Tim Lambesis Pleads Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Plot, Facing Nine Years in Jail and $10,000 Fine

As I Lay Dying singer admits hiring a hitman to kill his wife.

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As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis has pleaded guilty on the counts of murder-for-hire charges, admitting he had hired a hitman to kill his estranged wife Meggan.

As NBC San Diego reports, 32-year-old Lambesis is now facing a maximum jail sentence of nine years and a $10,000 fine.

The vocalist was arrested back in May for paying an undercover police officer $1,000 as an advance to carry out the murder, also giving him photos, gate codes and additional details regarding the hit.

Several days ago, detailed testimonies from the trial have surfaced, confirming that Tim's wife was going to get 60 percent of the singer's income, also banning him from seeing their three adopted children.

"He told me he wanted his wife gone," the undercover officer referred to as Red told the court. "I did ask him what he wanted me to do specifically and he said that was up to me. During our conversation he told me that he had picked out three dates that were good dates for him, for me to kill his wife. Those were the dates that he would have his children and therefore, he would not be a suspect in the case."

No official comments from the band were made as of yet. Formal sentencing is scheduled for May 2. Court testimonies are available here.

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    Not saying he doesn't deserve it but this could have been avoided by having divorce laws that do not favor one party over the other.
    I'm actually surprised more people aren't tempted to do what he did based on divorce proceedings, earning their money only to have over half of it taken away and never being able to see their kids. Divorce law almost encourages this kind of reckless and idiotic behaviour
    That's why more people need to do prenups, not only those who are very rich. Or not get married at all, I personally think it's a waste of time and the only thing it changes is that it's insanely harder to break up.
    Prenuptial agreements r'tards. If you're stupid enough to get married without signing one you can't have any complaints about having your money fleeced. ...As I Lay Dying were naff.
    The average women in western society is looking for stability as part of the mate selection process, like it or not, we have trained our women to feel entitled to their mans money, and most women will not agree to a prenup unless they come in with a higher net worth.
    When my parents got divorced my dad got everything and my mom got nothing. And there was no prenup.
    Yup. I thought men and women were equal? What is this "Spousal support" bullshit? I get that if the man's income was the majority and the wife is going to get the kids, that the man should supplement their upbringing (though I think the man should have the option to buy $X worth of goods and have it delivered vs. paying $X), but why should a woman get to not work just because she didn't while she was married to someone?
    maybe so, but the guy had clearly lost his shit, probably shouldnt be allowed to see his kids at all!
    Now you see, this depends on the grounds for divorce. Also, how good a negotiator a lawyer is.
    If you have to choose between losing your wife you don't love anymore or losing 60% of your income and your three children, I understand him a little
    $10,000 fine seems pointless considering he didnt flinch at the $20,000 the undercover cop offered
    "Didn't see that one coming" said no one ever.
    That he's actually pleading guilty instead of insisting he didn't do it? I really didn't.
    I was mostly talking about Tim doing time in jail, ending up guilty ya see?
    this probably just means he copped a good deal....in next weeks news sentenced to a year tops.
    I'm sorry but the "...said no one ever" thing has to stop.
    Yes sir, we'll stop writing the things that bug you on the internet (said no one ever)
    "I love reading "...said noone ever" meme jokes" ...said noone ever.
    Said no one ever..... oh my gosh that is still funny! You were right all along. My stars! BAHAHAWG!
    Wow, 60% of his income gone and he can never see his kid. What he did was wrong but man, what do you do in those circumstances especially when your a touring musician and you don't make that much money to begin with. The law sure ****ed him right the hell over.
    From what I understand, there was affairs being had on his part. He would spend large amounts of money and time on his girlfriend. Usually in a case like that, the offended party (the one who was being cheated on) gets the better deal, because of the way some divorce courts work. In certain cases, such as states with no-fault divorce courts (meaning that you don't have to put a reason on the paper to divorce), even if you are the one who was cheated on, then you can actually end up getting a losing deal depending on how it works out. One woman caught her husband with their live in nanny she ended up paying $2500 a month to her husband who never worked during their 18 year marriage and still doesn't. I'm guessing California has fault divorce courts, so because Tim Lambesis was the one who cheated, he gets the losing deal. And it's perfectly legal and, in my opinion, perfectly fair, too.
    this sucks, I used to really look up to this guy not only as a musician but as a person he seemed like a better role model than most in the metal scene and just a positive person; he also adopted 3 children from africa whatever his issue his, roid rage or just mental instability, I hope he gets his act together
    His ex-wife is getting 60% of his income? Wow. Must be nice to be able to sit around and do nothing in life and get so much money. Jesus. Even if he were to write 2 albums he still wouldn't get as much as he would've by writing one. Something seems a little unfair.
    Unfair? She's got to raise their children without a father who's being locked away for trying to kill her. I'd say she deserves all the money she can get
    Wouldn't be surprised if the alleged affairs have a lot to do with 60% quoted.
    Such a damn shame for the band. I hope they continue with a new singer or at least start a new project. Their last two records were incredibly good, and that's coming from someone who didnt really like their previous work. I understand how it must be upsetting to lose 60% of his income, but murdering the mother of your children? I hope he can turn his life around in jail.
    A couple possibilities, while none of them may seem like a great fit, but just bare in mind that Haste The Day, God Forbid, and I believe Bleeding Through aren't active. So possibly one of the vocalists in those bands could step into the limelight..
    "Several days ago, detailed testimonies from the trial have surfaced, confirming that Tim's wife was going to get 60 percent of the singer's income, also banning him from seeing their three adopted " And how can anyone blame him after that?
    shit if someone i knew had plotted to have me killed id want them gone away for much longer than nine years...
    I was supposed to see them live last May but this whole thing ended up happening. I wanted to believe he was set. I feel for him about wanting to murder his wife but actually trying to hire someone to do it is another issue. There is no justification for his actions. Thousands of men get divorced and loose everything but move on without killing their ex-wives or hiring someone to do it. Sucks because they are one of my favorite bands and have been consistently good over the years.
    Get a new frontman or go instrumental, just don't quit!... They have several songs that could work that way, just make a new album with more songs like Departed.
    If he hadn't been playing away, she probably wouldn't have been entitled to so much. Yes, women have a tendency to fleece the man on the way out of a marriage and she would have no doubt tried for extortionate amounts for "childcare", but if he hadn't been getting his cock wet elsewhere, then he wouldn't have been up the creek in the first place.
    FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCCCKKK!!! MY FAVORITE BAND. I've seen 'em live, and met all members, 5x. I HOPE the band continues with a new singer, or at least that NICK & PHIL REMAIN GUITARISTS TOGETHER in any line up,,,
    Dude I agree i know its shocking but the band must go on!!!
    I know bro. I mean, I've been following this situation since it went public in May. So the "SHOCK" has subsided, although it did last a long time. And even though I never doubted Tim's guilt (this type of SH!T doesn't just happen on accident, and they don't say they have an audio recording if they really don't), I am a little surprised he's actually pleading guilty. I'm curious to learn any further details as to why, if any. Other than the obvious that the audio recording and evidences were factual, irrefutable, and he may have faced less prison time by outright pleading his guilt... Either way, its sad. I cannot condemn Tim. That is the responsibility of the legal system. We're all human, and some circumstances in life have a way of influencing the best or worst within a person. I know how terrible incarceration is. ITS A MISERABLE LIVING HELL. But nevertheless, Tim Fucked Up BAD. Ultimately, I think of all the sincere, kind, intelligent, and friendly conversations I've had with Tim (and other AILD members) after live shows during the past decade. Not to mention all the love I have for their music, along with Tim's lyrics and vocal style. Yes, there are parties involved who are impacted on a much greater and more personal level. But this also reaches to each and every TRUE fan of AILD. I trust the musicianship and passion of the remaining members and look forward to the decision(s) they make musically. Whether replacing their vocalist and/or keeping the band name. Or not. But it would be a GAW DAM SHAME if they disbanded and went separate ways,,, P.S. (If anyone's read this far) What suggestions/ideas do you have for the new AILD frontman?
    Maybe he worked an arrangement and got less time for pleading. Maybe he had a moment of insight and admitted to his wrong doing. Maybe this time out will do him good.
    Jacques Nel
    At least he didn't do what Ian Watkins did. In any case I must admit I've lost all respect for him. Hope the band continues and makes new music but I think that may be highly unlikely as management will probably convince them that the name has too many negative connections or maybe they will even decide that for themselves. Whether the remaining members stay together is yet to be seen, but I'd be surprised if they do. On another note, I'm only surprised that he pleaded guilty because it IS probably the right choice, but so few people ever make that choice, they would rather go through the lengthy trial and all the costs involved to try and convince the world they are innocent even with solid evidence. I'm glad he manned up and cut out all the BS. May actually get a lenient sentence.
    They do what they do a lot better than most. Its a shame because not only did Tim screw up his life, but he unintentionally screwed the reputation of the band and his bandmates. I.E. That's not just a sick guitar player named Phil. That's Phil who used to play for AILD until their singer tried to get his wife killed....
    Jesus dude, I just can't get over how ****ing creepy looking you are, you look like a god damn pervert, rocking back and forth on the floor or on your bed going FUUUCCCCKKK!! FUUUUCCCKKKK!!! telling the girl you have tied up in your closet to "Shut up BITCH as I lay dying is breaking up and I need to PROOCESSS this!! SHUT UP BITCH as I lay dying is no more and all you are worried about is yourself FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!! FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!" Of course no offense meant or anything.
    Does anyone else find the $10,000 fine to be unnecessary? At least fine him an amount that will do damage. Shit, he'll probably make 5-10 times that in a year from royalties.
    Seems a fair price for playing Christian Rock. ASSAULT ME EARS, WILL YE? No, sir.. Not anymore.
    The punishment of only $10,000 and 9 years in prison paled in comparison to alimony and child support for the rest of your life.
    "Sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart,  before we can rebuild them again - a greater foundation."