Tim Lambesis Is Seeking Shorter Prison Sentence

As I Lay Dying frontman returns to court on July 18.

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Tim Lambesis is seeking the shorter sentence, according to the latest reports (via Loudwire).

Back in May, As I Lay Dying vocalist was sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his estranged wife, Meggan. However, according to Radio.com, Lambesis is returning to court on July 18 in an attempt to potentially shorten his time in prison.

It was May 7, 2013 that Lambesis was first taken into custody. The singer had propositioned an undercover cop to kill his wife, leading to one of the most shocking new stories in rock and metal history. The AILD vocalist was placed on house arrest before pleading guilty and subsequently given a six-year prison sentence. It could have been worse for Lambesis, as he could have received up to a nine-year sentence for his actions.

In the latest development, Tim Lambesis is trying to get his time spent on house arrest credited towards his current sentence. This would knock many months off Lambesis' six years, allowing for an earlier release.

After Tim Lambesis was sentenced for his crime, the musician was allowed to apologize to Meggan in person for the first time. "I do feel deep remorse," said Lambesis. "I want to thank you. For her prayers, which proves you still have the heart that you do." Tim was unable to apologize to Meggan earlier on due to a restraining order.

Stay tuned for July 18 hearing.

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    Dude, you tried to kill your wife. Serve your time.
    Who hasn't thought of murdering their wife? He conspired. He didn't even wanna do it, he hired someone. I do think he should be in prison for 6 years though, for personal reasons.
    Al Capone didn't kill people either. Usually, his goons would do the job for him. Guess he's a patron saint now.
    NEWS FLASH! Criminal doesn't want to be in prison for as long as he is sentenced for. In other news, grass is green and the sun burns your eyes when you look at it.
    He only got 6 years? Shorten it? Dsmn it, extend his term.
    Seriously. First degree attempted murder (premeditated unsuccessful murder attempt) can get you a life sentence, I really don't understand how he only got 6 years or why the max is 9
    Velcro Man
    Because the justice system in this country is a ****ing joke, you get longer prison sentences for one of the safest drugs there is, but attempt to kill your wife and you get nothing. Must be nice to be rich, I suppose. It's kinda like that preacher getting a maximum of 2 years in prison for SEVERELY torturing a young boy in one of the most sickening ways possible. His co-conspirators aren't even getting jail time. If you ever wanna break the law, make sure to hide behind a bible or a **** load of cash. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me...
    Exactly, its not a handicap when you fail to kill somebody just becouse you are dumb on top of else...
    he's sorry he got caught, he means. if it wasn't an undercover cop, she'd be dead. simple as that.
    He did a lengthy interview about it with Altpress. Whilst I don't think he's completely innocent, some of the details surrounding it sound a little suspicious. Obviously everything is his account so it's not entirely credible, but it does make you wonder. Check it out, it mightn't be as clear cut as you think.
    Velcro Man
    Hearsay does NOT make me wonder. A prisoner's testimony after being convicted is about as believable as the 9/11 conspiracy theories.
    love the downvotes lol, ppl are retarded...you can try to spin it any which way you want...but the fact of the matter is...ok...: had he hired a real hitman, she.. would.. be.. dead... BANG! ... dead. tards.
    Look up entrapment. He might not have tried to hire a hitman in the first place had he not been lured into it. I'm not saying what he did is okay, but it's also not okay to lead people who are clearly unstable into committing crimes. Velcro Man likes to dismiss his claims completely, but the fact that his lawyers attempted to use this defense in court suggests there may be an ounce of truth to them. We don't know the whole story and probably never will so it's hard to pass judgement.
    Why's he thanking her for her prayers when as an atheist, he doesn't believe in all that spiritual stuff?
    It's still a nice gesture from someone who DOES believe in that sort of stuff. Even though it doesn't do anything, the gesture is still a good one. It's like saying "good luck" to someone before an exam knowing that it won't actually help matters.
    It's the thought that counts. I'm atheist, and my family are very devout Catholics. When they tell me they're gonna pray for me during a difficult time, I don't get up in arms about it. I appreciate the fact that they're at least keeping me in their thoughts.
    Pretty much what Enslave said. I grew up around a lot of Christians, and not being one myself, I think I can maybe understand where you're coming from, as I used to find some of the things religious people would saidto me intending to be supporting as insulting, or worse. That said, when I think about it now, I know a lot of those people, and given that I really believe they only wished the best for me, it's hard not to be thankful that they went out of their way to say anything at all to me.
    Velcro Man
    Because he's full of shit, he's not a "true" (trve) atheist, for lack of a better term. He's one of those Christians that's angry at God, not someone that looked at the logical facts and decided the concept was just silly. I'm sure soon enough he'll be "born again" and all that shit.
    Once you have been tricked into believing an illusion like christianity it doesn't go away just like that. He also thought murder can be justified, to think that you need to be either very stupid or very religious. I'm pretty sure Tim is one of those two.
    Unfortunately most religious people are 'born into it'. Their parents, for want of a better word, brainwash them. Or send them to a faith school.
    indoctrinate is a word you could use FYI... but brainwash works fine too.
    You have to be crazy to think Tim won't get credit for serving House Arrest. That's why he paid the bail money to live at home to serve off time from his jail time. He would of been in jail earlier if he didn't agree to those deals. I bet Tim will be out of jail in 3 years. It's the difference between Federal and State court. He's dealing with state so he'll get his time reduced.
    But, he didn't kill his wife, sooo ya, good for him. It's not like he's going to kill her when he gets out - he just wanted out of that marriage because she was probably a crazy bitch.
    Wow, what great deduction skills you have. Are you a politician or a lawyer? If not, I suggest you pursue a career in one or both.
    link no1
    He still tried to kill her. Just because he failed at doing so he should be given a little slack? It's the same reason I don't think 'murder' and 'attempted murder' should be any different in anything but the name. To have separate punishments for both of the things is stupid. It's like saying - "well, you're not great at killing people and failed at it, so we'll give you a lesser sentence because you're terrible at murdering people". - "oh! This guy is actually pretty good at killing people! Throw him in jail for being good at something!"
    Lambesis = God, Guru, Shaman, Legend!!! No Lambesis = No Asslay Dying! Period! *flushes all the h8rs down the toilet of Hell*
    Doesn't it (RiotAct) have some hole to crawl into? It's mother clearly molested it...
    As I Lay Seeking A Shorter Prison Sentence. New album coming out soon! ...let him out already, he served enough time.
    Under a year is enough time served for attempting to have his wife killed? Fuck me I'm glad you're not a judge.