Tim Lambesis Murder-for-Hire Trial Details Revealed

Alleged hitman hiring detailed from court proceedings.

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An update on the Tim Lambesis murder-for-hire case appeared online (via Loudwire).

The As I Lay Dying vocalist's next court appearance has been postponed yet again, but some incredibly comprehensive details have been released telling the story of how Lambesis allegedly solicited a hitman to murder the vocalist's wife.

On May 7, 2013, the music world was shocked as Tim Lambesis was arrested on murder-for-hire charges. After making bail, Lambesis was placed on house arrest as the singer's hearing was scheduled to continue. Most recently, further proceedings have been pushed back multiple times, with Lambesis now scheduled to return to court on Feb. 25 for a readiness hearing that was set to take place today (Feb. 19). As of this posting, no reason for the delay has been made public.

As for the new details regarding Lambesis' alleged hiring of a hitman, which turned out to be an undercover cop, Radio.com has put together the story by compiling court transcripts and file documents. The story begins with a conversation Lambesis had with an associate named Brett and ends with the correspondence the metal singer had with the undercover officer.

A man named Brett said he began working at a California gym in February of 2013, he described himself as a trainer. Attorneys hinted that Brett was a supplier of steroids and possibly other drugs for persons at the gym. Brett denied that claim.

The gym is called "Pure Fitness," located in the seaside town of Carlsbad, CA. Brett said he became acquainted with Lambesis, who exercised at that gym, about a month after he started there. By the next month, Brett said he heard talk about Lambesis' troubled marriage, and specifically that Lambesis would "be doing better if his wife was taken care of."

Brett claimed it was Lambesis who contacted him. "He contacted me via text asking me if he could talk to me." The two arranged to meet in the parking lot at the gym.

Lambesis brought his girlfriend with him that evening. It was about dusk on April 22 and he was living with girlfriend Amanda in a home in Carlsbad at that time. Amanda went into the gym to exercise while the men stayed outside. "Just myself and him," Brett remembered. "He began by asking me if I knew why I was there. I made the comment that I was hoping it wasn't to kill anybody."

"He said that that was funny and that was exactly why I was there." Brett said Lambesis spoke of his failing marriage. "We had a discussion and he proceeded to tell me about his relationship with his ex-wife and how it had deteriorated." Actually, Tim's wife Meggan Lambesis had filed divorce paperwork eight months earlier, but they were still married.

Brett said Tim Lambesis told him, "He had been seeing another woman. And they had split up. And they had three children. And he was not happy and he wanted to make sure that the kids had one healthy relationship instead of two bad ones." Tim reportedly complained that his wife was spending all their money on divorce attorneys.

Brett understood that Lambesis wanted someone to "get rid of her, kill her." Brett said he told the rock singer, "That's not my thing, I'm not involved in any behavior like that."

"I'm a body guard, not an assassin," Brett said he sees himself as a protector.

But Lambesis was persistent, according to Brett. "He wanted to know if maybe I could find somebody to do it for him. He knew I knew people was his comment. I know you know people so maybe you can help me." The two men spoke for about 20 minutes that evening.

Soon afterwards, Brett became nervous. "I thought that he was going to go through with it, with or without me." Brett said he got advice from an attorney. "She said I needed to get a tape recording of that, otherwise, I'd be an accessory to murder if it happened."

So Brett said he initiated another contact, and two days later he met again with Lambesis, this time at a bookstore in Oceanside. It was a Barnes & Noble. Tim Lambesis brought his girlfriend Amanda again. She was told that the men were going to talk about music and motorcycles, and since she was not interested in that kind of conversation she waited outside in the car, according to a detective's statements later.

"We went in the back and had a conversation and started talking about the situation at hand and about him." Brett claimed that he offered alternatives on handling the situation, "go to counselor, talk to somebody, get help." But Lambesis would not be dissuaded, according to Brett. Lambesis complained about Meggan. "His wife was keeping him out on tour because of the money, to generate money. And he had three bands and he wanted to stay home and produce instead of travelling." Tim complained he wasn't allowed to take the children on tour with him.

"At the end of that conversation when I saw that he was not veering from killing his wife, I told him I had somebody in mind for him, yes," Brett named a fictional hitman he called "Red." Tim "was all for it," Brett remembered.

Brett said he made one more phone call to Tim, asking permission to give "Red" his phone number, and Lambesis okayed it. A San Diego County Sheriff's deputy played the part of "Red." The stocky man has a long, reddish beard and the scruffy appearance you would expect of an undercover officer. Red said he has been a peace officer for thirty-three years.

Red said he phoned Timothy Lambesis on May 7, 2013. Lambesis had just returned from a tour the day before. "I told him I was Red and had been told to give him a call." The undercover officer set up a meeting. The first hour Red suggested they could meet was rejected because Lambesis said he had to go pick up his kids, so they moved the meeting up to 2 o'clock. It would be at the same Barnes & Noble bookstore.

"I asked him to bring photographs of the individual we were talking about and I asked him to bring the address for the individual and a thousand dollars." That was not intended to be the total fee, "It was a down payment for me to do a couple of days work." The total cost was set at $20,000 - which Lambesis agreed to "immediately," according to Red.

The men talked in the music section of the store. "He told me he wanted his wife gone." Lambesis did not have a method in mind. "I did ask him what he wanted me to do specifically and he said that was up to me."

"During our conversation he told me that he had picked out three dates that were good dates for him, for me to kill his wife. Those were the dates that he would have his children and therefore, he would not be a suspect in the case."

The undercover officer tried to get Lambesis to use the word "kill" or "dead" during their conversation, which he said was recorded, but Lambesis resisted. "But he continued to say repeatedly that, I want her gone. I want her never ever, ever to come back."

Then Lambesis started to walk away. "So, as he was leaving, we got about fifteen or twenty feet away from each other and he turned back to me and he goes, 'Just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead.'"

According to Radio.com, Tim Lambesis can be sentenced to a maximum of nine years in prison if convicted of "soliciting another to commit and join in the commission of the murder."

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    Seriously? Nine years is the MAXIMUM? That's freaking all?
    Well, she wasn't actually killed.
    Being shit at a crime doesn't make you less of a criminal
    You are absolutely right, which is a problem with the justice system. You are punished for what happened, not for what was intended. Some kid who is just learning to drive hitting a pedestrian will get a much worse sentence than this guy who wholeheartedly wants his wife to be murdered and is going to extensive lengths to make sure it happens. Disgusting.
    Because intention isn't a demonstrable thing. You can be a lot more certain of what actually happened, then what was intended to happen. Intention can be misinterpreted, or lied about if there's no evidence.
    Yeah, but they give you way more time for Attempted Murder. I fail to see how this doesn't qualify.
    Attempted Murder implys you actually attacked the person, but failed to kill them. Under these circumstances, since Tim's wife was never actually attacked, it doesn't qualify for Attempted Murder. But yeah, he's still just as sick as any other murderer.
    Not sure whether I agree with you or not, it's hard to judge in this situation. I mean, I'm constantly surrounded by stupid ****s that I want dead all the time, but I wouldn't actually try to make it happen lol. I know my opinion doesn't and shouldn't matter to you, but your comment just made me ponder
    Not sure whether I agree with you or not, it's hard to judge in this situation. I mean, I'm constantly surrounded by stupid ****s that I want dead all the time, but I wouldn't actually try to make it happen lol. I know my opinion doesn't and shouldn't matter to you, but your comment just made me ponder
    broken ipod
    To be honest, the sentence for attempted murder and murder should be the same as the intent is the same.
    That's pretty freakin' intense.
    On May 7, 2013, the music world was shocked as Tim Lambesis was arrested on murder-for-hire charges....actually the music world was shocked to know that the guy/band even existed.....
    No. As I Lay Dying is no Metallica, but they are still a big name. Such a shame though. I hope the rest of the band continues to make music.
    Don't comment on the first comments to have your totally unrelated comment on top. It's douchey as hell.
    It's so rude to reply just to get your comment more attention. It's like butting in line.
    Barnes and Noble? You know he was secretly checking the self help section for "How to Kill Your Wife For Dummies" book.
    "Just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead." Thanks, I hadn't caught on before.. Why not just get a divorce? I know it sucks for the kids, but it's not as bad as them never seeing her again
    He said this in a bookstore, which is usually quiet, from 20 feet away.. That's a rather suspicious thing to say in a quiet place where I'm sure other people could hear it.. If I were planning on killing someone, I'd choose a slightly louder place or somewhere with no people to talk about it.
    Yeah that struck me as odd too. I'm not saying that he isn't guilty, I just found that detail a little out of place.
    Because a divorce costs him earnings from his projects,with her 'gone', he gets to keep everything.
    And he was not happy and he wanted to make sure that the kids had one healthy relationship instead of two bad ones.
    Well, after this I'm guessing this will be the case after all, just not the way he planned it...
    Eclectic Lizard
    So , in a public place, 15-20 feet away from the undercover cop he said he wanted his wife dead? Out loud?
    Was this conversation recorded? If not, it's just hearsay. Amazing how 99% of people on here just buy it because a cop said he said this or that. But, if they have him on tape saying this...he's screwed.
    "The undercover officer tried to get Lambesis to use the word "kill" or "dead" during their conversation, which he said was recorded , but Lambesis resisted."
    True, but "he said was recorded" suggests that he hasn't actually shown anyone.
    It isn't hearsay if this "Brett" testifies or if the officer testifies to what was said. Hearsay would be like if "Brett" told someone who told the police. Hearing it directly from the source isn't hearsay. l2law
    Even if the evidence is considered hearsay, which I suggest many of you look up in Blacks Law dictionary, there are many exceptions to that rule. So, basically, saying its hearsay is irrelevant.
    He'll have plenty of time for Reflection in prison, I suppose. There are better ways to settle things with your estranged partner.
    What an idiot, threw his career away just to get rid of his ex-wife. Hope he gets what he deserves
    The Spoon
    Does anyone else think it is strange that he just yelled from 20 feet away that he wanted her dead? Like, he wouldn't say it when they were talking presumably quietly, but as he was walking away he was like "JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR, I, TIM LAMBESIS, WANT TO HIRE A HITMAN TO MURDER MY WIFE". Kinda weird if true.
    He is an evil man but if he was being honest it sounds like his wife deserved it for sure. I know this is how most women act during divorce. They take men to the cleaners and take all their money, alimony and child custody. They both deserve to be in prison.
    Murder is a sin for a Christian, that's why he hired somebody else.
    Kind of suspicious how he was being recorded but never said "kill" or anything, and then he walked 15-20 feet away and suddenly says he wants her dead in a bookstore. To me it sounds like they couldn't get him to say it, but assert he did say it, but only after he was out of range of the recorder. Also, if he did just plead guilty, as I'm seeing here, then forget what I said.
    Exactly the behavior I'd expect from the frontman of a Christian metal band..
    Hahaha he pled guilty. Farewell, douchebag. Many shall forget you during the upcoming years like Ian whatshisname
    Don't you dare, dare, dare put Tim's name alongside Ian Watkins. Murder is awful, but it pales, PALES, in comparison to pedophilia, especially when babies are involved. Especially considering Tim was caught before he could actually physically harm anybody. Ian harmed many people and conspired to do awful things. They aren't even in the same echelon.
    Of importance is that Lambesis only planned on killing one person who he had a conflict with. Watkins repeatedly acted horrendously on innocent children. He showed no remorse and planned on continuing his disturbing actions. Serial rape of children is different than a single murder attempt on an adult who the defendant has a troubled relationship with. Both are wrong, obviously. Murder is still wrong. But it's not comparable to Watkins actions.
    Would you rather be raped in childhood and live on, or murdered and feed worms? That's what I thought.
    Hahahaha thanks dude that was hilarious ! Think ill make it a meme now!
    This is probably the most metal thing to happen in a Barnes and Noble except that one time with my grandma but I am not legally allowed to speak on that.
    I will tell my grandchildren how I shook Tim's hand and got his autograph, three days before his arrest.
    Has he not consented to a psych eval? Because the Tim that wrote the lyrics for Frail Words Collapse would never be capable of this. Here's to justice being served, both in the case of what Tim deserves and after the fact, when he needs to get his head back under control so he can continue to make amazing music. It's selfish, but I wish a shitty vocalist had done this. Tim is so unique, and has more stage presence than anyone I've ever seen. We may never get to see that again. It already sounds like his bandmates are moving on from him.
    Seriously, Tim, Is this who you are? Was this really your salvation? All you could give? You seem to know nothing but anger and apathy, and now you have nothing left but the sound of truth.