Tim Lambesis Sentenced to Six Years in Jail: 'I Wasn't Angry or Vengeful, I Was Just Hurting'

Singer's wife and children to receive 10-year protection.

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As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis has officially been sentenced to six years in prison with no probation for hiring a hitman to murder his estranged wife Meggan.

As Blabbermouth reports, Tim's bandmates were present during sentencing, while the judge also confirmed that the vocalist's wife and three adopted children from Ethiopia will receive a 10-year protection.

The sentencing has ended a year-long case, seeing that Lambesis was initially arrested back in May 2013. He was facing up to nine years behind bars, plus four years parole.

During an exclusive Alt Press interview, Tim discussed his entire story in great detail, noting that the reason behind having murder thoughts came from the fact that he was losing grip over his children during the divorce process.

"After our separation, I was only allowed to see the kids twice a week. And it had to be somewhere Meggan could sit in the distance and literally watch me watch the kids," he said.

"Meggan wanted 100 percent custody," Tim added. "She was really honest about that. If it were up to her, I'd have nothing to do with them. She told me a few times she wished I was dead. Those are not unique thoughts for me to have. She felt those things toward me, too. Not that she would have ever taken it to the level that I did. But when she said those things, I thought, 'She's going to try to push me out of their lives. I need to get more time with the kids.'"

Adding how he felt that courts couldn't help him in any way, Lambesis noted, "I wasn't an angry or vengeful person, I was just hurting. In trying to describe the emotions that eventually led to the conversations I had prior to my arrest, it definitely wasn't like ... I mean, I wasn't like screaming her name, or like swearing ... I wasn't angry."

Saying that no matter what the sentence would turn out to be, the singer said he managed to find somewhat of an inner peace about it, adding, "The judge has three options to choose from: three years, six years or nine. The way the credits work in California, you serve 50 percent of that time. So it's actually one and a half years, three years or four and-a-half years."

If you're interested in Tim's side of the story, make sure to check out the full chat here.

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    I'd be extremely upset if I'd have children and were losing them, but killing their mother would hardly help their lives.
    only thing getting killed is gonna be timmys a hole once mike hawk is done with it....tick tok baby
    Yeah, folks--read the goddamn interview. The way Tim was caught was pure entrapment. A police informant [b]planted the seed so the likelihood is that Tim never would have even thought of the idea. And the informant harassed Tim repeatedly to talk about the idea. Tim wasn't reaching out to the "Brett" character at all. While it's shameful for Tim to even consider the possibility, I'm flat out tired of the tactics we allow our police and their informants to use, in this country. You don't plant seeds and then harass law-abiding citizens (at the time) until they either tell you to **** off or decide to follow through. Tim never would have considered such drastic tactics without "Brett", his harassment, and the chemical affect steroids had on his mind. He made some mistakes, he deserves some time, but there's no denying that he got ****ed over and set up. It wouldn't surprise me in the least of Meggan's father actually had something to do with the whole situation. As for Meggan, I'm glad she's alive and none of this came to fruition, but just because Tim did something stupid, it doesn't justify the shit she was putting him through. Hopefully the day comes when being a **** is a crime, and I'm not stating that as "****" being a gender specific term. There are ****s among both sexes and I wish we could do something about it.
    "And it had to be somewhere Meggan could sit in the distance and literally watch me watch the kids" Jeez, I wonder why.
    What? Arnold just took over this orchestra, did he ***** stutter? EVERYBODY CHILL
    "Meggan wanted 100 percent custody," Should have taken it to the court, not to the nearest contract killer, mate.
    I definitely agree with the judgement that what he did deserves punishment and the way he actually planned it is plain terrifying - but now this is out of the way and he has his deserved conviction, the second thing to be discussed should be how ****ed up the child custody laws are, and as far as I know this is a thing in pretty much the entire "western culture", so not only Murika but also most of Europe. I remember one of the earlier articles about him quoted how ridiculously stupid were the rights she was trying to get from him with a high chance of actually getting them. At least one good thing should be made of Lambesis' stupid actions and someone should finally start debating this.
    I agree completely. Child custody laws around here (England, in my case) are a joke as well, I'm sure it's not only a Murika thing.
    "I was just hurting" So clearly the answer is murder...
    Exactly. Seriously, does anyone else think the "I was just hurting" comment actually makes it even worse? If he were "angry or vengeful", then attempting to have her killed would at least make some degree of sense, in a twisted kind of way. But he was "just hurting" about possibly losing his kids, and thought the answer was to kill their mother? Dude is both insane and retarded. Good that he's out of society. Should be permanently.
    Fucking knew it. I knew this was the angle all along. I sympathize with him.....women/mothers that want to force fathers completely out of their children's lives, and then want full child support, are some of the lousiest people on earth.
    To reiterate, I don't support trying to put a damn hit out on your wife. Killing the children's mother is WAY more ****ed up. As the great Chris Rock once said "I don't condone it.....but I understand!"
    Having known someone who toured with ALID and met Tim on numerous occasions, he was nowhere near the person he was before. Also having a knowledge of biology and physiological chemistry, his description of his state during his testosterone usage is spot on (not roid rage, but certainly not the yardstick for level headed behavior). I now have a better understanding of the situation and can sympathize to a degree, he is owning his choices and is willing to face his mistakes. But soliciting murder is should not be taken lightly and he has to pay the piper so to speak. I'm glad I read it, I think it will give the fans (and myself) a bit of closure.
    It gives me closure to know that he never would have considered it if a police informant hadn't planted the seed and then harassed him into it.There's no way her family wasn't involved in that. No way.
    There is no evidence of that, Tim does not portray Meggan as that kind of person, if anyone would (whether it was true or not) it would be Tim. I dont believe that theory for one second.
    I highly recommend reading the ENTIRE article from AltPress... And give Tim a chance guys, sounds like he's done a 180.
    It's easy to be remorseful when you know you've got 3-6 years ahead of you in prison. At the end of the day, he made the decision to kill his ex-wife, the only difference being that he got caught. If he didn't, "give Tim a chance guys" would sound very different. His intention is all the same.
    I whole-heartedly agree. Just finished it, it while it may be a long read, it is very enlightening.
    Excellent read. I like the part where he describes the Christian music industry with one in 10 bands actually being Christian lol. Have to remember that this is the opinion of one guy only, but it is a very interesting read.
    Nick and Josh released some comments on their Facebook pages about the article/sentencing... My mind can't take it anymore!
    If you read Nick's statement, it contradicts Tim's. When you think something's over and then something else gets added. Both good reads. Just this whole thing has been crazy.
    No more As I Lay Crying, no more girly-man with the long hair and colorful tattoos. NOW I AM IN CHARGE OF THIS ORCHESTRA
    Seems contradictory how his initial defense was that he was in a state of 'roid rage' but now that he's proven guilty, he 'wasn't angry.'
    He still has a chance to impact the world in a better way and prison can actually change people for the better....I still believe in Tim
    What kills me is the amount of people who hear one or two details to a multi-layered situation and come up with perspectives that justify all the wrongs that Tim faced during this entire process, from the beginning of his divorce until now. Convicted or not, you can't justify shady tactics. I mean, I get it if we're talking about a terrorist group or a mass murderer, something along those lines, but this has to be different for just about everybody or we're slowly going to lose our rights in this society. Our privacy is already gone due to technological advancements. Don't let law enforcement get out of hand, too.
    To my understanding the way the California credit system in prison works he might end up serving three years right ?
    not quite, it all depends on how his sentence is spelled out! most likely he received 6 years with 85% meaning he will do 85% of the 6 years! the possibility is that he got whats referred to as day for day which means for you get to prison get a job or get into a vocational program or college whatever the case may be and for each day you complete you receive a day off your sentence, however that really doesn't happen anymore and in his case he is probably in for a big surprise when he gets where he's going and gets hooked up with a counselor because id be willing to bet that he is doing 85% especially for the nature of his crime! The other thing he has to consider is either way he was sentenced wether it be day for day or 85% for every rule infraction or 115 they will take time from him up 120 days so in other words if he's day for day and does 300 days of his program then gets in trouble there goes 120 days of that 300 he worked off. he can however get some of the lost time back by staying out of trouble! but believe me thats easier said than done and if he's doing 85% that scenario i just played out is much worse! it's quite possible for a guy to end up spending more time in prison than they were originally given… And given his celebrity there are already wolves at work you can take that to the bank! mr. Lambesis will be paying for serenity in prison hopefully for his sake he lands in the right prison there are a few but most are not kind places! and don't even get me started on the 3 strikes because i'm betting the judge gave him 2 but that remains to be seen which means if he so much as has a fight after he is paroled and someone accuses him of anything violent he is going back prison for quite possibly the rest of his life! if you dont believe me look up the thee strikes law and see how many lifers there are behind it!
    The entire article reads as a whole bunch of excuses on Tim's part. "I was sleep deprived. "Roid rage!" "We were just talking." He's not accepting responsibility.
    If you don't see him accepting responsibility, you're not reading objectively. You should be thankful that it's not all a huge apology to her OR blaming other sources. It's an honest, thought out answer to what happened and why it happened. It's one of the most interesting interviews I've ever read.
    So, to all of you people who are defending him, talking about how the police informant, posing as a hitman, "planted the seed", and then harassed him into talking about it and considering it... You know what a decent person who's not a ****ing psychopath would have done at that point? Turned the hitman into the police, along with a report about how he offered his "services", and pestered him about it. At which point, the police would have been forced to say, "well, that hitman is actually a cop, and we were trying to trap you in something criminal. Turns out you're a decent guy. Sorry". But no. That's not what he did. He took the hitman up on the offer. That is all that matters. That fact that he would, after any amount of "harassment", actually go for it, rather than turning in the would-be hitman to the police, proves that he was more than capable of coming up with the idea himself, and going through with it. He belongs in prison. I'll place my bet right now, that it's less than two years after he gets out before he's in trouble again, for something of a violent nature. Hopefully he gets locked up for life next time, and nobody has to die to get him there.
    Calm down.
    Aside from a single expletive, what gave the impression that I'm not calm? Oh, you're just a troll who's all over this article with 1-2 word comments that don't contribute anything to the discussion. My bad. Carry on.
    You've got to be kidding me. Don't be one of those sheeple who just blatantly accepts everything our law enforcement and their informants do. If we don't stand against it, it'll just get worse and worse until we no longer have any rights.
    Okay, I'm just saying...first think I would think if I wanted custody of my children is to take my ex-wife to court, not to hire someone to MURDER her.
    He still has a chance to impact the world in a better way and prison can actually change people for the better....I still believe in Tim
    The Spoon
    From the interview, it seems like he doesn't blame anybody for what happened besides himself. I think when you add up all the factors he mentioned, it seems understandable how otherwise reasonable people can do stupid things; some things more stupid than others. I think he should be punished for the crime, and if his mindset in the AP interview is sincere, it can actually be used to rehabilitate him. However, as absurd as it sounds, I can kind of understand why he was driven to such uncharacteristic actions. I know what its like to struggle with all sorts of negative changes in one's life along with daily existential crises that can lead you to do things that ruin your life and justify bad actions. I've never tried to hire a hitman, but I have sufficiently wrecked myself and am working on picking up the pieces every day. Sounds like this dude just made a really ****ing big mistake and regrets it. I could be dead wrong about him, for sure, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. I'm not even really a fan of Tim or As I Lay Dying...just been following this story.
    I thought the reply from Nick Hipa was a bit odd. Nick made it sound like Tim was doing nothing but making excuses and blaming others for his actions, but Tim admits fault for his actions in the article several times. I don't think any of us will have a full understanding of everything that happened anyway. I will say I can sympathize with Tim; what he did was wrong and I don't condone his actions, but his wife doesn't exactly sound like an angel either. The way she handled the divorce and the custody rights of the children sounded quite awful. Granted, shes not the one who hired a hitman to kill her ex-spouse, but it seems like her family and the police helped push him to make the decision he made, which is disgusting. In the end, its Tim's own fault that he ended up in prison.
    The Spoon
    Exactly, no matter what the circumstances, it is Tim who made the dumb decision to go see that alleged hitman. That's what it ultimately comes down to. But I do feel like Tim realizes that he made a huge mistake. He owns up to his mistake several times throughout the interview, and shares that his own insecurities were mostly at fault for the breakdown of the relationship between him and his then wife. Unless he is just telling the public what he thinks they want to hear, he doesn't sound like a sociopath, but I guess we'll never truly know. Though it definitely does not justify Tim's actions, it definitely seems like his ex-wife is not an angel at all.
    Ya, my perception of his wife has definitely grown more negative. I'm glad Tim seems remorseful for what he has done and owns up to his mistakes. Hopefully, he will become a better man from this and he can earn back some of the respect he has lost.
    Good news. Even better to find out AILD is on hold, good to see one of the bigger shit modern metalcore bands vanish, even if it's just for a while.
    Well... He had been laying dying for over ten years... Finally it seems its over. Sadface.
    worst play on words ever, doesn't even make sense.
    Well, I tried.
    ...so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it doesn't even matter. Shit, wrong band.
    i dont know (inappropriate, pointless, meaningless and useless yngwie reference that nobody in their right mind gives a shit about)
    The sound of truth didn't come out and Tim will ultimately be confined for six years. He'll spend the darkest nights condemned in his cell, forever going through struggle.
    He better cut his hair before he goes into jail because without steroids and protein shake, he's gonna go back to being 100 lbs....and with the small frame and long hair, he's definitely gonna be somebodies bitch.
    highly doubt that. if anything he will be bigger after he gets out of prison
    Yeah seriously, they have gyms in prisons. And it's not like he's gonna have much else to do.
    Dang, people are willing to interview anyone these days, even if the interviewee is a murder for hire convict.
    You're right, I can't think of a SINGLE person who'd want to read/hear that interview...
    That wasn't my point. People should give the man a break instead of using him to draw attention to their news sites.
    "People should give the man a break." pjn7000 on would-be murderers, ladies and gentlemen.
    Tim doesn't have to give an interview to someone if he doesn't want to. If anything they ARE giving him a break for letting him tell his side of the story.
    I had the opportunity to see them a few years back and I passed it up for other plans and now I am regretting it big time
    Well, I do have to say that though I do not agree with the actions Tim took that in the end he actually saved his kids lives no matter what way you look at it. If not for Tim making the decision early on to adopt these kids may have been stuck in a third world country in terrible conditions or maybe worse. It is sad that they have to go through this but even now they have so many possibilities ahead of them that they did not have before. I think Tim can at least feel proud about that.
    As many peope here have already stated, if he wanted to have more time with his kids, then he should have taken it to court. If he doesnt have history of abuse of anything, then there are courts that will help his case. Putting out a hit on his wife if way worse however. I think 6 years is a bit too easy for a crime that can be considered "attempted murder", but I think 6 years is good enough for someone to change.
    Good ****ing riddance. As much as I liked their music, despite it being Christian, his behaviour was unjustifiable. Hopefully he'll grow himself a conscience while he's in prison instead of remaining a sociopath, which showed in his AltPress interview. It's sad especially since he hurt his supposedly "loved" ones and additionally managed to fool way too many people into standing on his side at least for a while. And though six years feel like it's not that much time, it might be just enough for him to reconsider how big a turd he's become. Here's to hoping that'll happen.