Tim Lambesis Released From Jail After Posting $2 Million Bail

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 05/31/2013 category: music news
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Tim Lambesis Released From Jail After Posting $2 Million Bail
After spending three weeks behind bars on murder solicitation charges, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has been officially released from jail as he posted the $2 million bail, 10 News reports. The singer was arrested earlier this month (May 7) in Oceanside for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer to murder his estranged wife Meggan. Although he was freed, Lambesis will still have to wear a GPS tracking device and stay clear from both his wife and their three adopted children. According to prosecutor Claudia Grasso, Lambesis gave a man referred to as "Red" an envelope with $1,000, explaining him how he wants the murder to be carried out. The singer allegedly also provided Red with the required gate code, and was willing to pay the full sum of $20,000 for the murder to be carried out. After Lambesis' first lawyer initially claimed his client was set up by a police informant, the singer switched attorneys and is now blaming steroids for his actions, attributing his changed behavior to the so-called "roid rage." Such changes were already noted by his wife, who filed for dissolution of marriage last September, due to vocalist being obsessed with the gym and allegedly having several extra-marital affairs. "He has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children," the wife said. Lambesis will appear at the court once again on June 26 for a new readiness conference. If convicted, he will be facing up to nine years in prison.
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