shocked when I first heard this news. I guess the store owners don't keep up with the news.
    Only 9 year for trying to get someone murdered? Seems light.
    No kidding! Kill your wife, spend your life in prison. Pay someone else to do it, 9 years max?!?!
    The difference is that a murder never happened. You cant charge someone for murder with no murder having taken place, only attempted murder which carries a significantly lower term.
    Here's the bit I don't understand though. Of course if there was no actual murder you couldn't be convicted of just "murder" since you didn't actually kill someone, but why should whether your plan was successful or not determine how harshly you are punished? If I planned to kill someone and failed why should that be treated less harshly than if I succeeded?
    As a huge AILD fan I'm really saddened by this. I stopped excessively following the case since I personally think that he did do this, but we'll all end up seeing in the end. I'm more concerned with the other band members, imagine the shock and overall heartbreak this probably has on them. I hope that they either get a new vocalist or start a new band with all of them. If this is the definite end of AILD and anything AILD-related, then I'll be very sad.
    The thing that gets me, is that this dipshit is supposed to be some hardcore bible humping Christian, being in As I Lay Dying and all. And this dude is plotting to kill his wife, in the middle of a divorce and already with another woman, does too much steroids and lifting to be around his kids, and is using his side effects of steroids to JUSTIFY his actions of trying to get his wife killed. God would be proud.
    As I Lay Dying are not bible humpers. They're basically a bunch of christians that happen to be in a metal band, or used to be. None of their lyrics mention anything about God or Jesus specifically.
    Even if they would be Christians, can't someone make mistakes without being judged a lot more than the rest ? I mean if he was preachy I would understand.
    There's no excuses for hiring a hitman, but damn, some of the things out there about his estranged wife--not typical marriage stuff, anyway, and pile that on to the Memorial Day shouting match with Tim's father. I'd sure like to know what she might have put him through as well. It doesn't justify what he allegedly did, but it could definitely shed some light on the situation. On a more musical note, what's really unfortunate here is how skilled Tim is vocally and lyrically. If he's locked up, and his band moves on, I just don't think As I Lay Dying can be the same unless they find a vocalist who's just as unique, has just as much stage presence. I've seen many bands live, but Tim Lambesis has this aura around him on stage that is just mesmerizing. On the musical side, what's unfortunate is that he's so damn good. I hope this situation pans out so that he figures out his issues, and is also able to continue making music. Another quick note: As I Lay Dying with curse words (with a new vocalist, obviously) would just be the kicker. They've never sworn in their recorded lyrics or, as far as I know, during their live show. I hope it stays that way.
    This whole situation just makes me sad. I really hope Tim wasn't in his right mind, but from what's been shared, it sounds pretty hopeless for him. Rough day.
    Who cares if he was in his right mind?? Lock his ass up! If you kill someone while drunk driving they send you away for 25 to life, and obviously you weren't in the "right mind" then...