Tim Lambesis Pleads 'Not Guilty,' Bail Officially Set at $3 Million

Meanwhile, the band reacts: "There are many unanswered questions." "He has become obsessed with bodybuilding," the wife said.

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After this Tuesday's (May 7) shocking arrest, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has officially pleaded not guilty to charges of soliciting the murder of his estranged wife.

With the bail set at $3 million, the 32-year-old singer was also ordered to wear a GPS monitor and stay away from his wife and their three children upon his release, LA Times reports.

Lambesis is currently alleged to have hired an undercover detective for $1,000 to murder his estranged wife Meggan. Prosecutors revealed they are in possession of a recording showing the vocalist giving the officer a cash-filled envelope, home gate codes and images of his wife, telling the undercover sheriff's deputy to kill his wife while he is securing an alibi away from home with their children.

Meanwhile, more details regarding the wife's demand for dissolution of marriage have surfaced. According to Meggan, her husband became preoccupied with the gym and incompetent to take care of their three adopted children, irresponsibly spending money on tattoos.

"Specifically, he has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children," the wife said.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Claudia Grasso revealed that the frontman has sent his wife an email several months ago, telling her he no longer loves her or believes in God. Meggan has also discovered several of his extra-marital affairs.

As for As I Lay Dying, the band has released a statement of their own, sending thoughts to Tim and his family, adding that "there are many unanswered questions."

"As we post this, the legal process is taking its course and we have no more information than you do. There are many unanswered questions, and the situation will become clearer in the coming days and weeks," the group stated in a Facebook announcement. "We'll keep you informed as best we can. Our thoughts right now are with Tim, his family, and with everyone else affected by this terrible situation - and with our fans, whom we love and draw strength from. Thank you for understanding, and as always, for your support of As I Lay Dying."

Lambesis' bandmates were in court on Thursday in support, along with representatives from Metal Blade Records, 5B Management and the group's attorney, Ian Friedman. Superior Court in Vista has now scheduled a readiness hearing for June 10 and preliminary hearing for July 10.

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    I'm surprised it only costs $1000 to get someone killed
    One Direction gone for $5k? BARGAIN!
    We should put together a fundraiser.
    He was probably trying to get the biggest bang for his buck and when you do that while hitman shopping, you're going to raise your chances of hiring an undercover. Trust me I know, I'm typing this from my prison cell right now.
    Well it might cost up to $5000 for a hit, but i'm guessing an undercover cop is going to want people to come to him so he'll have lower prices.
    hey probably just gave that as a prepayment once it was done he would have paid alot more watch the movies bro haha
    "Our thoughts are with Tim's family, especially his wife, who he wants dead."
    I spit beer all over the booth in front of me, but looking around, I don't think anyone noticed. Please excuse me while I laugh loudly into my sleeve
    If his bail is 3 million you can bet your ass they have a strong case against him.
    Bail is mostly relative to the accused's financial situation. Obviously stuff like this would be higher than say drunk driving, but it's usually a fairly high chunk of someones net worth (usually more to keep them in custody).
    legend shredder
    Generally, if you hire an undercover detective to kill your wife, they might have a pretty strong case against him.
    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty. I may eat these words but I can't just bias against the guy.
    My Last Words
    Judged on the downvotes here, a verdict has been reached already.. Sad folks, like we have any insight in this case whatsoever. Ignorancy rules..
    Ignorancy? hahahaha
    how ironic XD
    A proper use of the word "ironic." How ironic in this day and age of people using it to mean facetious. Seriously though, to those saying "innocent till proven guilty," check out the facts of the case. Dude is clearly guilty.
    unless the undercover deputy is a pathological liar, he is most likely guilty, and this sucks, im a big AILD fan, i even have a shirt lol
    I do too man, but after reading this, and hearing other news, I cant be a fan of his music anymore. Just doesnt feel the same.
    I was going to my final this morning, put on a band shirt by accident and noticed it was an AILD shirt. I took it off and put on a different shirt.
    now guys, AILD was not the one that was arrested. it was tim. im just as shocked about this but im not going to start not liking the band because one person has this issue going on.
    Tim is co-founder and lead vocalist of the band. His lyrics portrayed something of meaning, and positive. Its quite difficult to not feel the way I feel now. He seems to be the type that is irreplaceable, as one of my favorite vocalists, idk what the others in the band will think of the future of their band.
    I'm kind of really disappointed in him, he was one of my favorite vocalists too. Didn't think he would turn out like this.
    This. It's pretty stupid to jump into conclusions without any evidence or additional information about the case. And this works equally for people wanting him to go to jail already and fans using the argument that "he looked like a great guy, therefore he's innocent".
    I could be wrong, but i believe american law states guilty until proven innocent. Sadly, I have to say it doesn't seem to look good for Him
    It basically does. Most people think it says the opposite. That is, until they get arrested for something.
    i smell roid rage.
    Yes, because roid rage makes someone hire someone else to kill someone.
    Um, in this case, yes...but not just roids, you can probably throw in some oxywhatever and amphetamines. It's widely known that certain pharmacological chemicals can kill you or cause you to want to harm others.
    Blaming his attempt to hire a hitman on roids is about as valid as blaming a woman for hiring a hitman due to PMS.
    Glad to see the $70k Austrian Death Machine kickstarter money is finally being used :p "Specifically, he has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children," the wife said. Ahll cahl it, TWENTY FIVE HOUR FITNESS, FOR ONE EXTRA HAHOUR, OF WORKING OUHT!
    Discombobulating corpse terminization urbanization governmentalibation exploding montezumahs blasting power revenge!!!!
    I don't want to believe this, but at this point, the evidence (if true) is pretty convincing.
    I was shocked when hearing the news for the 1st time.... But now, when things set up in my mind, I must admit that he looks pretty different, and not hard for me to believe in Megan's words, that he became obsessed with tattoos and lifting... It's hard for me, because this guy is my role model when it comes to music, statements, and fans appreciation... But if mentioned evidences are legit, I'm afraid that he is truly changed man... I wonder if his band-mates ever noticed there's something not right with Tim. But I'm guessing it will be found out at trial. I'm sure all band will be questioned at court.
    Im still a fan of AILD. cant even listen to lostprophets anymore....
    so it's more okay to allegedly have the mother of your children murdered than to allegedly have sex with children? I mean neither is okay but that was kind of a silly comment :\
    Michael Stewart
    The dude from lost prophets is guilty. I saw videos on the internet. Go to motherless.com and look up nasty nasty. That's his account. They may have deleted it by now.
    I've said from the start that I really don't want to believe this... Seems like the prosecutors have him, if they're being truthful about the extent of their evidence. This, either way, will be a lot more open-and-shut than the Blythe case.
    Given the fact that the 2 cases have absolutele nothing in common....what is your point????
    He's just drawing the comparison because it's a recent event that we are all familiar with. He's not saying they're alike. In fact, he's stating the opposite.
    I was pulling for Randy Blythe and Lamb of God is meh to me. I actually like As I Lay Dying, but so far I'm thinkin' he done it.
    the evidence showed he was innocent pretty easily.. it was kinda no contest to me
    ^ when you watch the video of the fan on stage with Randy it was fairly obvious that their interaction was unrelated to the death of that fan..
    Once upon a time I was totally into AILD, and from what I remember Tim always came off as a decent human being. If his wife's comment and the email he sent her are legitimate, though, I guess he's undergone some sort of change. Or, who knows? Maybe he was this type of person all along.
    To me it's pretty evident that this is a recent thing. His family and friends are saying it. For all we know, it could be the result of a chemical imbalance, which is something that will alter his level of accountability. I believe in the man Tim once was, and I most certainly believe he can resurface as that individual with the proper treatment and real dedication on his part. At this point I think us fans can concede that something's wrong, but if any scenario ever sounded like it was related to substance abuse, it's this one.
    You listened to his music... So what? How the hell could you possibly know the kind of person he is?
    he no longer believes in god? interesting. it's that damn rock and or roll music i tell ya. j/k
    3m? Shit, that's half the amount of a guy who imprisoned, raped and abused 3 girls for a decade. Tim, you done goofed bro. Or so it seems.
    Dollars, not Euros. 3 million Euros is something like $4 million. (I'm too lazy to do the math.) I really hope that none of this is true and that Tim is innocent.
    3m ^That is a pound sign, as in Pounds Sterling; not a Euro sign. The conversion then becomes pounds and dollars: 3m pounds is about 1.8m dollars.
    Actually 3m is about $4.6m. Man talk about 3 mistaken comments in a row.. essentially for no purpose anyway because his bail was in dollars to begin with
    well, as much as I hope the dude is innocent(less people in prison, and less scum on earth the better), I must admit hes likely guilty. for court to set a $3 million bail and have such evidence as specified in this article, it likely means the court has him by the nuts already.
    if i was tim i would have been suspicious the moment the hitman was asking for less than $8000
    Methinks $1,000 was for expenses and that he'd probably pay $10,000 after the deed.
    USA is such a weird country, you can go out of jail before the trial if you are rich no matter what stupid shit you did. It doesn't make much sense to me. Why money give you freedom?
    The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant returns to court to stand trial. Remember, he's innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unless he presents a danger to the community or is a flight risk, he's generally entitled to bail, and it's up to the judge at the bail hearing to make this determination.
    The point being made is that the poor can't afford that shit and our society is classist as ****.
    Bail amounts are determined based on the nature and circumstances of the offense charged, the weight of the evidence against the defendant, the financial ability of the defendant to give bail and the character of the defendant as per FRCP 46(c). The bottom line is that "ability to pay" is in fact, a consideration in setting the bail amount. I doubt bail of $3 million would have been set for someone who makes $30,000 per year because that would be excessive; however, my understanding is that this guy makes enough money to cover the $3 million.
    It is still harder for the poor to pay bail in general, and I was really just clarifying somebody else's point.
    WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! Why are all of you people trying to make out this person, who has been recorded being caught in the act, to be innocent? He clearly is not. THERE IS A VIDEO OF HIM ORDERING THE HIT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH Y'ALL?!? He may be innocent until proven guilty, but there is enough evidence to put O.J. away on this case too.
    Well where the **** is this recording? Instead of the district attorney pulling "facts" from this recording, how about they just play the damn recording instead of just claiming they have one, so everyone can hear it? How do we know they're not pulling this shit out of their asses? Show us and the court this supposed recording, then the evidence is more believable.
    Really? You're going to pull that. Do you not realize that the large part of court proceedings are not filmed?
    "Specifically, he has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children," Lol Tim and his bodybuilding
    Well the evidence supposedly gathered against him sounds pretty convincing. Was never a big fan of these guys but all in all it's just shit to have a retard like this representing the metal community in this fashion.
    This situation doesn't bother me too much, I'll still listen to them. Sure it sucks to be him right now, but let's remember there's more than 1 band member, the rest of the band could find another dude easily.
    This guy is fukin scum.
    Who downvoted this? The dude is scum. He's been ignoring his children, cheating on his wife (if you're going to have an open relationship, that's fine, but both parties have to know and be on board). . . OH! And he tried to order a hit on his wife.
    Good, hopefully the entire band will break up. One less crap band around.
    Dude, c'mon like there's no reason for that, maybe he wasn't great to you, but to some others that's what maybe even kept them alive. It's a shame he's in custody, whether you like him or not
    Of the popular metalcore bands, they're the most creative and have the best front man, as far as harsh vocals are concerned. They could use a more unique clean singer, but other than that this band is flat out badass when compared to the rest of the metalcore giants.
    Good he's out, finish the Austrian Death Machine album and then rot in jail prick
    ORDER, ORDER! *bangs gavel* I sentence the prosecutor to get a nose job.
    well id say that person he was talking to is a bitch and a snitch...I talk about dumb shit all the time when im smoking weed don't mean im gonna do it..lol up in smoke is where my money goes... watch out for those "Christian" friends ready to stab u in the back.
    I've met tim before and he was a humble and sweet guy. So this really just blows my mind. :/
    i upvoted...clearly a joke..but thats not to say i wouldnt smile if it happened
    You'd smile if another human was killed by a hitman? Wow, ok...
    Crazysam is a crazy belkieber! Yes, you've now noticed you'll find no empathy on the internet....welcome to 2013. No one would be sad if they died...no big deal.
    Not looking good for him.. I watched the video of him in court, and I gotta say... He has the face of a guilty man.. Can't prove that, but I get that feeling.. This is really sad. I'm just happy he got caught anybody was hurt (if this evidence is all true)
    If Tim is indeed replaced, I hope the other 4 band members tell the new guy that their lyrics will maintain consistency. No cursing, for one thing. One thing I love about As I Lay Dying is that they've never felt the need to curse in their lyrics, and I don't think I've ever heard Tim swear on stage at the concerts I've attended or in live videos.
    Why do four-letter words offend you so much?
    They don't, but As I Lay Dying has never been about the nasty four letter words, and I would be highly disappointed if their lyrics took that general direction.
    unfortunately it appears that he has that look of guilt written all over his face... WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT THOUGH!?!? and for $1,000!?!?! i cannot comprehend how mindless of a move that was on his part...
    Why doesn't stuff like this surprise me? Leave it to the most supposedly wholesome, christian, obviously pathologically repressed people to snap like twigs under pressure. Like the moralistic conservative MP who is one day found to have hanged himself with an orange in his mouth and a pair of women's leggings on his head, the dark side of this guy's psyche has shown itself despite his best efforts to bury it. Unfortunatly, in this instance, it nearly claimed someone else's life and not his own. Thank god he hired an undercover and not a real hitman!
    link no1
    According to Meggan, her husband became preoccupied with the gym and incompetent to take care of their three adopted children, irresponsibly spending money on tattoos.
    I know the guy liked to work out but how long was he actually spending there? The 'incompetent' thing isn't specific enough to make a judgement but the thing about tattoos? He earns enough to get whatever tattos he wants, sounds like the woman is being petty and controlling.
    Claudia Grasso revealed that the frontman has sent his wife an email several months ago, telling her he no longer loves her or believes in God. Meggan has also discovered several of his extra-marital affairs.
    I dunno, adding the 'no longer believes in god thing...Somebody religious doesn't just give up their faith. I'm not saying he is innocent or his actions are justified but looking at everything above she must have done something pretty terrible aside from the divorce to push him to all of this.
    Yeah, it all sounds very fishy to me. Also, why is it up to her to decide if he's competent or not as a parent? I don't understand that. Does he really not put in that much time? She's been described as a "stay-at-home" mom...well guess what, prior to her divorce, the mere fact that he worked away from the home, traveling nonstop to the extent that he was probably exhausted beyond belief, recording long days, is going to make the 50-50 split that parents want impossible. And I hate to bust the balls of stay-at-home parents across this country, but you do NOT work as hard as the other parent who works 40-70 hours a week, and sometimes more. Everything she says is absolute hearsay. There's no way her words matter. I sympathize with her if Tim really had these intentions and it wasn't the result of a medical issue (self-inflicted or not), but I want to hear from somebody other than the supposed person he wanted dead. Who else matters in his life, and what do they have to say?
    Maybe 'religion' was their gimmick to sell more albums!
    They had no "religion" gimmick. They've never spoke about faith in live shows or anything. This is a tag applied by listeners, not the band.
    http://freethoughtblogs.com/greta/2013/0... as if we needed more help losing faith in humanity, heres a link
    I can't express my rage against this blog. god, i hate this person so much and everyone in the comments. i don't give a shit about her post about lambesis (she probably doesn't give a shit about him or his wife as well), but fuuuu*k these people are annoying.
    Guys, read the lyrics from "A Greater Foundation". There are (imho) a lot of hints for the actual situation. And as I just read these lines: "sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation i wish there was another way" it nearly seems like an option that he might even wanted to go through this stuff. Just my thoughts on this...
    Tim please just say you were drunk that day and if u dont u are going to have a huge party in the jail with Mr.Rapesalot
    I love bodybuilding...and seeing some of these roid rage comments makes me cringe....its like you guys seeing people talk about a bass as a guitar with 4 strings....its annoying and ignorant.