Tim Lambesis Possibly Close to Confessing Murder-for-Hire Crimes, Reportedly Working on a Plea Bargain

Criminal proceedings have been delayed "for further negotiations."

Ultimate Guitar

As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis appeared in a Southern California courtroom on the morning of Wednesday January 15th for a readiness conference related to the State's case against him for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife, Lambgoat is reporting.

While a readiness conference is supposed to be an appearance at which all parties determine whether or not the case can be disposed of without trial, Lambgoat reports that such discussions did not end up taking place. While Lambesis was present, he was not called forward, with it subsequently being announced that proceedings were delayed until February 6th.

Prosector Claudia Grasso subsequently revealed that criminal proceedings have been delayed "for further negotiations," which suggests that Lambesis is trying to work out a plea deal with the prosecution.

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    As much as this sucks, I can't imagine how this is gonna go for Hipa, Sgrosso, Manchino and Gilbert. Where are they gonna go from here, cause there's no replacing Lambesis. So as bad as it sounds, I can't wait to see where the rest of the band goes after this.
    Im with you. I think that they will be successful, though, because they all seem to have such a distinct sound. I think it woukd be sick if they did just one show with Randy blythe
    Hopefully the band will try to replace him if everything goes down hill. A show with randy blythe would be awesome.
    I think that an album with the instrumental section of As I Lay Dying and Garrison Lee from ERRA on vocals would be absolutely sick.
    I was shocked when this story initially dropped. I met Tim at Mayhem and he seemed like a mellow, down to earth dude. Since he seems to be blaming steroids, I guess we can be thankful he didn't get to take it as far as chris Benoit.
    I really hope this gets sorted out alright. Whether or not Tim really is a crazy bastard or not, I just want another album like Awakened!!!!!
    Regardless of what the sentence/lack of sentence is, you're gonna be waiting a while. This isn't the kind of thing that just goes away overnight.
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    For the record I know someone who did the same thing. That person was broke and did around 5 years. Lambesis has good legal reps. I say he does no more than 2 years, maybe less.
    It sounds as though they already have enough evidence against him and have done for a while. With that said, I don't understand why the bellend they have to wait for him to plead guilty to sentence him.
    They have to "wait for him to plead guilty" because otherwise, there's this little part of the process called a trial before a jury of his peers that needs to occur before sentencing. We don't just sentence people without a trial or a plea deal "just because we have all this evidence" against them.
    Exactly. Everyone, no matter how much evidence there is against them, deserves a fair trial. In fact, its their right as an American citizen.