Tim Lambesis Released From Jail After Posting $2 Million Bail

As I Lay Dying frontman no longer in custody after three weeks behind bars.

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After spending three weeks behind bars on murder solicitation charges, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has been officially released from jail as he posted the $2 million bail, 10 News reports.

The singer was arrested earlier this month (May 7) in Oceanside for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer to murder his estranged wife Meggan. Although he was freed, Lambesis will still have to wear a GPS tracking device and stay clear from both his wife and their three adopted children.

According to prosecutor Claudia Grasso, Lambesis gave a man referred to as "Red" an envelope with $1,000, explaining him how he wants the murder to be carried out. The singer allegedly also provided Red with the required gate code, and was willing to pay the full sum of $20,000 for the murder to be carried out.

After Lambesis' first lawyer initially claimed his client was set up by a police informant, the singer switched attorneys and is now blaming steroids for his actions, attributing his changed behavior to the so-called "roid rage." Such changes were already noted by his wife, who filed for dissolution of marriage last September, due to vocalist being obsessed with the gym and allegedly having several extra-marital affairs.

"He has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children," the wife said.

Lambesis will appear at the court once again on June 26 for a new readiness conference. If convicted, he will be facing up to nine years in prison.

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    Didn't they say at first that he couldn't afford 2 million!? If you're possibly going to jail, the last thing you want when you come out is debt...
    Paying bail doesn't mean you lose that money, It's just a thing to make sure you come back to your court date if you want your money back.
    You can (at least here anyway) put your house up for collateral depending on it's worth and what's owed.
    I'm pretty certain you only have to post 10% of your bail to get out, initially. $200,000
    That's only if you go through a bail bondsman. They charge you 10% of your bail and cover the rest with their own money. Then, if you show up for court they get their money back. So, in this case, he would pay a bail bondsman $200,000 and they would pay the other $1.8 million. Then, when he shows up for court they get the money back and they just made $200,000.
    im not mental
    he has a net worth of $14 billion (http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest...
    He has a net worth of $14 MILLION, not billion. And that doesn't mean that he has that much money. It simply means that if you combine the value of everything he owns and any money he has in the bank it equals $14 million.
    "You're a bad, dangerous person. It wouldn't be right for you-" "I've got money! Lots and lots of money!" "...you're free to go." ~ The American system
    It's the world system. Not just America's.
    No, you can't pay bail in Denmark where I live.
    That's how justice should work everywhere, man. Here in Spain not a single "high profile" criminal goes to prison because of this stupid system, and sadly, there are LOTS of them.
    Why exactly did you think bail means he's free to go? All it means is he can sit at home waiting for his trial. He can't leave the country and is legally obligated to attend his trial. Look up how bail works.
    He can't even go home! He's gotta stay away from his wife and kids.
    If his wife and kids are at his home, you're 100% correct. I assume, however, that he can at least go somewhere that acts as a temporary home, whether that's a hotel room rented long-term or an apartment.
    Whether he is guilty or not of conspiracy to murder, this bloke seems like a fairly nasty piece of work anyway :/
    Agreed. Career is over.
    We all said the same thing about Chris Brown..... This is Christian Metal..... He will ask for forgiveness.... go on a church tour.... be on the cover of people magazine saying... HEY STEROIDS SCREWED ME UP! Also way to go blaming an inanimate object for ones own actions....
    As I Lay Dying isn't a Christian band, regardless of whether Tim is a Christian or not...
    Oh, he was. Keyword - was. Apparently, prior to all this crap, he admitted to denouncing his faith. Of course, given that none of us really know him or his family personally, that is a fair bit of hearsay.
    So...First he was set up, and had nothing to do with it. And now he did it, but steroids are to blame?
    I don't think he ever claimed that he was set up. I think that was just the angle his first lawyer wanted to take. And you see that the guy is no longer his lawyer. lol
    Well, the fact he switched attorneys and is approaching the case with an entirely new defense, shows his guilt IMO. Even if the roids altered his state of mind (like many drugs can do), it's still not an excuse to be be completely absolved of his actions. If I get drunk, drive a car, crash and kill someone, I'm liable and will go to prison. I willingly drove drunk and I have to suffer the consequences of my actions. If I take roids to the point where in my head, murder seems like a good idea, and act on that idea, I should be held liable, as I administered the roids myself.
    It's also the nature of roid rage. It's impulsive rage, it could help defensively if he rammed a passer by onto a wall or if he showed up at his wife's house trying to break down the door, not hiring a hitman.
    Don't you get the bail money back if you attend all court appearances and things? Regardless if you are convicted or not?
    Yup, there is probably going to be a fee as he has probably been bailed out by a bondsman, someone who makes bail for you under certain conditions. Normally you have to sign lots of contracts that say they can take all your worldly possessions and internal organs if you skip bail. Then if you run they send Dog the Bounty Hunter after you.
    You usually only have to pay 10% of the bail to a bondsman.
    Jees! $200 000 is still a hell of a lot! Christian metal really is paying well.
    As I Lay Dying isn't Christian; Tim was.
    They're all Christians.
    Not sure why I'm being negged for this. The band has stated that they're a "band of Christians" but not a "Christian" band.
    Thats similar to System of a Down. They are all Armenian in heritage, but they say that they are not an Armenian band.
    Jesus. The amount of shit that guy from lamb of god went through for someone who accidentally died at one of his shows and the complete man he was about it all telling people to give sympathy to the family of the kid and that he would just do the time if found guilty... Then theres this *****. A man of faith who put a contract on his wifes head, says its down to steroid abuse and just buys his way out. I get the feeling this guy will just get a slap on the wrist, forced to go to rehab for a bit and will find God again. What a scumbag.
    1) He's no longer a man of faith. 2) "Innocent until proven guilty"; don't assume he's guilty yet. 3) Why are you comparing Lambesis to the LoG frontman?
    Being on steroids still isn't an excuse. Like, "You tried to kill someone." "Yeah, but I was on a drug." "Oh, well that makes it ok."
    Lol, Roid rage as a ****ing "legitimate defense"? I don't know if it's his lawyer and/or him that's an idiot but not only is that directly admitting he hired a hitman, this isn't some sort of impulse, on-the-spot action he did. Even assuming steroids do actually cause "Roid Rage" (Which is highly debatable) He had to find a hitman, pay him, and tell him to kill his wife, he probably didn't do this impulsively in 2 seconds. Blaming steroids for trying to get your wife killed is almost as stupid as saying "I was drunk". On the other hand the evidence might actually be stacked so hard against him that they're putting all their cards in reducing his sentence to "Involuntary manslaughter" or pleading "insanity" or some bullshit like that to save him years in jail. Since he basically admitted doing it, I hope he rots in jail.
    As a frequent gym goer and a person who has known a lot of people that have done steriods they certainly can cause roid rage, but it has a lot to do with the mentality of the person. If they are generally aggressive in nature roids will **** them up, they basically make it harder for you to control your emotions so people that already have issues become loose canons and you get your typical roid rage monkey. Some people it has absolutely no ill effect on, so using it as an excuse is completely bogus. You are correct too, even if he was roid raging it wouldn't contribute to him going out looking for a hitman and then trying to hire them. That takes plenty of though and consideration. I certainly see a attempted premeditated murder 1 charge coming his way, which would probably see him serve 10 years in prison before a chance at parole.
    precisely. there's not really any such thing as roid rage, there's simply an enhancement of one's character from the testosterone, be it good or bad. if everyone though a moment to think about ALL the guys on gear who are in the IFBB or other bodybuilding organizations, how many of them have ever been reported or documented of this supposed 'roid rage'? there's THOUSANDS of guys on the stuff that never flip out. but i guess you could say the same thing about assault weapons and pit bulls...people will believe what they wanna believe as long as the media tells them to.
    I doubt roid rage will get him off. I really like a couple of their records, but he is totally going to be convicted with a weak defense like that. But hey, probably deserves it.
    How's it a "weak defense"? Go take steroids for a while and see if you don't try to kill someone that pisses you off.
    It's a weak defense because he isn't saying he didn't do it. He's actually confessing and going for a sympathetic plea on leniency on his sentence. That's what it seems like to me anyway. I'm kind of surprised no one on here has said the same.
    What is with your ignorance in regards to steroids. Please, do some research before making any further idiotic comments. Testosterone doesn't make a person a psychopath.
    This sucks. Seems like Tim is guilty... I wonder who As I Lay Dying's new singer will be?
    Howard Jones? I'm kind of joking as I know HoJo is working on a new project with a few other guys, but... maybe one day? Or as a temporary replacement?
    Personally, I would want to perform under a different band name. Every bill you're on too many people will be heard saying, "hey, isn't their original singer in jail for trying to get his wife killed?" Not the impression I would want to make on new listeners
    yeah was thinking the same thing. I hope the rest of the band does carry on though, they're great musicians and it'd suck to see their hard work go to waste just cause their singer was stupid and tried to get his wife killed
    Right!? Its crazy how our actions can affect so many people. They're not selling out arena's every night, but i assume they can tour w/o having to worry about food/gas/coming home to thousands in credit card debt, and it all might have just went out the window for them... best of luck to them
    If only Bin Laden popped a few 'roids before he himself got popped- he probably would have been let off the hook too!
    Maybe now he can finish up that new ADM record I paid 35 bucks for. This is bullcrap! How much you wanna bet he's gonna "find God" again once he's back in prison?
    I am with you... i ponied up $40 for the signed vinyl and i hope to get it! maybe most of the tracks are done and it just needs to be tweaked.
    Hold my hand for a moment, little satanist. This man is facing the prospect of losing his personal freedom for 9 years. Also, it just took 3 weeks to get bail together. Good chance that he had to get $200,000 with the help from friends/family. N he's probably going to have to at least live with the stigma of being an attempted murderer. Now you seem like a really nice guy, and not to put you down, but do you think he gives a sh*t about your 35 bucks? On top of that, if you're in the pen with murderers and rapists and thieves, faith may be the only thing you have regardless of what kind
    the ADM campaign raised some ~$80,000 or more, so yes that is a considerable amount of money to just be floating somewhere and A LOT of people are out anywhere between $5-1000 individually with nothing to show for and no news of whether they will be receiving a product or a refund, myself included.
    Whoa whoa whoa. I never said it was right, did I? You are right, it is messed up that people are out of their hard earned cash. But just cause its wrong you think you're definately going to get refunded? Maybe in a perfect world... And to be "floating somewhere"? step back into reality. the Oceanside Sherrif's department has that money now
    HA! people really don't like the idea of not getting their money back. Ever hear of Bernie Maddoff??
    That still doesn't make it right if it happened to other people.
    its not right! no where have i said its right. i have said its wrong. i have said its messed up. sorry to contradict all your fairy tales, but things dont always turn out the way they should. for example, look in the mirror
    "This man is facing the prospect of losing his personal freedom for 9 years. Also, it just took 3 weeks to get bail together." Poor him. His wife almost had to face a contract killer because the guy is a control freak. And give a shit about people who paid their hard earned money... 5 bucks, 35 bucks or 1000 bucks, it doesnt matter, his fans are still getting ****ed over because of him and have every right to be pissed off. Being in the pen with murderers and rapists is where he belongs. And who the hell cares if he has "faith" or not. How hard could it be for someone like him to get the forgiveness of the imaginary friends in his head anyway? He's already put the blame on steroids rather than taking responsibility for his actions.
    @tric565: Since the "contract killer" was actually a police informant, his wife didn't have to face anything. At least get your facts right. Also, you clearly don't understand religion at all if you think it's all about "imaginary friends". Now, slink back to 2nd rate ANUS knockoff that you came from...
    It could very easily have been a legit contract killer he got in touch with. She is very lucky that is wasnt and the fact he was seeking out someone to take her life means she was very close to having her life ended because this guy wanted it ended. You're right, religion isnt about imaginary friends. When Christians pray to God, there really is a bearded man up in the sky listening to their every word. And when Muslims shout "Allahu Akba" he can that. Hindu gods are all real too and there is a jolly fat man in a red suit at the north pole, quietly spying on all the children of the world to see who's being naughty and who's being nice
    religion and faith are two different things. no one can prove that santa is real. but i have faith that he is. and as long as i have faith he is real, then he is as real as anything else. and guess what? he really makes me jolly at christmas time
    don't forget the thieves. you over analyzed everything i wrote and somehow left the thieves out of prison
    you have a terrible opinion on this matter. your entitled to it, but it's bad. maybe you should be with him since you like thinking of his "hardships" he's gonna have to endure, rather then thinking of the innocent person / victim in this case who almost lost her life, **** 9 years, her life, for Tim's drug problem.
    i really think i'm being misunderstood. if this is all true, which it sounds like it is, he can burn, and he deserves it. i don't consider them "hardships" as you put it. what i'm trying to say is this guys life is totally f*cked. you think he cares about your money right now?
    I've been a huge fan of AILD for many years. I have all of their albums, their DVDs. I've seen them twice. And as much as I had hoped that this was a set up or something, I'm really starting to doubt that Tim's innocent. I felt that way the first time I read the "steroids made me do it" defense. It's a crying shame, and I feel terrible for the children, and his bandmates. I wonder what will become of the rest of the band.
    He'll be back in jail in no time. It sounds like they have a lot of evidence to convict him.
    You know, I fully admit that it's pretty damn possible that he's guilty, but in cases like this, I'm always amazed by the amount of people who make immediate assumptions. Some of you are ridiculous. Congratulations--you wouldn't be fit to be a jury member in any criminal case.
    The steroids thing means absolutely nothing. Just because someone was taking drugs, steroids, etc. during the commission of a crime doesn't mean you are going to get off. He took them and that's it. He will not get off because of it. Not even a sliver of hope that he will. That was a stupid angle that his lawyer was trying to develop. I was a huge AILD fan previous to this. I was just completely shocked that he would even attempt to do anything like this, now hearing the whole story. I didn't even know he didn't believe anymore. Kind of sad. His brain has been toasted because of the steroids, but it doesn't mean a thing for guilt or innocence. It was impressive that a christian band could make impressive music, like they USED to. But now, they seem like so RUN OF THE MILL. They are done whether they believe it or not.
    Chewbacca defense. I see that Johnnie Cochran raised from the dead and became his attorney. this roid rage defense is so stupid it might even work
    A boost of testosterone will not make a person commit premeditated murder.
    I'm not saying that's what it was. I'm poking fun at the fact that he's blaming steroids for what he has done.
    You obviously have no idea what drugs do to the human mind.
    Steroids is a term to describe testosterone boosters. Increased testosterone helps bodybuilding because it increases your natural ability to build muscle. It also makes you ever so slightly more aggressive so you can push harder weights. Makes you slightly more aggressive, yes. But enough to have your ex-wife murdered? Fucking hell no. You still have self control. I'm so disappointed in Tim.
    Have you heard of a once pretty famous Canadian wrestler Chris Benoit? Look him up. He was at the height of his career when he decided one day to slaughter his wife and children. It is believed steroids screwed up his mind so badly he lost self-control, started hearing voices and a terrible tragedy happened. The wrestling federations started fighting steroids following this incident. Steroids can make you lose control! Not everyone who takes them will kill their family, but it can happen. On the other hand, hiring someone to kill your wife is premeditated and not a temporary loss of self-control so I don't see how this line of defense can work out for Lambesis.
    roid rage is a term popularized by the media. steroid use does not lead to roid rage. hell, even steroid ABUSE rarely leads to 'roid rage'. guy spends a lot of a time at the gym and is obsessed with bodybuilding?...wow...that's like most guys between the ages of 15-45 who want a really good body. i guess 3/4 of my gym, including myself, needs to get checked for drugs and have psychiatric evaluations now? what a joke of a defense. though i really want to hear at least one more ADM album...
    Unless you have a wife and kids, and are in a somewhat popular band that tours the world, I think it's safe to say you comparing yourself to this situation is a complete joke.
    If he is out he can finish the ADM record. I dont really care for AILD, they got some good riffs, but i would like to hear a full-length Pyrithion album.
    Maybe he should have used that $200,000 to hire a real hitman instead of taking the cheap route, considering he is supposedly worth millions.
    i used to be a big AILD fan but grew tired of their music. good, i don't want to support this guy now anyway
    Idiot, roid rage is not a method to even drop it to manslaughter. This is quite possibly the worst defense I've ever heard.
    huh.. so if I ever decided to kill someone I'de start taking steroids in-case I get caught. you learn something new everyday.
    This is ****ed up... They can't really be police if they let guys like this prick out, can they? I know it's bail but still...
    Pay attention in school kid. Police enforce the law. The judicial system let him out. Two separate entity's that work very closely together.
    i love that this comment is getting down voted. The ignorance is amusing.
    You said kid, so a load of baby goats got pissed off.
    no, only dumb *ssholes. i said kid, like, "why's a group of goats come to this moron's mind when I'm talking about a kid".
    Oh yeah, let me just go back in time and take politics instead...
    Also, I've never liked Tim so I'd rather him be in jail where he can't make shit music.
    politics is the legislative branch, they make the laws (politicians), another separate branch. executive branch executes/enforces the laws (cops), judicial interprets the laws (lawyers, judges). not sure where you're from but we got taught that in grade school. thats all for todays lesson
    Really!? It's a shame they didn't teach you proper grammar. And by the way, I didn't go to grade school. I'm British so our education systems are different, I don't know why you automatically assumed that.
    @Jonagorn: Just because you never learned it in school is no excuse. You're on the internet. A 5 minute google search would have educated you on how the American government is split into 3 branches. Incidentally, the 3 branches (Judicial, Legislative, & Executive) aren't terribly different from Britian's own in function, despite having different specific powers.
    "not sure where you're from" means "you live in the UK" over there?
    I have no idea why you've just asked that.
    because i squirted in your mom's gape. if that comment is considered out of line i blame the steroids i'm on
    Are you incapable of rationally replying? Anyway, have a nice time with all of your 'special' friends. I'm going - people might be getting annoyed.
    It's called innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. People get acquitted on charges everyday. Would you as an innocent man want to be forced to spend time in jail only to be found not guilty afterwards? (just an example)
    I know his wife. She is a ****ing bitch! don't agree with killing her but I do understand. Just saying. Women can really **** up your life. He's music sucks tennis balls! But he should get a fair trial!
    He's your typical Christian.
    He is? Really...funny then, considering how he said he didn't even believe in God anymore... You don't know enough about Christians or the Bible to spit at is my guess.
    Isn't losing your faith typically christian? I mean thats what catholic school is for right? But in all seriousness he is doing WAY to much exercise to mask his deep seeded homosexual desires. I mean those aren't even his own kids, guy should become a pastor or something
    How can you be called a Christian anymore, if you "lose your faith"? As for the rest of your trolling comments, please do try harder to make it less obvious that you're trolling.
    All sounds like entrapment to me.... If the cop wasn't posing as a hitman Tim wouldn't have tried to hire him. Honestly I hope he walks. As for his career being over, this is metal, this charge will probably give him a bigger following than he had before.
    That's a dumbass statement. Being a murderer doesn't make you 'more metal'. If anything, it's going to alienate the genre, and the fans of said genre, even more. Two high-profile frontmen of popular metal bands have been accused of murder in the past 6 months or so. Regardless of the overall outcome, it still leaves a stain on metal as a whole. Fuck what a stupid comment, think before you post, man.
    Wow, you think being accused as a murderer is Metal? What's wrong with you?! You must think all Metal is exactly as lame as As I Lay Dying too, right?
    For everyone that believes that his defense would cause him to be acquitted of his charges... If you there is not a legal defense that is capable of acquitting the charges you do the next best thing. That would be going for a lesser charge. It is also a possibility that using this "roid rage" defense that it could take out a vital part of whatever it is he is charged with, and thus it is not possible to charge him with the crime if he does not meet the entire definition of that charge.
    Wow, I can't believe the guy was able to post that kind of cash....As I Lay Dying is definitely known to the world, but they aren't super popular and i don't hear much of them on the radio. If that net worth page is anywhere near accurate, it just goes to show that you can still make money playing the type of music that is not radio friendly/pop.
    I looked up to the man and talked to him on several occasions. It's sobering to see the skeletons people hide in their closets so well. I only hope this doesn't affect the livelihood of the rest of the band. They are all great guys and don't deserve to lose a career because of one person.
    AILD can go on without him. I want to see which direction they can take their music in. Preferably expanding on the near melodic death metal direction they took on The Powerless Rise.
    It'd be nice if they actually became Melodic Death Metal.
    They're certainly capable of some experimentation. The best moments on the last two records came when they showed their death metal influence on "Without Conclusion" and "No Lungs to Breathe."
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